Best hair curling irons in the market

Curling irons are one of the most essential tools that are normally used by people in the fashion industries as well as show business. It is really quite boring to view yourself in same type of hair style repeatedly.

If you have straight hair, it will be good to have a change and set some curls with your long straight hair. Your looks will totally change with a different hair styling.

Even if many people have bought curling iron at home they hardly has an expertise in running it successfully. Thus, they feel it to be a total waste of money. Thus it is really important to know the technique of using a curling iron along with having it handy at home.

Best curling irons available for your hair

Philips HP8602/00 hair curler

hair curler

Are you willing to be in the limelight in the next party or social occasion? Try out Nova NHC-1818SC to get the perfect focus. This is the wonderful hair curler which will help you to stay like a celebrity and also looked upon as the film star.

This is one of the most attractive variations of hair curler and straightener that will provide you a smooth, soft and bouncy hair for a long time.

Remington C119 hair curler

Remington Hair Curler

Particular hair curler available in the market has the length of exactly 19 millimeters. Other features of the product include input voltage range of 110-240 volts, ready indicator light as well as the heat protection mat.

It is also having slip on brush attachment where you can fit your hair and the curler will make the hair curly automatically. The manufacture also provides manufacturer warranty of 3 years from the date you have purchased it.

Before getting the product, you must also read the customer reviews so that you can get the honest feedback of the product you are going to purchase.

Remington Cl5232 Instant curls ceramic hair curling iron 1 and 1/4th inches

Remington Cl5232 Insta

Ceramic irons are best for your hair as it will help getting a very beautiful hair with curls which you have always aimed along with no damage of your hair. Just after 30 seconds of heat up, it has auto shut off feature which will help switching off the hair curling iron totally.

It is a very good safety feature associated with the hair curling device which will keep you fat away from hair burns and other safety features. If you get this from online stores, you can get it just in very competitive rate.

So, you need to order it right now to get the benefit instantly. No need to travel and search for the best hair curlers. Rather, this curler will be the best one in the market that is available online.

Tips of getting perfect curls

Right curling iron

You can now get curling irons in the market which have varied types and are brought in the market by different manufacturers. But not all such curling irons are good for your hair. You need to go for a product of a branded company in order to have safe and damage free curls.

You must choose the curling irons that have ceramic properties.  As the ceramic present in the curling iron is really effective in minimizing damage of your hair with eradication of negative ions moisture and make your hair smooth.

There are also hair curling iron with titanium layer which makes your hair surface smooth with the prevention of sticking and snagging.

Perfect curls for short hairs

If you have short hair and you hardly have an idea of providing it to have a good shape, there are wonderful tips which will make your hair look attractive like never before.

  • You can get some messy waves with the help of the curler. For this you have to start rolling your hair strand from the back side and make sure that the wand faces down. Now, you should wrap and hold your hair correctively.
  • Another hair style with short hair will be to change direction with each curl. That can be done by wrapping your hair in a curler in an opposite direction and making it fall over your face.
  • In order to give your hairstyle long lasting effect, you need to rub the wax or pomade on fingers and then run your fingers throughout your hair where you have made attractive curls.
  • If you want to add volume to your hair, just back comb it

Tips for tighter curls

If you want to have tight curls, small barreled iron will be the best. But, if you want to have loose waves, larger barrels will be preferable.

  • If you want a gentle and relaxed waves, you need to brush your hair at its end portion
  • For lose and large waves you need to use the comb throughout your hair to achieve a tousled look
  • You might also wish to get large as well as voluminous curls. For this you can use a medium size curler with limited strand of hair. You can also use fingers for the added body
  • Vintage curls can also be achieved with a spiral shaped curls which can be done with the help of small curling brush. This will be very appropriate when you are willing to trying out some updos.
  • Smooth and tight curls can be effectively achieved if you can make the curl rings much denser and the heat should be applied for a wider period of time.
  • You can also achieve super curly look of your hair with very small and denser hair iron. If you don’t have such curling brush, just go for a pencil and wrap your hair around with a blower blown over your hair.

Side effects of curling iron

You must have been hearing from your friends and relatives that curling irons may damage your hair. Whether your hair will be damaged or not will also depend upon the hair surface.

According to the examination conducted by scanning electron microscope the fibers that are treated under the dry as well as wet condition will easily show cracking of hair in axial as well as radical scale.

If the hair fibers are taken to repeated curling, there will be slight tense of the hair with breakage and fuzziness. But, if you can use right iron with regular hair maintenance, the damage caused by the hair iron will be comparatively less. You can stay stylish and beautiful for a long time.