DIY herbal hair oils for all hair problems

Choosing perfect oil for your hair is as important as finding exact problem that may be affecting the health of your hair. The herbal hair oils are best to maintain the general good health of your hair.

Hair problems

The experts believe our hair constantly stay unprotected and remain at the mercy of the environment. The problem is aggravated with improper hair care, lack of nutritious food, synthetic shampoos, and other hair care chemicals.

Our body also produces natural hair oil that maintains the hair roots, but unknowingly through regular shampooing we create an imbalance. These factors together invite multiple problems like dry listless hair, dandruff, and even hair fall.

Our bodies are known to absorb considerable amount of applied oil through skin, hence the herbal oils mixed with essential oils are more effective hair care tools. Here are some DIY herbal hair oil methods for all your hair problems.

Dandruff the eternal tormentor

Dandruff is a very embarrassing problem potentially curbed with the right mix of herbal and essential oils. Initially, one can begin with applying Jojoba oil or Almond oil on scalp regularly.

Moringa oil has a substance known to fight dandruff. This oil is also protective against UV rays of sun and its blend prepared with essential oils is very effective.


Ingredients: 100gm Moringa oil, 15 drops Cedarwood essential oil as this boosts circulation and unblocks hair follicles, 15 drops of Lavender oil for its antibacterial & antifungal properties, and 10 drops of lemongrass essential oil to maintain natural PH value.

Recipe: Apply sufficient oil on scalp then let it stay overnight to wash off with shampoo in morning.

Hair growth – Everyone wants it

A blend of essential oils with Macadamia oil stimulates the healthy growth of hair. It is nourishing to the hair roots and it is also used in controlling hair fall. Try these DIY methods for hair growth.

Remedy 1: Use hot towel to open the pores of scalp.

Remedy 2: Your scalp needs a blood circulation and balance in sebum production, for this purpose use this oil blend.

Ingredients: 100ml macadamia oil (or almond oil), 10 drops of thyme essential oil for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, with 15 drops of lemon essential oil for antibacterial properties, and 15 drops of geranium oil to balance hormones.

Recipe: Apply on scalp after blending them and leave on head for an hour then rinse it off.

Remedy 3:

Ingredients: Equal mix of olive oil, castor oil and rosemary essential oil.

Recipe: Mix to apply on scalp for half an hour, wash it with the mild shampoo, then apply lavender essential oil.

Remedy 4:

Ingredients: Sesame oil, triphala, brahmi powder, and fenugreek seeds.

Recipe:  In this holistic way of hair treatment, boil the contents for 30 minutes, strain and store for regular use.

Remedy 5: Use oil in moderation for oily hair.

Ingredients: Two spoons of rose water and few drops of patchouli oil.

Recipe: Massage the scalp with thinned apple cider vinegar, then shampoo it and dry.

Dry Hair – Get back the sheen & bounce

Dry hair could be the result of exposure to the harsh environment and improper hair care. There are some oils like Marula oil that works against ultra violet rays of sun and strengthen brittle hair. Dry hair signifies a hormonal imbalance also.


Ingredients: 100ml Marula oil with 15 drops of frankincense essential oil or olibanum, which carries an anti-inflammatory property that helps build stronger immune system, 10 drops of carrot seed oil that has antioxidants & anti-ageing properties, and for hormone balance 15 drops of geranium oil.

Recipe: Blend well and apply on scalp, wash off after an hour.

Greying hair – Stop and look young

The grey hair strands appear, when melanocytes cells at the hair base stop producing the hair darkening pigments. Its reasons are genetic and improper diet lacking in vital elements like Vitamin B12, etc.

Remedy: This holistic Indian treatment is effective.

Ingredients: 100gm of burnt amla powder mixed with 200ml mustard oil and 200ml sesame oil.

Recipe: Heat the contents on a slow fire for one night. Then strain and store the mix for application on scalp. Apply on scalp and leave it overnight, then wash it off in morning.

For amazing results you must try herbal oils and essential oils blend.