Major health problems caused by lead – How to avoid lead from your daily life

Lead is used in many places apart from its utility out of gasoline.  Even in your diet you can get the remains of lead which can also be dangerous at times. Many people are seen to consume inorganic diet in order to avoid pesticides as well as other nasty chemicals.  The hidden contaminants in the diet consist of lead and can harm your health on a long term basis. A study has been published in the journal of Environmental health where lead is found to disturb the nutritional value of edible items.  Even as per the report, 3700 adults within the age range of 20 to 69 years are suffering from hearing problems due to lead in food.

Lead is a metal that is toxic in nature and are very well used in gasoline, pesticides as well as paints. Due to its harmful effect, the federal government has banned and restricted severely its use in various applications. But, even then the mental is used is used in the consumer goods which are cheaper in value. But, you can also protect yourself from the effect of harmful toxic metal. This can only be done if you are aware of its application at your home. You will be getting largest exposure through the old lead paint as well as the contaminated soil. But, even there are many unexpected places where lead can be exposed and lead harm to people around.

The places where lead can be found

Apple juice

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Framers have been using lead and arsenic in the form of pesticides in crops and plants that brings out fruits. In 1950s these pesticides were banned. But even then some people have experienced harm from apple juice due to the lead effects at the time of its plantation. Even in the drinking water lead needs to be removed according to the fact sheet published by Environmental Protection Agency. It is likely that apple juices may include lead as one of its preservatives.


It is preferable to consume whole fruits in place of its juice form. Since the juices made from both organic as well as inorganic sources are contaminated with lead based pesticides, this will be really harmful. But, if you can consume whole fruits, the chances of harm will be quite less. If you really wish  to consume juice exclusively from apple, you can make juice out of fresh apple readily at home and drink it without any harm.


Since water means life to us whether we drink or go ahead with cooking or washing variety of things at home, it is really important to be cautious when drinking water. If your homes are built before 1986, the pipelines are quite likely to contain lead which in turn can be placed as drinking water. In some cases, the faucet that carries water is not safe without the remains of lead. Even the agencies in such cases are not alert and did not take enough steps adequate proportionate of lead which won’t harm human being while drinking. You may find the retailers selling the faucets as ‘lead free’. But, 8% lead will still remain there.  When you are using the chrome plated or brass faucets, lead will be found in the highest level.

Ways to fix

You must get your water tested before consuming it. Rather, it will be advisable to get a filter as well to protect your health from the harm of lead.  You must test your water and get the certification that your drinking water does not contain lead.


Even in your floors lead is used which has the role of stabilizing and keeping vinyl from getting break down. Since it is bound to the plastic, it is quite likely to migrate out and gets attach to dust. This dust is inhaled by you human beings creating a harmful effect.  Test has been conducted with regards to the vinyl flooring where lead detected was 74 percent.

How to fix?

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You must consider getting your floor renovated. It will be really dangerous to keep it as it is especially when you have kids who crawl over the floor. The surfaces made up of wood, bamboo, Linoleum as well as hardwood are tested and found that those are free from lead. Even if you adopt the vinyl sheet flooring, it will be free from the harmful effects of lead.

Leather bags

Most of the ladies bags in the market are made up of synthetic where yellow and red paints are used. One of the organizations that have tested these purses twice is named as the centre of environmental health.  After testing those bags they have found lead in that purse in very high level.  One $200 designer wallets of high end have been tested which also contained lead in a high density.


It is better not to go for synthetic variation of purse and purchase original leather as well. People are adopting the synthetic variation of purses to save some money. But, while saving money they are ruining their health. If you cannot afford real leather, purses made up of canvas as well as cotton can also be availed. You can get away from the harmful effects of lead this way.


The colorants present in lipstick are probably the main culprit over here.  But, contamination of other ingredients are also the reasons behind the same. Study has been conducted by FDA in the year 2009. After a test been conducted in lipstick, every one out of 22 lipsticks is seemed to contain lead. Even if the amount of lead is small in those lipstick which ranges from 0.9ppm to 3.06ppm, they can provide big impact on women’s health in the long run. Lead available in these cosmetics is nothing but the contaminants of petrol based ingredients which are basically named as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.


The effect of lead in the tube of lipstick can be easily eradicated if you carry on with the research on lipstick before buying it. You must have a look at the ingredient list to find out whether led is present in it. You must go for a good quality lipstick so that there is no lead found in it.