What are eyebrow stencils? How to use them like a pro? Where can I get them?

Eyebrows are thick delicate hair above the eye which plays a vital role in communication and facial expressions of the face. Many women like to modify their eyebrows with the help of makeup, hair removal, piercing or tattoo.

What are eyebrow stencils?

Eyebrow stencils are eyebrow shaped patterns made from flexible transparent plastic material. The eyebrow shaped stencils are in different designs from simple to bold looks. The right shape of an eyebrow stencil is important to bring out its function of framing the perfect look on the face.

Each individual has different shapes of eyebrows which can be curved, flat, round, angled or soft angled. Similarly the thickness of the eyebrows can be thin medium or thick. The stencil should match the length of the natural eyebrows.

Types of eyebrow stencils

Celebrity Inspired Eyebrow Stencils are a copy of the eyebrows of various popular celebrities. These must be chosen for one on which it works in harmony with the natural structure of the face.

There are stencils of celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Aniston, Niki Taylor and many more available in the market.

Plastic eyebrow stencils

These are made from flexible plastic, which can be reused several times and are easily available in the market. The eyebrow pattern is printed or traced on a flexible plastic material and then laser cut to leave a hollow eyebrow design.

This eyebrow pattern is placed firmly on the natural eyebrows and then the hollow is filled with eyebrow pencil or gel. It gives a perfect pro-like effect to the eyebrows.

Pre-waxed eyebrow stencils

They have brow wax applied to their surfaces. They have to be firmly pressed on the natural eyebrows and carefully removed. They help in removing the unwanted hair and leaving the desired perfect shape of the eyebrow.

This procedure is based on the method of eyebrow waxing. This is a simple method and there is no need to clear the excess hair around the eyebrows.

How to use eyebrow stencil

Eyebrow stencils are an easy way to get pro-like eyebrows. Poorly shaped eyebrows can be made perfect, natural and stunning with the help of eyebrow stencils.

  • Clean and groom the natural eyebrows. Extra long eyebrows must be trimmed and brushed in the direction of their growth.
  • Hold the desired eyebrow stencil firmly over the natural eyebrows. Be sure it does not move or slip.
  • Trace the outline of the eyebrow stencil design with a good eyebrow pencil that matches the color of the natural eyebrows.
  • Carefully and gently remove the stencil without smudging the eyebrow shape drawn.
  • Remove the extra hair around the eyebrows with any technique used for grooming like waxing, threading, tweezing or plucking.
  • Last step is to reapply the stencil to check the shape and again any stray hair around the made eyebrows.

Eyebrow stencils in the indian market

E.L.F eyebrow stencil

It comes in curved arch, soft arch, structured arch and full arch for multiple uses. The stencil has to be aligned with the natural eyebrows and then filled with the desired color eyebrow pencil or powder.

NYX eyebrow kit with stencils

It is a kit for brunettes, blondes and others and contains four shades of brow shadows and two brushes. The stencils come in three sizes small, medium or large.

Paula dorf stencil kit

It is an imported product available online. It comes in a pack of four and includes stencils for very fine, fine, natural and full brows.

The combination of these options helps to create and maintain the brows that are in harmony with the structure of the face. The package also contains a portable, angled brush for filling and grooming the eyebrows.

Chella beautiful brow stencils

A perfect eyebrow shape with precision is achieved by the four templates provided in the kit. It is a product more easily available online than in the cosmetic stores of India.

Anastasia beverly hills brow stencil set

it is the most popular stencils that are durable, easy to use and easy to clean. The kit contains a set of five stencils to suit all the face structures.

Eylure long lasting eyebrow stencils kit

is a unique stencil kit which comes with 12 disposable strips. The eyebrow strip has an adhesive tape which helps to keep the stencil firmly in shape during the process of filling and removing.

Kryolan cosmetics eyebrow stencil

is a trustworthy stencil set that revolutionized the makeup world by providing 12 different designs of stencils that could be reused. It can also be used to help in tweezing or waxing the eyebrows along with filling the eyebrow gaps.