Is vaccination necessary for my dog?

Many people are not aware whether they need to vaccinate their pet dog. Since vaccination is one of the highly controversial subjects, whether and what kind of vaccination is needed for each dog will be able to answered by the veterinarians. For some puppies they recommend multiple vaccines whereas others are manageable with few vaccinations. For some dogs a single vaccine is repeated for multiple times. You need to be very careful while vaccinating as over vaccination is also very harmful for your pet.  Vaccination is very important at time as it plays a wonderful role in stimulating the immune system and also produces great antibodies against diseases.

Working of immune system

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The immune system of mammalian is diffuse, large and complex. Your dog health will be protected as the organs and cells works continuously which will in turn protect dog’s health. Colostrum is the name given to the milk of mother’s dog. Since it is the first milk, it contains antibodies in a good quantity which may not be present in the milk of mother dog after some days.  As soon as the new born puppies consume the first drink of its mother’s milk, the maternal antibodies are really effective in providing the protection so long the baby develops his own immune system.

Two branches of immune system

  • Acquired
  • Innate

The acquired immune system is such that which is slow but is quite efficient and precise. This immune system is trusts the white cell B which effectively produces antibodies.  These are basically the small variety of proteins that is seen to latch on invaders after which entire signaling of immune system takes place. But, in order to reach the full capacity, the response of antibody is needed for 10 to 14 days.  This is the reason why the pet takes long time to get away from cold and flu.

Vaccination and immune system

Whether vaccination is required for your dog will be dependent on the B cells that create antibodies which in turn makes an attempt of protecting against real diseases. But, as soon as these immune system gears up, the puppies remain UN protected.

Apart from protecting your pet, vaccination is required so that the human beings do not face the severity even if they are bitten by your pet dog. This is known as herd immunity basically provided to all canine dogs.  Many diseases can break out in a community where proper care of pets is not taken and even when they are not adequately injected with vaccination.

The herd immunity is getting weakened as more and more people are keeping their animal without vaccination at all. Recently, distemper in cats and dogs recently are making great concern. You should not burden your pet with too many vaccines as the recent report says excess of vaccines will be really very dangerous. Even they can die with overdose of vaccines.

Deeper examination of pets will be required with regards to the choice of vaccination in each case. It hardly matters whether the antibodies are vaccine induced, maternal or that of naturally produced.   The virus can be destroyed with circulation of antibodies. It is also true that, additional antibodies are not produced by dog.

Today, vaccination for pets is made in such a way that it will not be necessary to be repeated every year. The persistence of antibodies takes place for 5, 10 or that of 15 years.  Life protection vaccination is also provided to dog for one time when they are between the age of 4 to 6 months.  The creation of memory cells in pets takes place when the immune system developed with vaccination.  Thereafter, the cells will be capable of providing good exposure of memory cells and get response of massive antibody.

The vaccination that boosts

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The scientific support for yearly vaccination was never provided.  Only the vets propose and suggested about providing the pets with yearly vaccination.  As a result, the pharmaceutical companies have also become quite benefited in getting the vaccines sell off.  According to vets, these vaccines are not having any side effects. Rather they will be really good for pet’s saving lives.  But, this might not be true always. Rather, vaccination can be termed as the medical procedure and might have benefits as well as the risk factors.  The animals which are previously immunized may not get their system immune with the booster vaccine. You should not use all vaccine for all dogs. Rather, studying the history of each dog will be important before injecting vaccines to each of them.

Factors before deciding to vaccinate

If you have decided to vaccinate there must be various factors which needs to be considered. The factors are as follows:

  • You must get the vaccine that has fewest antigens
  • Some adult dogs may not need booster vaccinations that are provided against parvo and distemper. But, according to law, anti rabies vaccination must be provided to every dog.
  • Before vaccinating, you need to make sure that your dog is really healthy. You need to make sure that no other treatments starting from teeth cleaning, parasite preventatives etc is provided to the same dog at the time of his regular vaccination.
  • Only one vaccination must be provided at a particular time. Before you think about next vaccination, you must wait for two weeks. This is important as the immune system needs time to complete its response.
  • Healthy immune system is regarded as the best defense against any type of disease. You must make your dog feed with natural and healthy food such as vegetables and other dog nutrition so that they develop their immune system naturally. You also need to keep your dog in a space where fresh air passes.  Enough sleep is also required in this regard.  Getting your pet dog over vaccinate must also be checked occasionally. You can get food in the market which is made exclusively for dogs. You must make it consume such nutritious food.  Proper exercise and restful sleep is also important.