Natural amazing homemade sugar, papaya, oatmeal, coffee exfoliating face scrubs

Facial scrub are no more very expensive as you can make it right at home with some of the ingredients that is available right at home. Without the use of chemicals and cosmetics it will be very healthy to use some of the natural ingredients to remove the dead skin layer right from your face. The ingredients like oatmeal, sugar, papaya as well as coffee are not only tasty as eatables but also have wonderful exfoliating properties. Let us have a look at some of the wonderful combination that will easily help you get the best exfoliate in a natural way. You can also provide these simple and home remedies to remove dead skin layer from your face.

There are several million products in the market which works as skin exfoliators. But there are several problems chained with the usage of them because those products contains of glycerin, parabens, plastics, irritating agents, phthalates, irresistible fragrances and other unknown ingredients. How ever, the natural route always helps us without giving any side affects. Check out the easy, home prepared and inexpensive skin exfoliators.

Natural homemade face scrub

Coconut oil with sugar

Homemade scrubs for oily skin

Both coconut oil and sugar remains at home, thus getting them handy is not at all a problem. All you have to do is take a small container and pour a spoon of sugar in it. Now add two spoon of coconut oil. Mix both the ingredients with a spoon. You can also use a form to make the mixing much more effective. Once the scrub is ready apply it over your face covering every portion of your skin. Now slowly rub your skin with your finger tips in a circular motion. Do this for a minute and then wash with plain. You can feel the smoothness and softness of your skin tone.

Oatmeal and avocado

Take ripe Avocado and cut it from the middle. Take out the soft fruity pulp from it and keep it in a container. Now in another place take some oatmeal say around a spoon and grind it such that it is not totally powdered. Just keep some granules popping. Now add the avocado over the oatmeal and add a spoon of honey in it. Mix it and keep it for 2 minutes. Now apply it over your face covering every portion. Use your finger tips to slowly rub it in a circular motion. Let your skin absorb its goodness for 5 minutes and there after you can remove it completely.

Coffee and rosemary oil

If you are willing to make a facial scrub with coffee, it will be better to go for the seedy granules of coffee. Take a container and add a spoon of such seedy coffee granules. Now add a spoon of rosemary oil over it. Also you need to add half spoon of honey. Use a spoon to mix all the ingredients together. If you feel the mixture is dry add more honey to make it a normal paste. Now apply it over your face in such a way that it covers every portion of your skin. Slowly rub it in a circular motion so that the dead skin layer can shed off easily.

Papaya and lemon with brown sugar

You need to take a ripe papaya and slice it into two. You only need 1/4th portion of a ripe papaya if it is of a medium size. Peel its skin and mash it in such a way that it becomes a pulp. Now add a spoon of brown sugar and squeeze half a lemon over it. Mix them well and apply it over your skin. The granules of brown sugar are really effective in acting as a scrubber and will remove the dead skin layer from your face. Not only face, you can also apply this pulp over your elbows and knees where maximum dead skin develops and the area becomes dark. The scrubber helps releasing the dark skin layer and getting back soft and beautiful skin tone.

There are many more effective scrubs with almond, yogurt, walnut etc. You can easily use one hard substance that will help you remove the dead skin layer and the one which has a soft pulpy feel and can mix well with the granule like substance. You can also add honey in almost all the scrubs as this will help you to get a wonderful moisturizing effect. Also addition of lemon in certain scrubs will work well as that too will help making your skin clear and fairer that before in a natural way.