Do men like you in red lipstick?

Well, this is quite a question no doubt; because already a lot of talk and even real research has been done on this topic; and all of them have come up with interesting suggestions.

However, till now it is a mystery for many women, if the red lipstick is something actually liked by men? According to a study performed in 2010 by the University of Manchester, men found red lipstick most captivating.

It was observed that on average the male participants spent maximum time on the pictures of the women wearing red lipstick.

Another more recent study performed in France in the year 2012, found that waitresses wearing red lipstick were tipped higher compared to the waitresses wearing lipsticks of other colors or no lipstick at all.

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So, obviously both of these studies point towards the fact that men actually like you in red lipstick, but is it actually the case? Because the outcomes of both the researchers mentioned above are always open to interpretations.

Lipsticks have always been a vital part of the whole makeup. There are women who do not feel confident to go out without adding the right color on their pout.

The red color amongst all is surely one that is liked by most of the women, and putting it on in the right way can actually brighten up your whole face and give a special look.

However, all the women seem to be in doubt when it comes to the question if men actually like them in the red lipstick that they love so much to wear. There is also a general doubt on the point if men even notice lipstick at all and if they have any opinion about it.

And if you are someone planning to go out on your new date, these questions might be really important for you.

First of all bear no doubt in your mind that men do notice your makeup, but they are not able to understand or differentiate your makeup due to their lack of knowledge on the same.

If you wear a light pink lipstick or a nude shade that matches perfectly with your skin tone, there is maximum chance that a man will take it as a no-lipstick look. However, if you do it too bold, it is sure that the man will notice; and it is the same with wearing a red lipstick.

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Most of the men, and even many women, do not prefer the overtly made up look; a natural look that makes one look even more beautiful is always cherished more by men as well as women.

Putting on a red lipstick does not always mean getting a made up look, particularly if you are able to carry it; in case you are not able to carry the red lipstick in the right way then only it becomes an issue.

A red lipstick adds a very bold statement to your appearance, which if carried in the right way can work as your strongest point and if not, can ruin the whole look.

So, whenever you feel like putting the red lipstick on, consider your total makeup, dress as well as the occasion and the time of the day before taking the final decision. If you are not able to pull it in the right way, surely men will not like you in that color.

Preferences, liking as well as disliking all vary from person to person; and when it comes about men liking red lipstick on a women, the idea is just the same.

There are many men who like to see bold lip colors like red on their women and at the same time there is the lot who like to see the women close to them in natural shades that look flawless.

There is also the section of men, who do not have a direct opinion about the red lipstick color, but likes it on women who can carry it rightly.

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Actually red lipstick is a very tricky makeup. It has the capacity to change your total look in a single swipe. It can make you look most glamourous in the crowd and at the same time it can make you appear like a clown if gone wrong.

So, if you are planning to wear a red lipstick on your date you need not to be very worried to know if men like red lipstick or not; rather you need to be concerned about your whole makeup so that you do not put on anything that makes you look out of the place and unnatural.

Even if your man happens not to like red lipstick in 100 other women, he might love it on you if you are able to carry it well. So, keep in mind that the whole trick lies in how you play it not how the men like it. You can always make them like your red lipstick if you can carry it well.

Tips to get that red pout right

Just putting on a red lipstick in hurry, is surely not the way to have that gorgeous red pout that is sure to win the silent compliments of men. Here are some tips to follow that can help you to get that red pout right.

  • There are many shades in red lipsticks and you need to pick the one that goes best with your skin complexion, eyeball color as well as your total dress up and makeup. This is really important, because the wrong shade can kill everything.
  • Before you apply the lipstick, you need to exfoliate and moisturize your lips in the right way. Rough skin of the lips can actually ruin the total look giving it a patchy appearance. So before you start with your makeup, exfoliate the lips gently with the help of a soft toothbrush and once you are done, do not forget to moisturize.
  • After scrubbing and moisturizing, you should start with the lip liner first. Always keep in mind that to carry a bold lip color, like the red, perfectly it is really important that you line your lips perfectly at first. The liner will also stop the color from bleeding adding life to your lipstick. Also make it a point to use a lip liner of the same shade of the lipstick. Even a bit of shade mismatch might ruin the look.
  • Once you are done with lining the lips, now use your red lipstick to fill up the lips evenly. Take care that the lipstick has covered the whole lips in a well-balanced way and it is not darker or lighter at some parts.

After the lipstick you can always follow with a red lip gloss to add that extra glamour to your red pout. While using the lip gloss make it a point that it never goes out of the line drawn with the lip liner.