Beauty equipment every woman should own

Most women are conscious of their looks and devote much of their in looking and caring for themselves. There are certain must have beauty items that are available.

Beauty equipment for women

Beauty tips for skin glow

  • Cream Blush—is required to liven up the face. It can be in the form of gel, cream, liquid or powder with flavours of rose, apricot, fuchsia or raspberry.
  • Concealer is a cosmetic camouflage to mask minor imperfections like dark circles, pimples, blemishes and redness on the face.
  • Eye Cream are used to smoothen fine lines, reduce puffiness and the sagginess of the skin beneath the eyes. Though wrinkles are inevitable but they can be delayed with a good preventive care routine.
  • Red Lipstick of any shade—cherry, crimson, cinnamon or candy apple flatters any complexion and goes with any outfit.
  • BB Cream or blemish or beauty cream is a multitasking agent. It is a foundation, moisturizer, toner and primer all in one. It hides as well as treats all kinds of blemishes
  • Mascara—helps in creating long, lusciouslashes which adds grace on one’s face.
  • Dry shampoo gives a quick cleansing and conditioning session to the hair. The dry powder absorbs excess oil, dirt, and odour and cleanses the hair without making them wet.
  • Deep Conditioner- nourishes fortifies and moisturizes the hair in an intensive and restorative manner.
  • Face Wipes is a wet omelette to clean makeup before going to sleep.
  • Sunscreen prevents skin cancer by protecting the skin from harmful rays of the sun.
  • Hair accessories include hair bands, head bands, bobby pins, bun enhancer and hair scarf.
  • In order to have a picture perfect makeup there is a need of the right tools besides beauty products.
  • Multi-tasking brush which can be used for concealer, lip colour, eyeliner and for many more purposes.
  • Finishing brush is just one makeup brush which can be used to apply foundation, blush or powder. The brushes can be cleaned easily with baby shampoo and warm water.
  • eyelash curler is needed for big beautiful lashes.
  • Wedge sponges are required to apply liquid foundations. Large wedges can be used for the face and smaller wedges for areas around the nose and mouth.
  • Cotton swabs are multipurpose cotton swabs to clean nail polish errors and mascara smudges. They can also be used to apply eye shadows, eyeliner and concealers. These swabs are also known as Q-tips.
  • Tweezers are helpful in keeping the eyebrows neat and clean. The tweezers help in in pluck away hair strands from chin and upper lip or anywhere else on the face.
  • Brow comb is required to comb the eyebrow before twizzling them and to brush away excess eyebrow powder.
  • Eyebrow stencil kits gives help in getting perfect eyebrows. The different shapes of eyebrow stencil help in giving the required look to the brows. The stencil is filled with eyebrow powder and placed on the eyebrow. The stencil is carefully removed and the extrahair around the stencil picture istwizzled away.

Essentials in a woman’s makeup bag

How to get the glowing skin

There are some essential items which will help in making a new turn to one’s look from day to night. These include bronzer, eyeliner, eye shadow and different colour lipstick. A woman who is pout from day to night must have these essential items to give herself a new look in the evening.

All   women must have the basics for makeup in her bag all the time. These include foundation, powder, blush and mascara. It is better to have a smaller size of these things in a small bag.

Concealers for the eyes and other parts of the face are also needed as the eye area is very delicate and regular concealers cannot be used. You can be in a state to get yourself look attractive with makeup.

Sunscreen is another important item that is always available in the make-up bag.