Skin pigmentation remedies

Skin pigmentation is a skin disorder where the color of the skin is affected. This is caused due the damage of melanin. Melanin is a pigment which gives color to the skin. There are a set of special cells which produces melanin and when these cells are affected due to some reason, skin pigmentation occurs. There are two possibilities of skin pigmentation, one is excess melanin production and the other is limited or less amount of melanin production.

Types of skin pigmentation

Tips to reduce hyperpigmentation

There are basically two types of skin pigmentation, one is Hyperpigmentation and the other is Hypopigmentation. In case of Hyperpigmentation, the melanin production is much more than required which leads to darkening of the skin. This is completely harmless and pretty normal. On the other hand, Hypo pigmentation is the condition where the melanin or the pigment product is pretty low. As a result the skin tends to lose its original color and white or lighter patches are experienced on the skin when compared to its surroundings. It can happen to anyone regardless of their age, sex and health conditions.

Causes of skin pigmentation

Next comes the cause of this condition. Why does pigmentation occur? Skin pigmentation is quite normal and not harmful. There are certain reasons which may lead to skin pigmentation, such as over exposure to the sun, hormonal changes at some stage of pregnancy, menopause, stress, excess consumption of birth control pills, fluctuation in the insulin levels, aggressive skin care procedure, frequent use of hair dye and tattoos. Genetics is another cause of skin pigmentation. Some other causes which are experienced by people are due to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation – mostly happens after acne breakout. Hyperpigmentation as well Hypopigmentation can occur in any part of the body.
If and when a person experiences such issues, he or she should consult a dermatologist as ignorance may lead to an increase of the condition. Even though it is harmless but it is embarrassing as no one likes to have discolored patches on their body. There are a number of solutions to this condition. With the help proper medication like cream, laser treatment, light treatment and chemical peels this condition can be resolved. Apart from these treatments there are some natural remedies which can also help you get rid of this condition effectively within a certain span of time – no chemicals, no laser, no light, just simple natural remedies.


Potato treatment

Being a source of starch, potato has multiple benefits to offer for the skin. It can effectively reduce dark spots, acne marks and can cure melasma, hyper pigmentation as well as Hypo pigmentation.

You can cut a potato into two slices and rub it on the pigmented portion of your skin. Regular use will act on the condition and results will come up within few weeks. Else you can extract the potato juice and apply it on the patches with the help of a cotton ball. Wash it off with cold water after 30 to 35 minutes. You will get positive results within a month of regular usage.

Raw papaya

Sandalwood treatment for skin pigmentation

Papaya is one element easily available in the market, so you don’t have to work hard for getting one. The presence of papain makes it a brilliant exfoliator and a remover of pigmented layer of skin. The raw papaya treatment helps in reducing as well as removing pigmentation patches and marks. Extract the juice of a raw papaya. Apply it on the pigmented area with the help of cotton ball. Let the skin soak it completely. Practice this procedure for a month at least to get positive results.

Lemon and curd

The blend of lemon and curd is an effective remedy as both the ingredients are skin lightening agents. Lemon itself is natural bleach and cucumber is known for its cooling agents, so when you mix the juice of cucumber with 10 to 12 drop of lemon juice, you get a remedy to get rid of skin pigmentation. Apply the mixture with the help of cotton ball and wait for 20 to 25 minutes before you rinse it off with water. Regular usage for a month and above will fetch you positive results.