Top homemade soothing skin ointments for winter

People with different skin types have variety of complain . If you have sensitive skin, problems increase with Flaky, red and itchy skin types. The factors responsible for irritation in skin include environmental irritants, allergies and genetic factors. If your face or skin is over exposed to sun, skin problem can be viewed. Some individuals have a tendency of scrubbing their face constantly. This may also make your skin very dry and you feel irritated. If you are having the habit of using too much of cleanser that is composed with harmful ingredients, dryness and rough skin will be viewed. You can now make creams and ointments at home that can make your skin soothing

The dry skin during winter can be very irritating. The soothing touch on your body will be always your aim especially when you have excessively scaly appearance of your skin. Some homemade natural remedy will provide best way to stay away from dry skin. It is better to avail the natural remedy like herbs and home based ingredients that will act as ointment on your skin during winter days. The cracks and blood leakage from the skin can be prevented with some home remedies. Let us discuss some top homemade soothing ingredients to be adopted during winter.

Homemade soothing skin ointment for winter

Flower petals

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I might be very surprising for people to known that, they can make cream and ointment readily at home. For preparing it, you require extra virgin oil (1 ¾ cups), glass jar, Vitamin E capsules (6) and flower petals ( 1 ½ cups).


  • Take the glass jar and fill it up with fresh petals of flower . Squeeze the vitamin E capsules over the flower petals
  • Now, in a separate container heat the virgin oil as stated above and pour it over the petals inside the jar
  • Now close the jar and jerk it to form a mixture
  • Place this exposed to the sun for 2 weeks
  • After two weeks, shift the ingredients of the jar in a sterilized container
  • Your skin ointment is ready which you can use after taking bath


Finding coffee powder in kitchen during the winter season is quite easy. It is possible to make a skin ointment for winter season. The ingredients used as Emulsifying wax (2 bars), vitamin E capsules (2) and hot brewed coffee ( 1 cup)

You have to make the wax liquid with the help of a flame below the container where is placed. Take a hot brewed coffee in a container and add the vitamin E capsules in it. Put it all in a container and blend it with the help of mixer grinder. Carry on making paste till it becomes soft and buttery. Now the ointment is ready to be applied on your skin. Get a soft and moisturized skin with this homemade ointment.

Herbal ointment

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You can also make herbal ointment just at home. The ingredients your require for this homemade ointment are Aloe Vera gel extracted from fresh Aloe Vera leaves present at your kitchen ( ½ cup), fresh rosemary ( 1 cup), lavender leaves ( ½ cup), comfrey and olive oil ( ½ cup).

Take all these above mentioned ingredients in a mixer jar and blend it proportionately till it becomes smooth. If the mixture remains hard, add some olive oil in it so that it becomes smoother and softer.

The above mentioned homemade recipes for winter skin are very affective and does not harm individual with any type of skin tone. No side effect are yet observed.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil work well when you have cracks on your skin due to excessive dry weather condition. Your natural moisture will be easily regained with the application of coconut oil. You must apply this coconut oil over your skin before going to bed. This will make your skin soft and healthy during winter.

Birch tea

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Doctors are also prescribing birch tea remedy for patients having skin problems. During winter this can help your skin stay healthy for a long time. You can make this tea in two ways. The first one is using dry birch tea leaves to prepare the tea whereas other one is the raw and fresh leaves. You can either drink the tea or apply the boiled and cooled liquid over the areas where you have skin problems.

Herb remedy

To get herb remedy for your skin you need to consider certain ingredients. The list includes Chamomile, marshmallow root, comfrey leaf and rose petals. You have to take a spoon of all the above mentioned ingredients in a cheese cloth and place it in your bath tub. Let them soak for 10 minutes and then take bath with that water. These herbs work in making your skin soft, smooth and healthy during winter. You will hardly require any ointment for your skin.


The glycerin is a wonderful remedy to bring back the natural moisture in your skin during the dry weather conditions. As you know that people uses the glycerin rich soap during winter, just because this works well in keeping your skin healthy. Similarly you can use the natural glycerin to your skin so that it can nourish your skin in a better way. You can mix the glycerin in a spoon of water and apply it to get better usability.

Honey, olive oil and Indian basil skin ointment

If you are planning to prepare a skin ointment that can give you freedom from all the winter skin woes, this recipe is certainly going to give you the best outcome. Honey has ingredients that are highly nourishing for the skin and Olive oil is packed with natural antioxidants and Vitamin E that can soothe the skin and cure problems like dry and flakey skin easily.

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Indian basil on the other hand, is a well-known herb with excellent anti-bacterial and skin soothing properties. It also helps in fighting minor skin infections and can be ideal for sensitive and problem prone skin.

To make this moisturizing and healing skin ointment for winter you will need the following,

  • Honey – 1/2 cup
  • Olive oil – 1/4th cup
  • Basil leaf extract – 2 spoons

You should use the best quality Menuka honey and pure olive oil for making this ointment at home. You can prepare the basil leaf extract by smashing fresh basil leaves and then squeezing out the juice. Take the olive oil in a pan and warm it up. Now add the honey to it and mix well. Once the temperature is higher and smoke starts coming out from the mixture remove it from the flame and add the basil leaf extract. Mix all the ingredients well.

Let the mixture cool down considerably. Now store the resulting mixture in the freezer in an air tight container and your homemade skin soothing ointment for winter is ready.

This ointment can heal dry and damaged skin pretty quickly and you can see the results within a week. It is best to use this ointment at night before going to the bed and not during the day time. This ointment is highly nourishing and moisturizing but might not be suitable for very oily skin. You can use this ointment all over your body as well as on your face and neck.