How to use body shapewears? Is it safe to use them? Best body shapers available in market for women

Not all types of clothes suites everybody as body shape of every individual may not be perfect. Fat and bulky people have to buy their clothes those suites with their body shape.

They might have a desire to wear very attractive and appealing dress. But, since they would look very odd while wearing those, the desire of wearing such clothing is hardly accomplished.

The factors such as height, coloring as well as scales are some of the factors depending on which people must choose their clothing.

Body shapers are an exclusive way to look slim and beautiful. Whether you want to remove belly from your front portion or minimize your bumps, body shapers are the best remedy.

After wearing these shapers, you can easily go for such dress items which you had a desire to wear for long. Even you will look good after wearing such wonderful outfit.

Using body shape wears

You can now get body shape wears of different design and pattern in the market. Even you don’t have to take trouble and visit market. The online shopping stores are flooded with such items. You can have a look at the catalogues displayed, click one by one and order the one you have selected.

You can also get full instructions in the pack about how to use the body shape wears. Some of the shape wears are open. You just need to wear like a belt by stretching and fixing it slowly with a tap.

Again there are some products which are closed, you need to wear it from your top or from your feet and bring till your waist. Again there are panty style body shapers which are made for all those who wish to suppress their lower abdomen as well as bumps.

You can also wash it easily as those are made up of flexible and polyester material. Women with long corsets will get more attractive and well shaped appearance.

It is better not to go for conventional corset as those are proved to restrict the movement. Even they are not so comfortable. Go for the modern shape wears which has great slimming effect.

Is it safe to use body shape wears?

Many people who have not availed the body shape wears have a big question in their mind about its safety. But, research has proved that, the body shape wears are totally safe without any side effects.

These shape wears provides a comfortable support. For pregnant lady, different types of shape wears are designed. You need to buy the shape wears that are made exclusively for the pregnant lady.

Even doctors suggest such shape wears for the pregnant ladies. But, you need to read the reviews and specifications of the product before buying it.

Many doctors also prescribe shape wears for the ladies who have become mother after experiencing the pregnancy period are having loose flesh in their belly. In order to bring them in shape once again, it is essential to use a body shapewear.

Even the physician has suggested them to wear the same without any hesitation. If you can keep on wearing the body shapers regularly, getting a flat stomach and well shaped body will be really possible.

Best body shapers available in Indian market

People can have an ease of selecting the appropriate body shapers for them as by having a look at different products with varied designs as presented in the online shopping sites.  Some of the varieties that are known to be the best are as follows:

Clovia Women’s Shapewear

Clovia Women's Shape wear

Clovia is a well known brand that has brought series of lingerie collections for ladies with good quality. They also have shape wears available with them with very good quality. Their body shapers are also high fashioned. This particular type of body shapers is made up of synthetic material. You can machine wash the product and press it with low warm iron. Dry clean is not required.

Trimfit tummy trimmer corset (XI)

Trimfit tummy trimmer corset (XI)

You must have tried variety of exercises that may help making your belly reduced. But, even then you may not get a flat belly. But, the trim fit tummy trimmer corset (XI) is really effective is holding your belly. It has a width of 20m which is ideal to provide compression and support to your abdomen.  Since it has breathable material, the sweat accumulation will be restricted. This costs as low as Rs 660 in

Enamor Women’s synthetic bodysuit

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This is an extraordinary variety of waist shaping accessory which not only make your belly well shaped but also provides a wonderful support to waist and help in back smothering. It is made of 85% polyester and 15% elastane.  This can stay well only with hand wash. Be careful and do not apply bleach to the product.

Enamor women’s synthetic waist shapers

Enamor women’s synthetic waist shapers

The well known brand Enamor is here with the most attractive product that helps in creating a great shape to your waist. You will look really attractive after wearing this waist shaper under your cloth. This is available in online shopping sites with the price of Rs 1075. You can also get it in attractive price at

Women’s Postpartum Corset Belt


Measure the largest part of your hip or waist for proper fitting and effectiveness to the maximum. It is very easy to put on and you will not need any assistance due to its amazing design. Over your abdomen place the loop pad by gripping the support on both ends of the belt. By adjusting the stretch amount you can vary the tension. You will be able to go back to your normal lifestyle and wardrobe in not time, very beneficial after a c-section too. The material is 90% nylon and 10% spandex.

Speedo Women’s Swimwear

Women's Swimsuit

This is a one piece swimwear ideal for swim sessions, spa trips and holidays. To enhance your comfort and your confidence it has a padded bust support. It is 10 times more resistant to chlorine because of its Endurance 10 fabric which is better than the elastane unprotected. For a greater fit, comfort and movement it has a 2 way stretch fabric. Its material is 80% Nylon and 20% elastane. Buy it based on the size of your chest as the fitting matters there more.

