How Important Are Thumbnails

You might have seen a free thumbnail maker online and you wonder why thumbnails are that important for softwares to be designed specifically for it. Thumbnails are very important especially for videos. You might wonder what they are by the way. A still picture that serves as the preview for your video is known as a video thumbnail. It resembles a book cover somewhat. And, like a book cover, it ought to pique the interest of prospective viewers.

A video thumbnail gives you a clue of what a video is about. You can decide whether or whether not to watch a movie judging from a thumbnail. Of course, you shouldn’t judge a video by its thumbnail the same way you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. This brings us to the importance of thumbnails.

Why Are Video Thumbnails Important

If a visitor decides not to go through to your video, a strong personalized video thumbnail might make all the difference. Video thumbnail are important in a number of ways. They are as follows:

  • it is a very simple technique to give your video a polished appearance;
  • you can decide to watch a video simply because of a good thumbnail;
  • you draw a viewers attention to your video;
  • good thumbnails make your videor sell better.

If you upload videos on YouTube, YouTube gives you a free thumbnail to choose from but it is best to make a custom thumbnail. Be that interested to put in much for a good thumbnail and your viewers will be drawn to your videos faster.

What Are The Essential Elements For A Thumbnail

With your thumbnail you can make a good first impression to your first time viewers and get your returning viewers feeling at home all the time. There are important elements that must be featured in your thumbnail to achieve this. A good thumbnail should always:

  • convey the topic of your video clearly;
  • show the speaker’s face whenever you can in a kind and engaging manner;
  • specify your brand;
  • be responsive to all platforms.

These elements are very important in making an attractive thumbnail except you just want to get by with just anything.

How To Make Your Thumbnail Stand Out

It is not enough to know what to add and what not to add to your thumbnail. It is also important to understand how you should add them so you don’t make a mess of a good suggestion. The following are some of the things you must consider:

Use Color

One of the things that catches the eye is color. Use colors reasonably on your thumbnails.

Use close-ups of faces

Your thumbnails should show faces conveying the emotions in your  videos.

Use bold texts 

Make it easier for people to read the title of your video.

Be consistent

If you are just starting out, having a consistent theme or color helps viewers recognize your videos easily.


With all the information given on thumbnails and its best practices, you can now go ahead and make that great first impression. Try a number of style and colour to understand what works best for your audience.