Fairness with coconut oil / Better skin complexion with coconut oil

Most of us are unaware of the fact that most beauty products which are better known for their hydrating, softening, skin lightening and moisturizing benefits use Coconut as their essential ingredient. While most of us restrict the usage of coconut oil to winters and the rest of us don’t find it that useful. The only reason being our lack of knowledge of how useful and helpful Coconut Oil can be for better skin complexion.

Right from the traditional days, it had its own set of benefits of fairness, moisturizing, hydrating etc. and we thought we should introduce all of you to the benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin Whitening which is surely going to surprise you.  

Properties of Coconut oil to help you achieve better skin complexion

Beauty tips for fair skin


  • Having said that it has Moisturizing properties, it removes the scars and dark spots from the skin thereby making the skin tone even and fair.
  • Owing to its anti-inflammatory property, it reduces all kind of itchiness and irritation by soothing the skin so that the skin becomes brighter.
  • Being a rich source of Vitamin C, it makes the skin grow healthier. The antioxidant property helps to replenish the skin cells so that the new cells grow out to be mature as well as healthy.
  • Though it provides moisture to the skin it is because of the fatty acids present in coconut oil that make sure that the moisture remains intact and locked.
  • With regular usage of Coconut Oil, the skin will grow smooth, soft, healthy and completely fair.





Face packs you can make with the help of Coconut oil


Fuller’s clay and Coconut oil

Fuller’s clay has so many benefits for the skin and they are known to lighten the skin tone so that it looks fairer. Using people add drops of rose water or plain water to Fuller’s Clay to make a consistent mixture of the same. But you can add a tablespoon of natural coconut oil to it and make a pack. Apply it on your face, rinse it off once you see that the face pack has hardened up on your face. It fights against bacteria that cause dark spots.


Lemon and Coconut oil

Fairness with besan

Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C and if you add a few drops of it to a tablespoon of coconut oil then it becomes the finest face pack for any skin type. It removes all the acne spots and blemishes from the skin. It keeps the skin moisturized as well since it gently exfoliating the skin. With continuous usage of this face pack, your skin will become fairer day by day. Apply this pack with the help of cotton balls.

Baking soda and Coconut oil

Baking Soda is yet another natural scrub for the skin which removes the dark spots, blackheads and damaged cells from the skin. But it is not a gentle exfoliator because of which using it with coconut oil makes sure the skin is moisturized too. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with half a tablespoon of coconut oil, then with the help of your fingers apply it all over your face. Massage the area and rinse it off after 3-4 minutes.

Coffee and Coconut oil

Adding a tablespoon of instant coffee to half a tablespoon of coconut oil acts as a natural scrub for the skin. It helps through pigmentation, pores and skin infections. It lightens the skin tone. The skin gets a natural glow and a fair skin tone.




Precautionary measures and Quick tips on using coconut oil for fairness

Fairness with baking soda


  • Don’t go for coconut oils that are available in the market as a hair oil or refined oil because they contain chemicals.
  • Always buy an organic coconut oil bottle which is naturally processed so that it doesn’t cause any skin problems.
  • If not coconut oil then you can also use Coconut water for your skin.
  • If you can find natural coconut oil which is usually referred to as Virgin Coconut Oil then it is obviously the best for every skin type.
  • Even though Coconut Oil suits every skin type but it is also better to be attentive towards your skin if its application has caused even a mild problem. Make sure you see a dermatologist and try to know whether it suits your skin type or not.