Scandale Women’s Bodysuit


Robert Perrier founded Scandale brand in France in the 1930s. It replaced the traditional lace up girdles with new age fabrics which allowed the curves control and shaping. The material is nylon, 84% polyamide and 16% elastane. Wash it in the machine in cold water, tumble dry it and then use low iron. Do not dry clean or bleach this bodysuit.

Swee Lilac – Women’s Shapewear


The bulge on your abdomen will be flattened and weak abdomen muscles gets support all thanks to this amazing power tummy shaper. Muscle toning and strengthening all will be improved. To deliver you a flattering silhouette it has a 4 way stretch. It becomes invisible under your fitted clothes. To give extended comfort it has a breathable fabric. It prevents irritation by blocking moisture and is durable plus skin friendly. You will be helped to reduce fat of at least 2 inches. For maintaining hygiene it has layered gusset.

MSE Women’s Waist Shaper


Evana Tummy Trimmer will make your fitness routines reach the maximum, your tummy and tights will become slim, your core body temperature will increase and your overall well-being will improve. It is very easy to wear and its fabric is also soft. Wear it daily even when not exercising so that you can get the maximum benefits of it. Also maintain a healthy diet and good hydration with daily usage of the product. In the area of abdomen and waist more sweat will be produced while exercising due to the production of high compression all thanks to its unique fibers and material.

Bwitch Women’s Joy Bodysuits Shapewear


This bodysuit shapewear can be adjusted based on your height, the clothing is very comfortable and will fit you perfectly. Its a total steal with its 70% discounted price. Your abdomen area buldge will be totally hidden all thanks to this shapewear. Plus fat will be reduced due to the production of more sweat in your abdomen area due to this wear. It has a soft material making the person wearing it look beautiful.

Swee Velvet Women’s Shapewear


Starting from stomach and abdomen to hips and thighs this full body shaper gives compression on your whole body thus improving the whole body shape. A flattering silhouette is delivered by its 4-way stretch and under your fitting clothes it will be completely invisible. The body suit is braless. Its made out of a lightweight fabric. The back bulges will be evened, tummy will be flattened, waistline will be slimmer, rear and glutens will be shaped and thighs will be smoothened. Irritation is prevented by blocking moisture and is very skin friendly. It has cotton gusset for maintaining hygiene.

Private Lives High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper Women’s Shapewear


This shapewear for women has a firm control on your tummy and thigh giving it a proper shape. It produces high compression on your tummy and your rear is lifted due to its design. The panty lines won’t be visible from outside and also has a smooth look. Its new sleek yarns won’t stick to your clothes. Also your fat will be reduced along with giving you a gorgeous shape.

Imported Women Body Shaper


This women body shaper is imported specially from hongkong. It is very comfortable to wear and also has a very good design and material. The material is 90% polyester and 10% spandex. It is available in black colour. It won’t be visible at all under your fitted clothes. The product is of high quality and is very durable. Best wear in parties, dinner and show. Wash it with your hands and neglect machine wash or bleach.

Two Dots Seamless Tube Bra


Two Dots’ tube bra is completely non-padded and non-wired. It is stretchable so anyone and everyone can wear it. It is available in the colour black. It is made of a blended material. Wash it in warm water and avoid bleach, ironing or dry cleaning it. You can wear it daily and it will be totally comfortable. Even though strapless it will fit perfectly. This is best to wear it under strapless dress and blouse, perfect for parties and dinner.

Dermawear Body Corset


You will be delivered with an amazing body shape with the help of the extra compression at the abdomen area and firm compression at the hip area. Its adjusting hook gives proper shape to oversized breast/bust line. All the excess flab can be concealed with the help of Dermawear. It is very comfortable to wear plus stretchable. It has an anti-cellulite micromassage compression garment which just within 2-6 weeks delivers visible slimming effects after daily wearing depending on the individual’s rate of metabolism in the body. It is made keeping in mind the climate conditions of India.

Swee Glory – Women’s Shapewear


Swee Glory Shapewear for women shapes your high waist as well as thigh. Your body will be better shape due to its firm compression on your hips and thighs. A flattering silhouette is delivered by its its 4-way stretch. Under fitted clothes will be completely concealed, for extended comfort made out of a breathable fabric, covers your rear as well as shapes it, prevents irritation by blocking the moisture and also it is very durable plus skin friendly. With daily usage within just 3-6 weeks its micro massage will have a slimming effect. To maintain hygiene it has a layered gusset.

B Slim Tummy Trimmer Corset


Manufactured with the help of German machines it is made up of a special breathable elastic. No matter how many times you wear it will still retain its elasticity. For covering the entire area of abdomen it has increased width. Blood circulation is improved along with work on the tissues underneath delivering you a slimmer and sleeker look thanks to its targeting compression in your abdominal muscles. It is skin-friendly and also do not restrict the normal movements of your body.