Which is the better salt for health? rock salt or table salt?

We hardly get taste to consume our food without salt inclusion. An important ingredient that is really important to bring taste to our tongue is none other than salt. The flavor of spices in food will be almost incomplete without the use of salt. Some people have a habit of consuming excess of salt. Yet, too much of salt will be harmful for your health. This gives rise to blood pressure problems in individuals. Some people also suffer from inflammation as well as obesity. Thus, it is always advised to get a control over the consumption of salt. It will be healthy to make your entire family consume average quantity of salt on a daily basis.

Better category of salt

Best salt alternatives to control BP

Health conscious people are really very cautious about all types of food items they consume. Salt is also one of the important varieties that need to be considered. People in households use the table salt. But, another category of people says that rock salt is a healthier variety. Well known nutritionals as well as clinicians has some points to prove it better choice. If you are now aware of the way of identifying the salt, you must know some facts about the table salt as well as rock salt. You might be more familiar with table salt as this can be easily seen at home over your dining table or kitchen cabinet. It is white in color but the rock salt is pinkish in color. Rock salt is usually found in crystal and is also known as the mineral form of sodium chloride.

Since the table salt is includes additives and other chemicals including the anti caking agent, it is not that healthy. Even it is refined to meet the expectation of aristocratic people. But, all the essential mineral content is washed away in the process of refining. But, the rock salt is not available in refined form. Thus, all the essential minerals are retained in the particular salt.

Rock salt vs table salt- nutrient content

Before using the ingredient of a food, it is really important to check the food value of the particular product. The rock salt is having better nutritional value as compared to table salt available in the market. Since the rock salt is unrefined, it includes much more nutrients as compared to the refined category of the salt. In the process of refining, it loses potassium as well as calcium that are naturally obtained from the nature.

Advantage of table salt over rock salt

Table salt is better than the rock salt in a way that it contains more iodine as compared to the rock salt. Iodine is essential for every individual to consume in order to avoid goiter. From many years’ people from various parts of the Earth has been suffering from goiter. It is a disease that makes the external portion of your throat very horrific. The only way to avoid goiter is the consumption of iodine which is available through table salt.