Type 2 Diabetes: Related to long working hours

Researchers have found that the Type 2 Diabetes might be linked to long working hours of the manual labors.

Due to their Disruptive schedule of working, the manual labors are unable to have a healthy routine. This particular fact increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 30% in these people.

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A study conducted on 220,120 men and women across various countries seems to suggest the same as above, as reported in The Herald. A review of 4 published studies and 19 unpublished data reports was conducted by the Researchers at University of London, to analyze the effects of long working hours.

The study also concludes that the low socioeconomic status people are also under the radar of this physiological disorder.

Mika Kivimaki, a Professor of Epidemiology said in a press release that the pooling of the all the available studies with greater precision had helped them investigate the association between working hours & Diabetes.

The Professor also said that although long working hours is unlikely to increase the risk of Diabetes in all individuals, but this is of grave concern in the low socioeconomic status jobs.

The risk of Diabetes due to long working hours was still 30% higher even after the researchers considered other health factors into count like smoking, obesity, sex etc.