Olive oil for hair, skin and beauty care

Olive oil is a famous ingredient for skin care in the field of natural beauty. It is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene which makes it a superb agent for hair, skin, and nails.It contains four major antioxidants which allow it to work as a cleanser, moisturizer, and protector of skin.  It is used in the manufacturing of many beauty products from soaps, shampoos to body lotions.
Few years ago also we did not realize the benefit of olive oil. Then with globalization and involvement of other countries lifestyle, people from India have realized the utility of olive oil. Slowly the research programs were conducted in various labs that states olive oil to be really healthy as compared to other variety of refined oil in the market. Slowly the beauticians with great expertise also have tested olive oil over their skin which has given a brilliant result. Yes, the olive oil is also very healthy for your skin and hair.

An oil which is of pure natural value, the benefits of olive oil are passed on from centuries. The origin of this highly beauty product is from west grounds, but the benefits and beauty secrets are spread all around the world. Sales of the hair and skin care products are turning on a huge market in US. The eagerness of the people to get the best remedy and beauty care product is analyzed by the high sales of these beauty products. However, the best way to curb away this great following of using chemical based beauty products could be wind up by adapting natural ways. These are extremely safe and the wonderful effect of these are life long. The products which are incorporated makes use of olive oil as the main ingredient. Olive oil is natural and a great remedy for skin. A beautiful and clear skin tone is what this oil has to offer. So lets unfold some beauty secrets of this miraculous oil

1. Olive oil as skin moisturizersskin-moisturizers

Benefits of olive oil for hair & skin care

The penetration effect of olive oil is great and whether it is applied on face or other body parts, it is absorbed completely, leaving the skin nourished. Either applied in day or night, it is great over damp skin. A little olive oil mixed with lemon juice is perfect to let your skin be greasy and refreshed. It comes with long lasting benefit of keeping skin smooth and supple. Beside natural remedies, you can also buy products with olive oil.

2. Olive oil as a skin exfoliator


For that dry and scaly skin, olive oil can treat it the best way. Olive oil mixed with sea salt and rubbed over the skin can remove all the dead and dry skin, leaving behind a fresh and rejuvenated skin. A few drops of olive oil could be combined with drops of lavender oil, to experience a whole new bathing secrets. It soothes skin, moisturizes the body and calms each cell within.

3. Olive oil for nail and cuticle care


Nails and cuticles are more prone to get damaged. These are exposed to the harsh environmental effects and demands proper care. Extra Virgin olive oil makes the perfect solution for dry nails and cuticle. It does not require any deep massaging, just simply rub some oLive oil around the nails and cuticle to let it moisturizes deeply.

4. Olive oil as an eye makeup removereye-makeup-remover

Beauty benefits of virgin olive oil

Eyes are sensitive and so any other product cannot be trusted. A drop of one or two extra Virgin olive oil is all it takes to completely vanish away the applied eye makeup. It gently removes the makeup around the eye without affecting the sensitive eye area. When this remedy is implied regularly, it helps greatly to combat wrinkles around the eyes and making skin smooth.

5. Hair care and olive oilOlive-oil-for-Hair-care

Olive oil has been over hyped for its deep results over hair. The hyped factor holds true as this wonderful hair oil is magnificent to smoothen your traces and bring out that luster. A deep massage of olive oil acts as a dandruff controller and a deep conditioner. After shampooing, you can massage with a mix of water and olive oil. Allow it to remain for 5 minutes and rinse it with water. The conditioning it does is unavoidable and gives that extra bounce to your hair.

