Alkaline Water Ionizer health benefits for weight loss

To keep healthy everyday, we exercise regularly, get a good night’s sleep and eat healthy, nutritious foods. We try to stay away from fatty foods, foods that are high in sugar and calories and excessive eating. Part of a healthy diet is drinking enough water.

Staying hydrated helps our brain and our muscles function more effectively. One concern that has been raised in recent years is the safety of tap water. Questions have surfaced about germs and bacteria that have been found in the water from our faucets.

One health alternative is the use of an alkaline water ionizer. Ionizers increase the pH balance of regular tap water by using electrolysis to separate water acidic components from its alkaline components. The alkaline components become part of the water treated through this process, which is also known as alkaline water. There are also several brands of alkaline water available at most retailers and convenience stores.

More and more people have been proponents of Alkaline Water Ionizer Benefits. While experts are divided on whether or not alkaline ionizers are necessary.

Here are some of the health benefits that users have experienced:

Immune system support

Some users have reported having less immune system issues and feeling generally better as a whole after drinking ionized water. They have reported less time feeling ill and have had less stomach, digestive, colon and urinary tract issues. Better digestion and a cleaner GI tract are some of the benefits users have mentioned.

Less acid reflux

Alkaline water has been shown to reduce levels of pepsin, which is a natural chemical enzyme used in breaking down food proteins that also leads to acid reflux. Alkaline water users have reported less instances of upset stomachs, heartburn and acid reflux as a result of this.

Increased hydration

Alkaline water users have also explained that they feel more hydrated after drinking it, and that it gives them more endurance and stamina to endure their workouts. While health professionals have argued the validity of these claims, it has led to more users drinking water more frequently as part of their daily health routine.

Natural antioxidants

Studies have shown that alkaline water has higher levels of natural antioxidants. These antioxidants have been beneficial to people suffering from diabetes, heart disease and other ailments. Because ionized water works against acidity, it has been used to help prevent disease from progressing and spreading in the body.

Better pH balance

Because ionized water removes the acidic contents of water, it also raises the pH levels so that they are more closely aligned to what your bodies need. This helps keep the essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for normal health at the proper levels. It can also help maintain strong and healthy bones, joints and muscles.

Better taste

Taste is subjective to everyone, but alkaline water drinkers have admitted that ionized water tastes better to them than regular tap water.

Better weight loss

Alkaline water users have reported greater ability to lose weight and shed themselves of stubborn fat. Because alkaline water has removed the acidic properties of water, it allows the body to relieve themselves of fat cells because of a more balance pH system. Ionized water drinkers feel better about losing those extra pounds, and feel more self-confident and positive about themselves.

Better bone health

Ionized water drinkers have generally found better bone density and reduced bone resorption. This leads to stronger, healthier bones and less risks of osteoporosis as we grow older.

Assistance in fighting cancer

Some studies have shown that drinking alkaline water can assist certain chemotherapy drugs in fighting different forms of cancer. Ionized water by itself, however, should not be seen as a cure for cancer or any other serious diseases.

Alkaline water isn’t for everyone. Consult your doctor or health care professional before buying ionized water or an alkaline water ionizer, especially if you have any current health concerns or issues. Like most foods and liquids, too much of a good thing can also be unhealthy. Moderation is important for anything you eat or drink. Alkaline water is no substitute for a healthy diet or exercise regimen, either.

Ionized water has become a hotly debated topic in the health community in recent years. There are people who swear by the health benefits, and generally feel better both mentally and physically. Some experts say that alkaline water is not really that much better than ordinary tap water, and say that the health benefits that others claim are unfounded. Whatever side you’re on, drinking more water everyday as part of your wellness plan is a good part of your health routine.