Best benefits of eating salad

Including salads in your daily diet is a very healthy choice. The ingredients of salad can vary from 2-3 items to many and hence you can always introduce huge number of variations to your salad according to your taste and the availability of the items. Instead of making salad with only leaves and veggies you can also add some fruits like pineapple to the salad to add to the taste and also to the health benefits.  Adding some Apple Cider Vinegar and Pepper doubles up the total health benefits of eating salads. In this article we will present a brief discussion on the best benefits of eating salads.

Promotes better digestive health

The ingredients of salad are filled with dietary fibers and fibers are great for your digestive system. They not only help in promoting digestion but also support bowel formation and bowel movement. The digestive health is directly related to your overall health, as digestion and absorption works as the key for energy supply to the cells. More fiber in diet can cure problems like indigestion and constipation as well. So, eating more salads can give you a better digestive heath and a better quality of life.

Supports cardiovascular health

Eating salads in your daily diet can do more good to your health than you can even imagine. The vegetables and leafs used in salads are filled with fibers that helps in reducing the blood cholesterol levels helping you to maintain better cardiovascular health. Leaves like spinach and vegetables like broccoli make staple ingredients of salads. These two are particularly high in potassium content which is a vital mineral for smooth functioning of the heart.

Promotes eye sight

Carrots and beetroots are common ingredients of salads and these are filled with beta carotene which is a vital antioxidant promoting better eye health and vision. The Vitamin A, present in the ingredients of salad is also essential for better eye sight. By depending more on salads you can easily get a better eye sight and can ward off the common eye problems easily.

Boosts immunity

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Salads can work as the best source of vitamins and minerals for your body. The ingredients used in salad are mostly vegetables and leaves and each of these vegetables and leaves are filled with all the vital vitamins and minerals that our body needs for smooth functioning. Vitamin or mineral deficiency affects the immunity system of the body directly, and hence eating more of salads help in promoting a better immunity system, enabling you to fight the common infections without medicines.

Promotes bone health

Calcium is the primary component of our bones and lack of calcium in the body works as the primary reason for bone density loss. Spinach, Collard greens, celery, broccoli are some of the best natural sources of calcium and as all these leaves and vegetables are commonly used in salads, hence eating salad can be a great way to fill in your requirement of daily calcium and to ensure a better bone health.

Reduces risk of diabetes

Salads have high fiber content which helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Lower levels of blood cholesterol can have a positive impact in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Moreover, studies have proved that deficiency of magnesium often work as a trigger for type 2 diabetes. Spinach, which is commonly used in salads is a top magnesium food and can reduce your risk of having type 2 diabetes.

Cures anemia

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Iron is one of the most vital minerals for the body. Less amount of iron in blood can result into anemia, weakness and a lot of other symptoms. Swiss chard, spinach, parsley, collard greens, kale, broccoli, turnip greens are some of the best plant based sources of iron and you cannot prepare a salad without at least one of these veggies and leaves. So, by including salads in your diet you can easily get the iron of these leaves and vegetables and fight anemia.

Fights cancer

The colorful vegetables used in salads are rich with different types of antioxidants. That does not only reduce the oxidative stress on your liver but also work against cancer. Many of the nutrients present in the colorful leaves and vegetables have been found to introduce apoptosis in cancer cells and can even prevent formation of tumors.  So including salads with more colorful leaves and vegetables in your diet can also lower your risk of cancer.

Keeps your body hydrated

All the leaves and vegetables have a certain percentage of water in them and when you take salads in your diet, automatically a good part of your daily water requirement is filled. Banking more on vegetables during drier seasons can actually help your body and your skin to stay hydrated from within.

Helps in weight management

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Maintaining a perfect body weight is not important only for the best looks but also for the best health. Salads can play a very vital role in weight management. As already mentioned, salads are filled with dietary fibers and water and these two ingredients fill your stomach without adding much calorie to your body. Salads provide you with all the nutrients that your body needs for smooth functioning without adding fat to your diet. Moreover, adding Apple Cider Vinegar and pepper to your salads make them not only more tasty but also ideal for fat bursting.  So, if you are trying to lose weight or maintain the right body weight, including more and more salads in your daily diet is always beneficial.

Fight signs of skin aging

Salads are filled with antioxidants and water.  While antioxidants help in fighting the signs of aging on the skin, the high water of the vegetables and leaves help in preventing dehydration which is often a primary reason for skin wrinkling. So, if you are cautious about your skin, including more salads in your daily diet is a must.

Note: When you are preparing the salad it is important to include as many types of vegetables and leaves possible in it. Increasing the variation in the ingredients will not only make it more pleasing for your taste buds but will also make it more healthy for your body. So, chose the ingredients of your salad carefully and try to come up with a more colorful salad, which is best for your health.