How to apply blush – Different types of blushes

Blushes are available  in various types such as powder, cream, fluid or gels . Different types of blushes sit different skin types and different situations. There are many types of blushes. But one must choose only the one that best suits their skin type.

Did you ever try blushes while getting ready for a function or a party? It is an important part of makeup which can hide the weak points on your face. Not all individuals especially ladies have a perfect face.

Some have extremely round face whereas others have odd squares or peer shaped face. You might have seen your favorite stars getting a magical look when they act in a screen.

But, if you can view their actual makeup less face at home, you might not be able to make out their identity. The miracle is done by the blush applied in right way over their face.

Cream blush

The cream blush boasts more strong shadow than the powder blush. Thus you should use it sparingly and blend well. Start at the apples of the cheek and combine upward. The cream blush is best applied with the help of your fingers.

Whereas it is furthermore dense in environment but it permits your skin display through. Cream blush comprises wealthy moisturizing or oil components therefore it is considered especially apt for the dry skin types.

It should be applied over base, but before powder. The elite blush is especially pleasant for the evening makeup.

Powder blush

Dust blush is usually good for all types of skin. But it is advised the best for the oily skin and for those who are looking for long-lasting hue. Powder blusher is best applied after the face powder. It will stay on peak of your skin and add a translucent glow to it.

The powder blush is considered the densest of the blushers. You can use beige or cocoa-brown tone to suit your cheekbones and temples and contour the edges of your nose. For a contour you should use a deeper shadow on the cheek bones.

Powder blush could be applied effortlessly as compared to the liquid and cream blush.

Tint blush

When you are planning to use the tint blush you should apply it fast and well. Tint blush can look streaky over base. But once it is set it would not budge until you wash your face. Just like the gel blushes, tint blushes are also very quick in drying.

Gel or fluid blush

The Gel blush adds a sheer glow on your face. The gel blush is usually advised to work best on oily to usual skin because these blushers last longer and many are oil-free. Some are water-resistant, too.

The gel blush is of fast-drying nature and thus it is hard to disperse onto dry skin. The gel blush should be applied over foundation or on the bare skin. It will give a supple, fresh-scrubbed look to your face.


The shimmers are advised just for adding a light glow to your face. They are the best alternative for the evening time. You can dab the shimmers on your forehead, in the bow of your eyelid or in the inward corner of your eyes.

Cheek pencils

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The cheek pencils are advised best for the beginners. But those who have oily skin should not use cheek pencils as they are often formulated with extra moisturizers and emollients to keep them supple and bendable.


Bronze is available in lightweight, medium or dark pitch. It is advised as perfect for faking or enhancing the tanned look of your skin.

Bronze is especially flattering to medium and deep-toned complexions. The fair complexion types should choose only the lightest shades. Bronzes are particularly great for the darker coverings as they give a natural-look.

Types of blushes

Variety of blushes is available in the market with different colors and forms. Different manufactures have made blushes in different forms according to the demand of consumers. Some of the types include:

  • Powder blush which is very popular and commonly seen among people
  • Cream blush, being denser in the environment with the extracts of natural oil and moisturizers
  • Gel blush, best for people with oily skin
  • Tint blush stays for a long time till to wish to remove your makeup
  • Shimmers are really important to provide a light glow over your face

People gets the blushes from the market after having a look at the quality as well as durability. If you are willing apply the powder blush, that must be done by a brush which comes with the blush itself.

Again, the cream blush can be applied but, you don’t have a tool to apply the same. The only way to apply it on your face will be to use finger. The cream blushes are really good for dry skin as it has moisturizers within it.

The advantage of tint blush is the fact that it dries up really fast. Thus, if you are in a hurry to attend a party, tint blush must be applied.

Coming to shimmers, these would be ideal for a night party. Since it has a shiny appearance, you will absolutely dazzle after applying the shimmers over your face.


Blushes consists of variety of colors starting from light shades like peach, pink, cream, to dark shades like red, brown, maroon, purple and much more. You can also get black blush which is really important to change the facial shape of the individual.

Applying this blush in right place and do a wonder and create a total make over to an individual. If you cannot apply it in the right place, ask a makeup expert to do this for you.

Usage of blush

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It has been proved that, blushes can be easily applied when you are going for an occasion. But, proper usage will be an important fact.

The important factor to be considered while applying blush is the skin type. Not all blushes are suitable for every skin type. For oily skin type people particular type of blush will be suitable.

But, the same would not be suitable for the ones who have dry skin. Thus, it is important to research and find out the right lush type for right skin.

When you are purchasing blush for you in the market, you can try a tip. Just pinch your cheek and see which color is appearing. As soon as the color appears, try and match that color with the blush you are finding. This will be the best color to match your skin ideally.

If you think blushes are too pricey in the cosmetic stores, it is better to get it from the departmental store or just have it online. Going for a branded blush will be better that the cheap and local brand.

Your skin might get damaged if you are using cosmetics of poor quality as those include a lot of chemicals.

You can now get blushes from variety of brands in the market. Getting an appropriate variety of blush that too from a branded company will make you beautiful without any side effects. If you are not aware of such makeups, take help from the expert consultants.

Also go for the blushes which will go with your face and skin tone. Very loud shade might not be for every individuals. Just be careful about it.