How to get rid of blind pimples

Hello Friends! For those, who wonder what blind pimples are, let me tell you that they are the same pimples that we hate but comes under our skin. They don’t appear on our skin, but irritates us the similar way as the regular pimple does. Or should I say they add pain to the regular irritating symptoms of the pimples. Yes, they stay within the skin as they don’t develop the whiteheads. But they are painful that we really should be aware of the home remedies to get rid of them as soon as we can. And possibilities are that you should be facing some similar pain that lead you to read this article. Need not to worry as we sure got some quick remedies for this pain.

Let us have a glance at the remedies available around us to get relieved from this pain. And, most of the times, kitchen is the place where we get few of the best ingredients which helps us in our day to day issues. Let us quickly look at the items we can grab to get rid of them.

We have ice cubes, apple, honey, aloe vera, tea tree oil, tea bags, apple cider vinegar. Let us learn how do we use these ingredients to treat those painful red bumps.

Ice cubes

How to get rid of pimples at home

A common ingredient for both regular and blind pimples. When you observe that you are getting this blind pimple, which is when you start to feel the pimple, please use the ice cubes. Allow the ice cubes on the affected area for 10 mins for at least half an hour.

Apples & honey

I am sure they taste yum, and glad that they also help us in getting our skin neat and pleasant. All you need to do is to get the apples grinded well and mix it with honey to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the affected area for 20 mins before you may wash your face with lukewarm water.


Dip a cotton ball into raw honey and keep that cotton on the affected area and leave it for about 20 mins. Then wash it with lukewarm water. Repeat it for 3 times a day to get better results.

Aloe vera

A simple plant which may also not need much or regular watering as the others does, yet grow well. Please get the pulp of aloe vera and crush it to make a thick paste. Now apply this paste to the affected area and leave it for around 20 mins. Wash it with lukewarm water.

Tea tree oil

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Its a nature’s gift for many best things that it could help us with. One among those many is that it helps us to get rid of these blind pimples. Nevertheless to say, please check for your skin sensitivity, so that you can dilute this with water accordingly to ensure the skin don’t end up getting rashes. But usually, you can mix one part of the tea tree oil with 9 parts of water and apply this paste to the affected area and leave for about 15-20 mins and wash with lukewarm water.

Tea bags

We use them to remove the toxins from our body, also to refresh ourselves. However, once we grab the entire tea, we can always use the soaked tea bag just so we give a heat compressor onto that internal pimple. This also will ensure that the pimple is gone down.en

Apple cider vinegar

Yes, it’s another amazing ingredient which helps us to get rid of these irritating internal pimples. Just dip the cotton with this vinegar and apply it onto the affected area and leave it for around 20 mins. Then wash your face with lukewarm water.

These are the best remedies to get rid of the blind pimples and to feel fresh. What are you waiting for? Please go ahead with any of the above mentioned procedure to get a clear skin without any painful red bumps.