Winter makeup tips – How to apply makeup during winter

It’s almost winter now. The long chilly months gives you an opportunity to experiment with luscious tones, which might be too dark to wear in the vibrant summertime. Also, dry, flaky skin remains a persistent problem that needs to be taken care of.

However, a few simple makeup tips can go a long way to help you look gorgeous round the clock, no matter how cold it is.

People have several questions regarding makeup. Some have oily skin whereas other has dry. Even there are women with combination skin. But all of them wish to apply makeup and look good.

Our planet present different season to us throughout the year. We need to dress up according to the season. Not taking precautions against the extremities of weather can give rise to difficult situation.

The same applies to application of makeup. You need to use the makeup that suites the season. For example, if it is winter, you must go ahead with the makeup of the season.  Let us find out some tips for winter makeup.

Tips to apply makeup during winter

  • Moisturize your skin for better hydration: Hydration is the most important part of make-up especially when it comes to applying makeup in winter then proper hydration of the skin will let you get a glowing skin.
  • Make sure; you are moisturizing your skin when it is damp before applying foundation so that is can get absorbed within skin without making it dry.
  • Avoid powdery products: Using powdery products can make your skin appear dull and flaky which is the worst part ever.
  • Instead of powdery products using oily CC cream that matches to your skin tone is an excellent idea to keeping up your beauty limelight.
  • Switch to the luminous primer: You should use luminous primer instead of matt one to avoid dull and flaky appearance.
  • Luminous primer before makeup will keep your skin hydrated and give a perfect shimmering glow that can attract the attention of all the viewers.
  • Use liquid highlighter: Applying make-up is the way to boost your beauty without losing natural effect and in winter days it can become a tough task, but using a liquid highlighter with a damp sponge can make this difficult task easy while promoting your stunning look.
  • Include blusher in your makeup: No matter if your skin-tone is dark or fair, using blusher is an essential part of the make-up to wake-up the skin-tone.
  • Choose a peachy shade of blush and apply it to your apples of the cheeks then blend nicely toward the cheek-bone.
  • Use smudge-free products: It is a quite important point to remember for the perfect make-up and beauty. Use the smudge-free products to keep your make-up long-lasting with no melted effects.
  • Wash your face: Before applying makeup, it is important for you to wash your face. If you are doing the daily cleanliness schedule, that is fine, but if you are not cleaning adequately, it is the time to use a cleanser and clean your face. You need to keep your face away from the carbon and dust effect.
  • Even if you stay home, your skin is likely to absorb the dust. Thus, cleaning it is vital.
  • Protective coat: It is important that you protect your skin from chemicals. Even if you are using the best quality makeup, little bit of chemical will be always present to preserve it and get it in the proper form.
  • All you have to do is apply a light moisturizer just after cleaning your face. This will protect your face from the makeup and chemicals.
  • Heavy base: It is not summer which can lead to sweat. Rather, winter is the best season in which you can use the makeup.  Yes, for a party at night, you can easily use a heavy base. Take foundation and apply it over your face.
  • You can go for a heavy coat in order to look different than your usual self. If you have pimples or blemishes over your face, that too will be covered with this heavy coat.
  • Makeup for sensitive skin: There are many women who have sensitive skin tone. For all those little light makeup will be fine. You must apply a light makeup base.  Blend it over your skin really well such that it is equally optimized within your face.
  • Now simply use a face powder, eyeliner and lipstick. You can also use a blush if you want to give a finishing touch.
  • Makeup setting spray: Just application of makeup is not enough. You need to set it in your face all well. For this you will be able to get a makeup setting spray. People can  get a hydration spray from the market.
  • There is variety of brands that is selling such sprays.  You can get it in variety of fragrance. Mostly it is natural extracts. One of the popular varieties has the combination of white tea leaf extract and pomegranate.
  • After applying the spray you can stay fresh all the day. Not a single color of your face will be removed. Also a natural shine and presentation will be maintained for long.

Winter makeup tips for women

  • Choosing lipsticks: Red is the classic choice to wear in the wintertime. Even if you find it too audacious and raw to wear it round the year, winter gives you the opportunity to experiment with different shades of red.
  • No matter your skin tone, you cannot get wrong with tints of dark pink, red and burgundy. However, dark lipsticks look particularly nice on pale and light complexions. Girls and women having tanned or dark skin can go safe with shades of deep palms, berries and warm reds.
  • If you are blessed with an olive skin tone, then anything, ranging from nudes, oranges, pinks and reds will look great on you. Use a coordinating lip liner to finish the look. There are some more things that you should note:
    1. If you are not confident enough to carry a glossy, luscious look, then try the matte shades, but make sure that you moisturize your lips underneath. No one would fancy seeing vibrant shades of lipstick on dry, chapped lips.
    2. If you do not want to make any experiment with shades of red, then try warm tones like berry or mauve. You can mix and match between various shades.
    3. If you do not like lipsticks, then try using lip balms. Find warm shades like red currant, berries and honey. A wholesale distributor can show you stuffs to loot!
  • Get your mascaras: Beat the dreariness of winter by highlighting your eyes with various shades of mascara. If you have always wanted to wear ‘weird shades like blue and purple, then winter is the time to give them a try! You can even try shades of navy, burgundy and auburn.
  • Make your eyes look alluring, without ‘overdoing’ the eye makeup. Any of the above mentioned shades will guarantee to add a subtle color, adding some depth to the eyes.
  • Eyeliner: As it is the case with mascara, winter is the time to try to be different with the shades of your eyeliner.
  • Give a conventional ‘blackest blacks’ a break and pick chocolate brown, jungle green and navy blue. Steal the show with a bit of shimmering eye shadow. However, to complement this look, you should consider using a nude or light lipstick.
  • Eye shadow: Silver eye shadows are the classic choices for the winter. Shades of silver and white, when paired with a very soft black liner can add a contrasted effect! The whole look is accentuated with bold red lips! Or if you want to don a sultry look, and then use shades of cinnamon and dark brown to create the magic.
  • For glowing cheeks: You might not want to use as much of bronze as you need to do in summer. However, a little amount of bronze on the cheeks will keep you look blushing. A creamy blusher can also do in the glitzy evenings.
  • Trendy nails: Once again, dark shades of nail polishes are best for the cold chilling days. Keep the frosty look aside and give your nod to dark purple, burgundy, blackberry, navy blue or copper.
  • These shades will look best on finely trimmed, filed, just to your fingertip nails.

More makeup tips

Here is a mixed bag of winter makeup tips that you might find helpful.

  • makeup gurus suggest donning defined eyes in winter. Using a charcoal liner or chocolate brown eye pencil on the upper lashes might do the trick for you.
  • Do not put too much or base make-up or you will end up looking like a paint box. Go for neutral shades like light browns and pale pinks.
  • If you want to highlight any particular area of your eyes, then that has to be your eyes. A smoky look will be the best bet.
  • No matter how cold it is outside, make sure to choose a foundation or a moisturizer that contains high SPF.
  • Do not forget your perfumes even in winter. Keep smelling sweet with natural aromas; particular the spicy and the floral-fruity ones, depending on the time you are using it.