Beauty benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is loaded with vitamins and can be an ideal product for skin and hair care. Along with all the health benefits as mentioned above, the oil also carries immense beauty benefits and hence is often used in making high-end cosmetics and skin care products. However, you can include the goodness of extra virgin olive oil in your daily beauty care regime even without spending on those expensive cosmetics. The extra virgin olive oil can be directly included in your diet and beauty care to get its best effects. However, there are fake olive oils in the market as well, so it is always suggested to ensure that the extra virgin olive oil you pick is from a reputed brand. Read on to know the beauty benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

Don’t know the difference between extra virgin olive oil and olive oil, then keep reading.

Depending on the processing levels that the pure olive oil has subjected, it comes to the market in four different cadres.

Top benefits of olive oil

1. Extra virgin olive oil, it is obtained from lowest processing levels.

2. Virgin olive oil – The oil come in the second stage of pressing the olive’s.

3. Pure olive oil – The olive oil that comes after the processing steps of filtering and refining.

4. Extra light oil – When the olive oil subjected to many processing steps, we will get extra light oil and is with the formula of less olive flavor.

Among the all kinds of olive oils, extra virgin oil is a major kind that is in purest and healthiest form. This oil is produced from the freshly harvested olives, the process involves in refining the oil includes the cold pressing without the mixture of artificial flavors and chemicals. Infact, you can consume this oil directly when it is in the natural form  without the extra processing or adulteration. It is promoting the health benefits with the having compounds antioxidants and fatty acids.

Extra virgin olive oil health benefits

Prevents heart diseases

Extra virgin olive oil is a rich source of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. It helps to control the high cholesterol levels and also benefits by improving the HDL levels.

Olive oil is a specific oil type that contains huge monounsaturated fats. Add daily at least two tablespoons of olive oil to your diet to bet the growth of antioxidants.

Perks for digestion

Top benefits of olive oil for skin care

From the big list of olive oil benefits, its help for the digestion is tremendous. It is moves smooth in your stomach than any other vegetable oils. It helps to treat the ulcers and other gastric problems by its protecting nature of stomach. Olive oil naturally promotes the improvement of production of bile in the body and even fosters for the pancreatic hormones production.

Extra virgin olive oil skin benefits

Extra virgin olive oil is complete skin care oil as it is born with vitamins, minerals and natural moisturizing agents.

Extra virgin olive oil has been under the use of many skin care solution, it repairs the skin and promotes the boost up of skin cells. It moisturizes and makes the skin smoother.

For the instant smoothness and great skin texture, apply the olive oil to your entire skin very after second of your bath.

Prevents cancer

The phytonutrients present in olive oil helps for the reduction of inflammation and subsequently minimizes the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence.


Amazing benefits of olive oil

Olive oil is rich in the monosaturated fats and is low at the levels of LDL, when it is added by the patients who are having diabetics it prompts effective results. It enhances the blood sugar levels and improves the sensitivity of insulin.


Olive oil when consumed in the greater quantities stimulates the body to absorb more calcium. It increases the calcification and bone mineralization through which helps to treat the osteoporosis.

Fights wrinkles

Are not wrinkles one of the greatest worries of all? Resort to regular use of olive oil in your beauty care as well as diet and you will not be worried about wrinkles any more. Extra virgin olive oil has high content of vitamin E and it has antioxidant properties which can be very helpful to keep wrinkles away.

Moisturizes skin

Moisturizing your skin from inside is necessary in order to control skin dryness; a major cause of skin-aging. Olive oil can work as the most efficient natural moisturizer to keep your skin from drying even in the cold winter days. Darkening of skin due to dryness, which is quite common on the elbows and knees, can be treated efficiently with olive oil.

Improves skin elasticity

Benefits of olive oil for health care

Extra virgin olive oil can enhance the elasticity of the skin by boosting the natural repairing mechanism of the skin. It helps the skin cells to regenerate and thus improves skin elasticity with continuous use.

Adds glow to the skin

Women are always ready to go the extra mile to get that natural glow on their skin. The easiest way to have it naturally is to use olive oil on the skin on a daily basis. Olive oil can give your skin the natural glow you have always longed for.

Reduces the appearance of marks

Extra virgin olive oil can work effectively to reduce any mark on the skin. It can even show results on stretch marks. So, if you are worried about those stretch marks that you have got after pregnancy or after losing your baby fat, massage in olive oil to those areas of the skin daily, and with time you are expected to see improvements.

Makes nails healthy

Dry and brittle nails can be treated with extra virgin olive oil. Regular use of nail colors often make the nails appear discolored; and this condition can also be treated effectively with olive oil. Just rub in some of the oil onto your nails, and let them soak in for as long as you can; then wipe off the extra oil with damp cotton. Your nails will get back their natural color after a few uses and the dryness will be lost forever.

Promotes scalp health

Benefits of olive oil for hair care

Extra virgin olive oil can promote better scalp health. Heat a steel container and take some extra virgin olive oil in it. Massage in the hot oil onto your scalp. Leave overnight and in the morning wash off with a cleanser. Olive oil removes dryness of the scalp, and thus treats problems like scalp itching and dandruff that are caused due to scalp dryness. Regular hot oil treatment with extra virgin olive oil can even boost hair growth.

Makes hair shiny and soft

Massage extra virgin olive oil to your hairs on the night before washing your hairs. After shampoo skip the conditioner, and you will get an even better result than a chemical conditioner can give you. The oil makes hairs soft, shiny and healthy.

Cleanses skin

Extra virgin olive is well known for its skin cleansing properties. It can work efficiently as a makeup remover. Just dab in some extra amount of extra virgin olive oil onto your face, massage it for 1 minute and wipe off with damp cotton. The oil will clean your face from every trace of makeup and dirt without drying it.

Extra virgin olive oil face and hair packs for the best beauty benefits

You can always use extra virgin olive oil in your facial as well as hair packs to get all the goodness of olive oil. Here are some simple packs that you can use regularly to get glowing skin,

Olive oil and yogurt face pack for a glowing skin

Beauty benefits of olive oil

If you have dry skin, this face pack can be the ideal one for you, particularly during the dry winter days. Olive oil is a great source of vitamin E and yogurt is filled with vitamins and enzymes that can nourish the skin from within.

Take 3 spoons of yogurt in a clean bowl and add 2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil in the bowl. Mix the two well and apply the resulting pack to your face and neck. Leave on for 20 minutes and then wash off with plenty of water.

Multani mitti and olive oil face cleanser for dry skin

For dry skinned beauties choosing the right facial cleanser can be a challenge. Most of the soap based cleansers tend to reap away the oil from the skin which can be a big problem for the skin that is already dry. A pack made from fuller’s earth and olive oil can nicely work as a cleanser that will help you get rid of all the dirt and even dead cells while moisturizing your skin.

Soak 3 spoons of multani mitti in sufficient amount of fresh water for 30 minutes. After the multani mitti gets soft mix 2 spoons of olive oil with it. You can use this pack as a cleanser on your face to get rid of any dirt and grim.  This pack can also use the dead skin cells and will help in balancing the natural moisture level of the skin, preventing any dryness.