Beauty benefits of olive oil

  • Olive Oil is the most convenient oil for softening hands. Simply rub olive oil once a day on the hands.
  • Olive is excellent for treating and preventing hang nails and making the cuticles and hands soft. Moisturize hands with olive oil several times a day paying special attention to the area around her nails. It becomes more effective when mixed with sandalwood.
  • Olive Oil provides  an excellent and unexpected benefit for skin care by strengthening the nails.
  • One of the most profound benefits of olive oil for skin care is that it quickly and easily softens dry skin. Rub olive oil on the body after bath. The skin stays greasy for a while till the whole oil is absorbed in the skin. Adding of aloe Vera improves and speeds up the absorption of the oil in the skin.
  • Olive oil is helpful in soothing itchy skin. Again apply the oil after bath. Olive oil is known for helping women to soften dry skin on all parts of their bodies.
  • Another one of the major benefits of olive oil is its effect on wrinkles. The antioxidant superpowers of olive oil help to prevent wrinkles. Regular use of olive oil will keep the skin soft, smooth and wrinkle free for a long period.
  • A natural treatment program when fine lines start will help to diminish wrinkles. This can be done by mixing olive oil with Argan oil, aloe Vera gel and an appropriate anti-wrinkle essential oil like lavender for oily skin, geranium for dry skin and Ylang Ylang for combination skin.
  • Olive oil is the best option for removing makeup. Rub the oil with a cotton swab on the face till it is free from the makeup. 

Olive oil for hair care

Top benefits of olive oil

  • A simple hot oil treatment with olive oil can create soft, shiny hair. Heat the oil and apply it liberally on the scalp. Leave it for about an hour before washing.
  • Olive is the best remedy for dandruff, dry and itchy scalp.Simply rub olive oil into the skin and hair a couple of times week to encourage healthy, shiny growth. It can be combined with coconut or rosemary oil and applied in the scalp at night.
  • Olive oil serves as a natural hair conditioner. It helps in keeping the hair soft and silky.
  • A relaxing head massage with olive oil improves blood circulation in the scalp. This stimulates the hair follicles to grow thick strands of hair.
  • Olive oil can be used as a hair serum to add shine and extra glossiness to the hair. Just rub few drops of olive oil on the hair nicely after styling for a glossy finish. 

Other skin care benefits of olive oil

This amazing oil is packed with hydrating squalene and anti-aging antioxidants, which makes it superb for skin, hair and nails.

  • Lip Scrub— An effective lip scrub can be made by combining 1 tbsp. of olive oil with sugar and few drops of lemon juice for cracked lips
  • Eye makeup remover–Olive oil can be used to remove stubborn makeup from the eyes. It serves as a great pre cleansing step for eye makeup.
  • Clean Ear wax—few drops of olive oil in the ears help to loosen the wax in the ear and to cleanse the clog.
  • Hair removing cream– Apply olive oil on the legs before using the blade to remove hair. This natural lubricant can prevent bumps and burns while shaving.
  • Antibacterial balm— Antibacterial olive oil along with calendula, lavender and tea tree oil can be used to get rid of germs and scarring.
  • Cracked heels— Olive oil is a perfect remedy for cracked heels. Apply olive oil and rub the feet nicely with a pumice stone. Then wash the feet and wear socks to lock the moisture and keep it overnight.

Beauty benefits of olive oil

Eye care with olive oil

Top benefits of olive oil for skin care

You must have come across variety of eye creams in the market. Some are branded and some are not. You can now get a natural solution with your eye care. You have to take few drops of olive oil and apply it around your eye portion. Gentle dabbing olive oil over the under eye portion will be enough. There after use your fingertips to slowly rub it around your eyes and get relaxation of eye muscles.

Olive oil hair mask

Even for your hair olive oil works in a wonderful way. All you have to do is apply the olive oil over our hair just like you apply any other oil. There after massage your hair very well with the help of your fingertips covering your scalp. Now cover your hair and scalp with the shower cap. Just after an hour or two, you can wash it away with simple mild face wash.

Removing wrinkles

The wrinkles on your skin can be remove if your regularly apply the olive oil all over your skin. This will create a wonderful glow all over your skin. Apply it over your hands, legs and even other portions to remove early wrinkles. It is the time for you to stay away from the signs of aging and proceed with youthful glow over the skin tone. Try this for a week and you will see the wrinkles have positively reduced over your skin. Even if you are 50, you will be viewed as less as 40.