Meditation – Fix 5 health problems efficiently

According to a recent report 67 percent of people get electrified rather than carrying on with the process of meditation. Individuals suffering from variety of health problems can get their problem solved with meditation. You also need to decide by yourself whether you require an electric shock or that of meditation to resolve the following health issues.


Best relaxation tips for stressful life

People are much stressed out these days due to work pressure at office and psychological pressure at home. Stress is also regarded as one of the mental illness, getting out from which becomes really impossible. Meditation can be one of the effective ways through which stress can be resolved. According to a trial, it has been observed that people who have carried on with 25 minute session of meditation are quite less stressed out as compared to those who try any other process rather than meditation.  Study has been published in journal Psychoneuroendocrinology according to which the individual with low mindful thinking are reactive towards great psychological stress. This was found out when the researchers were in the process of measuring dispositional mindfulness.

Relapse of depression

The term used for clearing away the dark cloud of depression and bring out great ray of sunshine is known as mindfulness. A study was published in consulting and clinical psychology journal according to which relapse from depression reduces by 78 percent to that of 36 percent. The group of researchers has completed already 3 or more episodes. Thus, the relapse sign has now become less for all those who are likely to be more prone to depression.


Individuals suffer from variety of pains which are sourced from different reasons and physical condition of individual’s health.  If you want to get relief of the pain with the help of electric shock, meditation might be a better option in this regard as it will hurt less and benefit more. A trial has been conducted where individuals with pain in variety of places are provided with electric shock and were asked rate their pain from low to high after the shock is over. The researchers have discovered that the participants have become less sensitive to pain when they were associated with meditation for 20 minutes on a daily basis. It has also realized that meditation has reduced pain by 57 percent.

There are many people who suffer from diseases that gives rise to chronic pain. Thus, they require an alternative therapy.  If you apply the pain killers without prescription, it would be very addicting and harmful.  Thus, meditation will be one of the best options.

HIV symptoms

AIDS or HIV is the term we always wish to avoid. This is the most deadliest disease whose cure has not been specifically proved by the medical science. But, science is progressing to allocate new drug therapies through which HIV can be made more manageable. A study has been conducted with 173 HIV positive patients who are not yet on antiretroviral therapy. This has however revealed that the eight weeks of mindfulness program made improvement in self reported symptoms.  There was also indications of many much facts through preliminary findings. This has made an improvement in CD4-T-lymphocyte count.  This is the measurement of Hallmark which states the status of immune competence. This also has the capacity of indicating the progression of disease right from HIV to that of Aids.


Best tips to relief from stress

Inflammation takes place in an individual for variety of reasons. Mostly it is the mark of body’s natural reaction on particular disease as well as stress. Rather, it can also be termed as the symptoms. If inflammation remains for a longer period of time, this can also give rise to disastrous results.  There are variety of medicines and drugs suggested by the physician in order to eradicate inflammation. But, it you can go for meditation on a regular basis, this can lower the chance of inflammation without much danger. This was one of the findings which have been published by the well known journal named as brain, behavior and immunity.

The researchers also found out that, with regular meditation blood making mechanism of inflammation can be lowered by 1 milligram per single milliliter of blood.  Even the mediation techniques can be maintained easily for a year rather than other lifestyle changes.