How to use olive oil for skin care, hair care, beauty care

Olive oil is a wonderful ingredient that is beneficial for skin as well as hair. Even if you want to remain healthy internally, olive oil will be the best to use while cooking. Since ancient days, olive oil is best used for hair treatment.  While doing your beauty shopping, you must also concentrate on some healthy products. You can get a bottle of Virgin olive oil.

If your skin is sensitive, this will be a wonderful product for you as it includes vitamins, natural fatty acids, minerals etc. An aged lady can also get benefit with the removal of skin wrinkles and marks of aging. It is best to use olive oil for gaining smooth hands, olive oil to get rid of dry skin, olive oil to cure hangnails, olive oil helps to get rid of itchy skin. Olive oil is best ingredient used for anti aging skin care and for making skin moisturizer.

You must have known olive oil for its extraordinary benefits in all aspect. Health conscious people are invariably availing the particular oil in order to stay fit and healthy. It is preferred than the sunflower oil or any other oils. Olive oil has been proved to have provided smooth and bright skin.

You can apply olive oil over your hair to provide better nourishment. With regards to beauty care also olive oil performs in the best way. This article will speak about the benefits of olive oil for skin, hair and even for beauty care.

Natural olive oil skin care benefits

How to take olive oil bath to get soften skin

Benefits of olive oil for hair & skin care

Olive oil softens the dry skin and gives a smooth skin. How to use olive oil in bath? For a skin care treatment with Olive oil, prepare for a bath. You have to put 5 teaspoon of Olive oil in the tumbler that includes your bathing water. Don’t use soap while taking bath with olive oil. Your skin will become very soft and smooth once you come out of the bath room.

There is also another way of using olive oil for your skin. Instead of pouring olive oil in the tumbler of water, you can also massage with olive oil before taking bath. You must take time to cover every part of your body so that not a single place remains exposed to aging and wrinkle.

Olive body lotion for soft & silky skin

Olive oil body lotion gives the skin a good moisturizing and nourishes the skin. Some ladies also prefer olive body oil after taking bath. It is a natural moisturizing agent which will never allow your skin to form wrinkles. Your skin will be as soft as that of a baby. This is one of the quickest modes to nourish your skin.

Proper skin nourishment with olive oil

Top benefits of olive oil for skin care

Sometimes your skin lacks nourishment when it faces the dry weather condition. You need to make sure you are taking good care of your skin. If you don’t know how to care, apply a spoon full of olive oil over your skin and massage it so that it gets absorbed by your skin. This will provide good nourishment to your skin.

Olive oil for anti aging skin

Olive oil is having anti aging benefits. How to prevent wrinkles naturally with olive oil? If you think you are getting wrinkles over your skin that gives rise to aging, olive oil will be the best. Massage it regularly on your skin and you can see wrinkles getting reduced. Olive oil is having powerful antioxidants that prevent anti aging diseases.

How to use olive oil for hair care

Initiates hair growth

There are lots of benefits with olive oil. Do you want reduce hair fall and improve hair growth? Use olive oil for rich hair growth. You can also make your hair grow faster and in an effective way. Yes, olive oil is the one natural ingredient that will help you get your hair grows faster. If the long hair is what you do aim, olive oil can be a wonderful remedy.

Get rid of dandruff and itchy scalp with olive oil

Dandruff can be a nagging problem to many individuals. Both male as well as female has the problem of getting dandruff over the scalp. But, if you apply olive oil and massage it throughout, dandruff can be easily reduced.

How to make Olive oil hair mask at home for soft and silky shiny hair

Even for hair, Olive oil is very beneficial. You can now make a hair mask by using Olive oil as one of its important ingredient. In order to do this, you have to take an egg and take out the yolk portion from it. Now add two tablespoon of olive oil in it. Do not forget to use lemon juice in the hair mask. Mix all the ingredients very well and apply it on your hair. Now keep this paste for a period of 15 minutes. Wash your hair and mark the difference. Your hair will become softer and shiny as compared to previous hair texture.

Simple olive oil hair mask for deep condition to your dry hair

Top benefits of olive oil

Olive oil for hair split ends. Olive oil smooths the broken ends of your hair by providing a deep condition. This is another type of hair treatment by using olive oil. Here, you don’t have to take trouble of mixing variety of ingredient in it. Just applying simple olive oil on your hair can solve plenty of your hair problems. You must apply this half an hour before washing your hair.

Best ways to use olive oil for beauty care

How to remove Makeup with olive oil

Beauty benefits of virgin olive oil

You must have used makeup to show off to the outside world. But, once you come back, you must get rid of it as it is really harmful for your skin. Olive oil can be easily used for this purpose.

Olive oil for eyes

Your eyes are a vital part of your face which makes you look beautiful. If you don’t properly care your eyes, this might end up with clumsy look. Even you won’t look beautiful for long. Thus, you must apply olive oil around your eyes and slowly massage to stay beautiful.

Using olive oil for beauty care

Some beautifying effect of Olive oil is stated as under:

  • It helps in forming a deep conditioning after applying shampoo
  • It is useful as a homemade scrub
  • It provides perfect lubrication while shaving treatment
  • In order to moisturize cuticles, olive oil is mostly used
  • It can remove heavy and stubborn makeup from face