Blood test to Diagnose Depression

Recently in a study conducted at Northwestern University by the Researchers, who had also reported their findings in Transitional Psychiatry, are trying to develop an early diagnosis of Depression through a series of blood tests.

According to the study conducted by the researchers there, 32 patients, who had already been diagnosed with Depression through the known clinical processes and 32 random selected individuals who are devoid of the clinical symptoms of depression were selected. Their blood was collected and the samples were further analyzer based on nine biomarkers, which have been designated to be Depression markers.

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Based on these study the researchers were not only able to diagnose the Depression patients, based on the blood test results with the biomarkers, but were also able to study the changes of the markers over a period of 18 weeks during which the patients received Cognitive behavioral  Therapy.

The experts in this field believe that the clinical evaluations which are being applied on the patients are quite fast and easy enough to diagnose the condition of Depression.

But this study might be of great help as it would help the individuals and Clinicians to understand the mental state of a person. Also this would additionally help to understand how the prognosis of the patient is faring based on the Cognitive behavioral Therapies.

As this kind of tests are a first in this field, as also claimed by the co-author of the study conducted at the Northwestern University, this might prove actually helpful to the clinicians as this might give a more clear understanding of the effect of their treatment on their patients.

Surely this study would be followed further for any other developments as it seems to be a great boon.