Common summer pet problems – A solution

Rodale News, EMMAUS, PA- Loving pets is quite natural especially when we become habituated seeing them around. What we hate about them is their messing over new carpeting at home, when they smells like skunk or do something nasty at home. But, even then we face the situation and continue loving them like always. As we understand that they cannot speak and they cannot clean homes like human beings.

If you are facing some problems of pet’s health, Joey Green is going to help. You can now get wonderful cures for pet in his books. All types of summer time pet issues can be easily solved with an ease.

Common summer problems with solution

Leaving pet inside car

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Most of the pet owners do this mistake. While you have gone to a store or any other place, you like to leave your cat or dog in your car. However, on the hot days, while the temperature level gets increased, you must not do it. This will cause a risk to your pet’s health. To keep up the safety of your pets, you should always accompany them.


On summer season, you spend more time in outdoor place. Thus, you have the potential of encountering with serpents. Although all the snakes do not harm you, it is better to keep away from them. The snakes can cause harm to your pets and other members of your house. Maintain the cleanliness in your garden. Snakes can hide behind the tall grasses or under debris.

Long fur causing problem

On the hot days, you have to focus on grooming the pets. You can brush the fur of your pets on everyday. The presence of thick fur can increase the pet’s weight and cause overheating issue. However, every animal has different types of fur, and you have to treat them considering their species. Do not cut the hair very closely as this fur protects the canine and feline animals from the sun’s heat.

Lyme disease

This is one of the transmissible diseases, caused due to ticks. Lameness is the main symptom of this disease. The pets will have swelling joints. They can have loss of appetite. In most of the instances, dogs have this type of disease. They may also have failure to kidney due to this disease.


Many overweight dogs and the aged ones have this risk in the summer season. Choose a cool place, where your door can play for several hours. It will also control the temperature of their body.

Summer travel

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Summer is the time when people becomes active and keeps on travelling. If your pet dog is alone at home, you would probably like to take it with you. Since you are taking animal with you, there are some measures or precautions you need to adopt. When you are taking your pet in a trip through a car, adequate stops would be required for them so that they can abide with nature’s call. They might become disoriented to stay inside the car for a long time.

You also need to keep your pet entertained throughout the trip. Bringing toys which your pet likes will be a good option. Cold water also must be carried always. You can also preserve some ice cubes in the coolers or the food container so that once they become dissolved your pet can easily get some cold water. Pouring some peanut butter over the play toy will be another important way to get him entertained.


Pets have their own smell which is not very pleasant. Rather they skunk and getting them bath everyday is also not possible. Since dogs hate sprays, showering sprays over their fur becomes really difficult for the owner. One of the effective way of getting them de skunks is nothing but application of tomato juice over their body. If your pet is such that more power is required, pouring ordinary canned and diced tomatoes will be effective.

But, every one might not be able to get the tomato juice. In take care you may get some boxes of baking soda. This might be cheaper and can easily absorb the smell as well.  This would be really cheaper as well as effective. You need to make a paste with the soda after pouring some warm water in the powdered soda. Apply it over the fur of your pet and let it dry. There after shampoo it with pet’s shampoo. You can also apply dawn on the body of your pet animal which will remove excess oil in your pet’s body and is really effective for pet de sunking.


Pets are just like kids and are really prone to accidents. Most of the accidents take place during the summer season. They are experts in ruining your new carpet. You must attend them in that care. Green has a suggestion in this respect as well. He has two favorite tools to clean up the messes. Those are club soda as well as diapers. You can put the diaper face down over the particular spot and press it down with something quite heavy. The liquid from the carpet will be absorbed with the help of this super absorbent. Just after completion of this process you need to douse the spot with the help of club soda. You can also spray the particular spot with the vinegar which will help deodorize.


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Fleas are regarded as one of the greatest problems of pets as these are quite an irritating objects for your pets. You can use flea shampoo or flea collar to remove fleas from your pet’s body. But, green solution is little different. You can apply the dawn dish washing solution which is a cleaning product as well as harm free for your pets basically made from petroleum. It is really very effective in killing the fleas that has been disturbing your pet.  You may also use table salt to eradicate fleas from your pet’s body. As salt is really a good source of dehydration. But, you must apply the table salt over the body of your pet and let its stay over the body overnight to get wonderful effect.

Presents on lawn

There are many pets owners who are not having a habit of picking up after getting their dog on long walk. Green suggested carrying plastic baggies so that homeowners do not get offended in a long walk. The suggestion provided by green is sprinkling of cayenne pepper on the particular spot which is your dog’s favorite. Since they don’t like cayenne pepper smell, they would move away to another place.

When you are taking your pet near the flower as well as vegetable garden, they tends to go there and smell. The best way to keep them away will be spreading pepper on those places. You can mix three ounces of mustard powder with two ounces of cayenne pepper and five ounces of flour. Now sprinkle the mixture on those spots where pets are running in.

Improper bath habit

During summer, overlapping your pets body with dust and mud will be quite natural. Getting them to a bath tub will not be suggested. According to green, humane muzzle with the help of a pair of old pantyhose will be a good solution.  You need to cut the leg of the hose and wrap it around the mouth of animal. You should remember not to tie it so hard so that he may not be in a state to open it even a little for breathing.

For a perfect bathing of your pet apply two drops of olive oil in two eyes of your pets so that they don’t get irritation even if shampoo gets in. And now pot cotton balls in both the ears so that water cannot reach inside.  If your pet is too restless, application of dry shampoo will be effective. In order to remove grease and odor from their body, baking soda, corn starch as well as oats will be effective. Just sprinkle the powder and brush your pet’s fur to keep his coat clean.


If human being can bother due to sunburn, why can’t the domestic animals? Even this excessive sun exposure can lead to skin cancer in your pets.   Some people are having a tendency of covering the nose, ears and bellies of their dog with sunscreen which is questionable. According to Green, the best way to get them free from the sunburn will be to keep them inside home when it is the hottest part of the day.  Even if he stays in such a place where he can get enough sun exposure, covering him with shades like curtain will be advisable.  Some pets might be very nagging and wishes to go out for a walk in Terrence in the afternoon when sun rays are very strong. In that case, you must make plenty of shade areas over your terrace so that your pet does not get the harmful rays of the sunlight.  You can also make him wear an old t shirt so that his betty is protected.