How to prevent waxing pain?

There is a continuous struggle present all around us. It is the struggle to look better no matter the price. In that endeavor many people want to get rid of unwanted hair on their bodies. Waxing is one of the popular ways for this for many years now. There are other options as well such as hair removal machines, creams as well as razors. However, waxing is still the preferred method since it does not leave behind minimal marks on the screen. It is also preferred since the softness or smoothness of the skin is not affected much as compared to alternatives such as razors.

Waxing makes people apprehensive due to the much dreaded accompanying pains of the process. Some of the ways of minimizing the same are:

Skin scrubbing

Tips for leg waxing at home

The skin should be scrubbed before the waxing session. Many people swear by the benefits of skin exfoliation for waxing pain reduction. The process of waxing involves hair being plucked by the roots or the follicles that leads to scrubbing the dirt, dried oils and other residual elements at the root areas of hair. Thus, when hair is pulled during waxing the pain is so much more. You can go for good deep pore exfoliating scrub a few hours before waxing as helps lessen the pain to great extent.

Warm bath

Many experts suggest a clean dry skin before waxing is essential. Further, the more the [pores are opened up before waxing the lesser the pain. This can be done by taking a very soaking and warm bath before the waxing session. Further advice is not to use any after bath oils or like moisturizers since they inhibit the ability of the wax to pull at the hair. Thus, this will also help reduce pain from the process.

Daily moisturize

One must maintain a proper routine of exfoliating the entire body. This will minimize waxing pain eventually since it will help reduce build-up of any debris such as dry skin or dead cells near the roots of the hair roots.

Wax area

When starting out it especially advisable to keep the area of wax small. This will help get more hair as well as reduce the pain normally associated with this exercise. Putting wax on a large area say the entire leg for instance will result in it becoming hard and dry and unrelenting.


Best tricks to make waxing less painful

The more water one drinks the softer or moisturizer the skin remains. Hence, a healthy habit of drinking lots of water should be present. Higher hydration levels makes skin plump and thereby reduces waxing pain, in turn enhancing the experience thereof positively.

Pain medication

Some people suggest consulting a doctor and opting for pain medication a 45-60 minutes prior to waxing. However, aspirin, which is a blood thinner, should be avoided.

Professional service

For waxing as well it is better to go to a recognized expert in the area. This will mean the right method will be used for the specific individual. The person should be licenced and thus will have an understanding of the type of wax best suited, wax thickness for an area as well as speed and direction of removal of the wax strip.

Baby talc

Application of some baby talc or powder beforehand will inhibit skin removal during waxing. This should ideally be done a while before the wax session. It will help absorb excess moisturizers and oils from the skin. The wax will thus have better hold on the skin.

Common advice

Best ideas for waxing at home

There are some experts who say that one should avoid coffee on the morning of the wax session. Since, coffee enhances energy, it causes the skin to become extra sensitive. This is due to the stimulation of the nerve endings form coffee intake. Thus, avoidance of coffee will help reduce pain from the waxing experience. Further, use of hot wax is advised as opposed to strip wax. Hot wax is famed to stick to the hair and strip wax has a tendency to stick to the skin.

The process of waxing is essential. The more sensitive the area, the chances of pain is higher. Some even opt for an anesthetic cream easily available over the counter. This helps numb the pain to great extent.