Substitutes to salt – Best salt alternatives to control BP

Salt is an important ingredient in your food that is very essential to bring out taste in your tongue. Thus, a curry might it be vegan or non vegan would typically depend upon the quantity of salt used in it. Even when you are exhausted in sun and wish to get relieve with energy back in state, saltwater will be a wonderful remedy. But, excess of salt in diet or in any other way of consumption is also not good for your health. You can easily get a rise in blood pressure level with enough consumption of excess salt in your food. Thus, having a control over blood pressure will be important. If you can’t stop consuming salt, knowing about some alternatives will be important.

There are people who have not use not used salt in their cooking from years. Due to high content of salt in cooking it leads to high blood pressure, heart issues, and affects blood inculcation in the body. It is as dangerous as killing one over time. A thought or a fact, that salt does nothing to enhance the flavour, rather it ends up making one thirsty. Except cooking, Salt has been widely used for dying fabric, it helps with cleaning projects or a seasoning over salads. However, throwing away salt is not a bad option as you can switch on to several alternatives altogether which are great to help you up. The most special thing about salt which makes it one must add on in dishes, is its zing that provides our tongue with a kicky taste.

We all know that the table salt that we consume is one of the reasons to increase the blood pressure level. At the same time we cannot just stay without having salt as these add taste to the food we consume. Without the involvement of salt no food will be tasty. Even if you add variety of spices in the food, consuming the dishes without salt can be pathetic. Let us find out the salt substitutes that will taste like a salt but will not damage your health like anything.

Ten alternatives to salt are

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1. Using garlic powder as a salt alternative is a wise option to choose from. Garlic salt can reverse the process. It is responsible for enhancing the flavour and livens it up.

2. Another alternative to salt is freshly ground black pepper. Freshly ground black pepper is more favourable as it adds that aroma in the dish. It smells wonderful and tastes delicious.

3. Soy salt is also an alternative to salt. The sodium content is way lesser than salt and flavours are more intense to give nice flavour to the dish.

4. Have you heard of onion powder? Yes, onion powder is great when used as a salt substitute. Onion salt should not be used as it won’t do any wonders. It is of fairly concentrated taste.

5. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is also used as a salt alternative. One of the easiest way to extract the lemon juice is with a citrus juicer. Freshly squeezed is so much better than concentrated.

6. One of the healthy alternative is lime juice. Try to add it to water rather than soda or other popping drinks which causes harm to your body. It is also great for making homemade salsas.

7. A great aroma that fills in your nerves. Freshly roasted garlic, for all the garlic lovers nothing can beat up the fresh form and moreover when it is roasted. Indulge it in your recipes and you won’t miss salt at all.

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8. Unsalted ground sunflower seeds also does wonders to the recipe and acts as a great salt alternative. With the fresh flavours , you can’t resist it.

9. Try using mustard or some pickle juice to extract the salty taste. It is widely used in salads as an  alternative and lowers down the sodium content.

10. Sweets can add that zing to your dishes. Chicken being cooked in orange juice and reduced sugar marmalade can go really well, and avoids the necessity of adding salt into the dishes. Sweetened dried cranberries is also a great option to dress up salads.

A good habit and a wise style of cooking prevails longer and marks a direct impact on your health. Start looking to your kitchen in a more sincere way to experiment with the healthy options available and make something best out of it.

Alternatives to salt to control BP

Soy sauce

Many people might not be still aware that soy salt has a good amount of sodium content in the diet. Even if you add this in your vegetables and diet, it will easily substitute the taste of salt. There will be a good source of vitamins and mineral without any side effects. Even if you are making any oriental curries, Chinese etc, this soy salt can be treated as a wonderful substitute to salt. If you have a problem of high blood pressure, there is low sodium soy sauce which are available in the market.

Chat masala

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You must have used chat masala in variety of ingredients such as vegetable curries, pizza, burgers and other meals that you consume regularly.  This chat masala will also be a wonderful substitute to salt. This can be added to salads, potato chats, and some fast food in order to make them much tastier. The best part is, though it has salty taste, it does not at all contain salt that can be harmful for your blood pressure height.


The taste of vinegar is sour which can easily replace the taste of salt. People suffering from high blood pressure would easily replace salt with vinegar as it taste of vinegar is also quite similar to salt. You can easily add few drops of vinegar in soups, salads and curries to make it quite tasty and ready to consume.  But, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, it will be good for you not to consume salted vinegar as this might harm you as much as salt does.

Low sodium salt

Some people cannot just stay without salt as this is really very hard to stay away from its taste. As an alternative, you can go ahead with the low salt variation. You can now get variety of such salts in the market which are also organic in nature. This low salt variation is very good for your health which will never keep you inclined. You also won’t have any problem in consuming it as the taste of salt with low sodium content is also exactly like that of normal salt.  This will keep your healthy and sound without affecting you with high blood pressure.

Sea fish

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As you all know that sea fish grows in the saltwater of sea, the ocean salt content in the habitat has made it salty in taste. You can you cook these type of fishes at home without putting salt in it. Since the content of salty particle is quite high in it, there will be no need for extra salt to get deposition over the same curry.


If you are suffering from high blood pressure, it will be the time to get some salt alternatives. Cinnamon is regarded as a herb and is used as a spice which can even help getting a control over the blood pressure level.  Since it lowers cholesterol and regulates the blood sugar, it can also be regarded as good alternatives to blood sugar.


Basil is regarded as a natural herb which is used in variety of dishes in India. Even the strong smell of basil is really very efficient in making you attracted towards the particular dish. These are the particular type of leaves which are sweet in nature and also pungent in taste. Also it can get wonderful salt alternatives as compared to keeping you healthy with the blood pressure level.

List of salt substitutes that controls BP


It is the herb available in the lap of Mother Nature that has aromatic properties. It is also have the fragrance just like pine. In order to control the blood pressure level, it will be the best. You can use fresh rosemary leaves over the curries or can dry it and sprinkle the powder over the curries that you make. When you are preparing the meat, use the rosemary in roasted form and grilled.


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Nutmeg is one of the natural ingredients that are having the pungent and sweet flavor. It is also used in the baked foods. You can get the nutmeg seeds and slowly scarp it to get powder. As compared to the ground nutmeg, the freshly grated nutmegs have better flavor and feel. You can make the homemade cheese much delicious once it is combined with the black pepper.


Another wonderful herb that helps in have a control over the blood pressure level will be chives. The taste of the salt alternative is like onion but is really less powerful in nature. You need to use either the scissors or knife to cut the chives to small pieces and then place it over the curry that you have prepared. This will give you great flavor in the ingredients or dishes. The mashed potatoes, cheese, fish etc will taste great. Try this today and stay really healthy without the involvement of table salt. It works really well and can be helpful to all those with blood pressure.