Ways to get rid of cockroaches naturally

Rodale NEWS, Emmaus, PA- Cockroaches at home seems to be a never ending problem.  Today, the toxic bug bombs can do wonder in eradicating these roaches from your home without affecting the environment.  New study has been published in the medical Entomology journal. According to it, swapping bug bomb will be the best way to remove cockroach completely at home.

A detail

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The fellow researchers have carried on with the experiment on the three popular school districts of North Carolina. One of the district uses a professional exterminator who were asked to spray pyrethroid chemicals and organophosphate where baseboards were provided once a month.  This district was also observed using cracks, baits and crevices. The expectation of viewing the property where bugs are likely to capture is low.

In the second district, process of chemical straying was left to janitorial staff. They are seen to apply bait gels as well as boric acid along the baseboards.  These professionals were known as insect growth regulators as well as pyrethroids.   This is basically the name of a chemical which disrupts the bleeding process in insects without killing them.

People from third district seem to use integrated pest management tactics (IPM). Here, the insects were applied chemicals as a last resort.  Visual inspection is conducted by the trained technicians who visit schools once in a month. They apply the chemicals and other process which helps eradicating roaches from the school premise. They also check the places such as leakage pipes, food on counter tops etc. They also use the traps for the roaches which seem to be really tricky for them.  They also keep on monitoring the activity of cockroaches within their visit. If the particular trap for cockroach does not do well, even the bait trap is applied. They also view the views the places where cockroaches and insects stay.  Since these places are really harmful if children come in contact, technicians apply traps to eradicate roaches completely from there.

Researchers also wish to see about how well each system works. The traps for cockroach are placed in teacher’s lounges, kitchen, cafeterias as well as bathrooms. Even the visual inspection in each of the location was carried on during the process.  But, it was quite surprising to learn that; technician has set up 41 cockroach traps in IPM school. But, not a single insect was trapped in the process.  But, in a conventionally treated school, 80 traps were set over where 82 insects in a particular week was seen to get trapped.

Outcome and meaning

The above detail made us realize that a chemical free pest control have worked really well in schools along with kids. This removes all insects from the cockroach friendly hiding place. Thus, its quite likely to work well at your home as well. The failure in IPM was seen just due to the fact that there were less effort and life given by the technician at the particular venue. Rather, IPM would require effort. If you want to get a bug free home, little effort and time will be required.

You can try out eradication of bug during the summer season by avoiding the toxic spray and adopt the IPM method. This will be effective in keeping your home away from insects as well as roaches.

Ways to get rid of roaches and insects

Starve the roaches

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You should not keep any scope at home through which cockroaches can get food as this is the main reason why they visits your home repeatedly. They are basically seen to invade those places where food is found. Some of the precautions to keep food away from their reach are:

  • Keep your food in an air tight container
  • Mend the leaked pipes that come to your kitchen so that no room is created for the entry of cockroaches.
  • Even make your trash can covered with a tight lid so that cockroach cannot reach there in search of food
  • Spill food must be cleaned immediately without any delays

Using of traps

In order to determine whether roaches are entering your room, use sticky traps. Use these traps whenever you see the roaches are entering your home premise.  Even where you see the dead cockroaches, eggs and their cast skin, this can be applied effectively.


The storage spaces are mostly affected through the cockroaches. Since no one visits regularly and cleans, they get enough time to lay eggs as well. Breeding cockroaches becomes really easy with the storage. You must clean those places really well so that roaches may not have scope in attacking. You need to store the items in vacuum before bringing them at home completely

Try keeping them out

Another way of avoiding the roaches will be keeping them out completely. There won’t be any trouble of killing the cockroaches if they are seen not entering your home at all. You can seal the entry points at home from where the cockroaches are likely to enter your home.  If you have weather stripping doors and windows, seal those places as well to restrict the entry of cockroaches.

If the places cannot be sealed or closed in any way, you can apply some boric acids in those openings. The bugs coming in will be killed with the reaction of that boric acid effect. You can also fill the gaps up with the help of the foams.

Hiring a pro

A professional engaged in eradicating bugs and insects would be needed when your all effort fails. Since they are experts in doing it for a long time, bugs can be eradicated easily. You can now get the address and contacts of IPM professionals from news paper as well as internet.

The process mentioned above in eradicating cockroaches is very simple and effective. You can apply one or more process to remove bugs and cockroaches completely from your home. You can also take expert advice or take assistance from professionally trained person so that roaches are completely eradicated.