Best pearl shine lip glosses available in market

Sometimes lipstick may not be enough to add luster and shine on your lips, rather you need to add special gloss to the same. Along with other facial make up of yours lip gloss also should be considered as an important part.

Some ladies have brown or smoky lips even if they not smoke. Due to excessive carbon deposition over their lips while they are out facing fumes and pollutants outside blackish tinge over the lips seems to have been visible.

But, if you can apply lip gloss similar to your lip color such as pink, light brown or light orange, the appearance of smoky lips would eventually disappear.

When you are feeling too much dryness over your skin of lips simply put the lip gloss and goes for outing with your friends.

This will help retaining actual color of your lips with an extra glossy coat. Today, pearl shine lip glosses are quite in air for ladies of all ages.

Lip glosses are used by many ladies who wish to get a glossy finish on lips. Some ladies have a tendency of applying the gloss simply over the lips. But there are people who apply lipstick at first and then apply the lip gloss.

They actually wish to get the shine as well as colors together. You can now find variety of lip glosses in the market. You can now choose the ones that are really suitable for your skin tone.

Best pearl shine lip glosses in the market

Bonjour Paris 2 in 1 Lip Gloss

Bonjour Paris 2 in 1 Lip Gloss

The particular lip gloss manufactured by Bonjour Paris is very effective on your lips as it is enriched with Vitamin E which helps in creating a proper moisturizing coat over your lips and restricts it from cracking. Apart from keeping your lips healthy, this particular lip gloss is also equipped with special pearl effect star shine which stays for long and help your lips to retain luster. Since it is very light on lips and also have on sticky effect, people will all ages can put it on.

Lotus herbal purestay lip gloss, iced pink

Lotus herbal pure stay lip gloss, iced pink

A beautiful natural color on your lips must be always your target whenever you are going out with your loved one or friends. Even for a formal gathering, this particular lip gloss would be more than perfect.

After applying this lip gloss, you can easily stay hydrated and supple with your lips for a long time. It is not like other low quality lip gloss that creates an artificial coat for some time and falls out like skin after an hour or two. Rather, it will appear as fuller lips after you have applied.

Nivea lip care pearly shine

Nivea lip care Pearly shine

Nivea pearly shine lip gloss is a product made by the manufacturing company Nivea with the extract of silk and precious pearl which is also equipped with the long lasting moisturizing effect along with reflection of pearly shine. If you can use this on a regular basis, no one can stop you from getting velvety soft lips. You must apply this before going out in sunlight as it contains UVA and UVB rays which will keep you protected from the sun damage and maintain natural glow over your lips.

Revlon Color Burst Lip Gloss


You must have heard about the cosmetic brand name Revlon. This is having wide ranges of products in the market. This is one of the lip glosses from this company that will be pretty beautiful on the women wearing the same. This has the micro pearl crystal formula that will give you rich color along with great shine.

Nanacoco Nncc Mid-End Lip Gloss, Beige Pearl


It is the imported variety of product that is now available in our India. Yes, the online shopping sites have made a great contribution over here. You don’t have to visit the foreign land in order to get the product. Rather, the product will be delivered right at your home. All you have to do is make the order. You can either pay online or cash on delivery option is present as well.

Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Diamond Collection Shimmering Lip Gloss


These days people are willing to get the products that is of imported variety. There is a good news for all such individuals. Make up forever is the foreign brand that has made their products available online. The lip gloss available with this brand is really having a great quality. Since the price of the product is quite more, you will be able to get the option of EMI. The product can be purchased by paying through the monthly installments. If you order it today, the product will be delivered to you in exactly 2 weeks time. Just order it today and enjoy the worth.

Classics 106 pearl shine lip gloss – 12G

Classics 106 pearl shine lip gloss – 12G

If you want to stay fashionable throughout the day, this pearl shine lip gloss from classics must be in your hand bag. This must be one of the important ingredients which you must have among your make up kits. This is very light and natural tone lip gloss which can be used every day for formal or informal purpose.  Since it is enriched with Vitamin E, your lips will remain much more lustrous and will beautify your lip skin.

Faces Glam on Lip gloss

Faces Glam on Lip gloss

People do not require lip gloss in bulk. Thus, go for a small file which will last for a long time. Even 7.5 ml of lip gloss of this variation will last you for at least 3 months if it is for single use. This can be applied quite easily even if you are travelling in a public conveyance or while you are walking. Since it is dense and does not fall out, you don’t have to think about its dripping down. Rather, you can easily wear it according to your convenience. Since the lip gloss also has CCT or Caprylic Capric Triglycerides it gives a very uniform and good coverage. You can easily be in a state of covering your uneven lips.

Revlon Color burst lip gloss, rose pearl


The powerful brand in makeup and cosmetic industry has created very effective color burst lip gloss which is associated with the micro pearl crystal formula which will provide you with mirror like shine. The color gloss is also having natural oil of sweet almond which helps in conditioning your lips and even helps improving texture of lips. It includes the plush applicator which helps in making your lips look smooth. It also contain vanilla fragrance which is liked by many ladies around the nation.