What is EFT? How to do it? Where is EFT tapping points?

EFT is nothing but an Emotional Freedom technique which is based in the psychology of each individual. Most of the people have been using it for a long time in a perfect routine. But, many people are still not aware of the fact and overlook it. For the physical health and healing capacity of each individual, EFT is really very essential. This will let you know about how devoted you with regards to your lifestyle and diet factors.

An individual with some emotional barrier will not be in a state of achieving ideal healing capacity along with preventive powers. It is quite easy to learn EFT with have variety of advantages.

Advantages of EFT

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  • It helps in implementing positive goal
  • It will reduce food cravings
  • It eliminates pain
  • It helps in removing negative emotions

EFT is the name given to a psychological acupressure by using traditional acupuncture that treats people with emotional and physical ailments. This is a wonderful mechanism of inputting kinetic energy with the simple fingertips tapping.  It will even clear the short circuit with the great combination of taping energy with positive affirmation of voice. The bio energy system of the body is found out with the mind restoration along with attaining body balance.

How to do EFT?

The working of EFT is based on some of the fundamental premise. The main cause behind EFT is associated with the activation process of energy disturbance which is based on thinking about some memories which is painful. As soon as the disturbance of energy is activated individual can tap with their fingertips among the 10 acupuncture points so that energy distribution is cleared. The process of tapping through which energy distribution is cleared out works so effectively that all the negative emotions in an individual will be drained out.

There are basically 14 pathways of energy in each individual’s body which is known as energy meridians.  If one or more energy meridian is disturbed, the negative emotions in individuals such as anger, anxiety, negative emotions, shame etc will take its place.  Also the memories of painful events are linked with the path of energy disturbances. Here, not only the memory is painful, rather the energy associated with the energy distribution gets activated which makes good use of painful and negative emotions.

Where does EFT tapping point lies?

Human body have 10 effective points that makes effort in clearing all energy disturbances with EFT. These 10 points duly addresses 14 meridians where some points are located in such a place that it lies in the intersection of two meridians. As we are considering tapping of all meridians as soon as we proceed with the process of EFT, there is absolutely no need to worry about the particular meridian which has disturbance.

The EFT tapping points are

  • Top of the head
  • Side of eye
  • eyebrows
  • Under eye
  • Under nose
  • Collar bone
  • Sore point
  • Chin
  • Underarm
  • Inside wrist
  • Karate chop

Ways of taping the points

Top of the head

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Since exact location of tapping point at the top if head is really difficult to find out, it is better for individuals to use all the fingers in the process of tapping at the top if the head so that you don’t miss the exact position where the tapping is required.

Facial points

You have to use two fingers at each corner of the eyes, and face to get the proper tapping specification.

Underarm points

The points are located just on the both sides of your body located few inches below your armpit. If you are speaking about the man, leveling is done with the nipple. In the woman it will be seen in the middle of her bra band. You must run all your fingers together running over these points so that the exact point is not missed.

Karate chop point

The palm of your hand has some pinky points. The karate point lies in the extreme side of the pinky side of your hands. You can tap those points with fingers and get great satisfaction.

Inside wrist point

You can easily see the crease between your hand and wrist. The location of the wrist point is three fingers widths below the crease.