How is Keto diet different from Atkins

Is keto really better or are they sabotaging the Atkins?

Keto or Atkins – The perennial fitness query

The average millennial today is a fitness-enthusiast, likes sweating out in the gym, and does not even hesitate to go under the knife to get that oh-so-perfect dream body. It comes as no surprise thus, that new, innovative diet regimes are doing quick rounds as latest fads. Food is the new way to lose those extra calories or tuck that tummy in. And while there are multiple diet plans meant for weight loss backed by dietitians, the keto-diet is a new rage. Seconding it by a very close margin is the Atkins diet and it has been almost impossible in recent times to see these two cousin diet-regimes separately in different lights. But the fitness-fanatic will know that the truth is not what it appears to be and questions of superiority continue to be raised every now and then as to which one to choose. The age-old trusted Keto or the relative newbie, easy Atkins?

What is the difference?

What is Atkins diet

The question might seem pointless in the beginning as both Keto and Atkins are high-fat diets, recommending a huge cut in carb intake. The fat, protein and carbohydrate ratio followed by the practitioner is roughly 60% fats, 35% proteins, and 5% low carbs for both the diet routines. But this is where the Atkins clause comes in. The Atkins diet comes with an introductory phase where the individual is needed to monitor his diet routine as per the above-mentioned ratios, but the carbohydrate intake can be increased subtly and gradually once the introductory phase is over.

The basic principle of weight loss through both diet regimes lies in nutritional ketosis. When the carb intake is suddenly lowered, the body relies solely on fats as its source of energy. The liver is forced to convert the fats and high proteins into fatty acids and ketone bodies, or ketones in the absence of any carbohydrates. Ketones are further converted to ATP which is the energy currency that fuels the mitochondrion functions. The process of fat-burning is thus accelerated and this in term assists in faster weight loss. Despite the similarity of working principles, the two diet regimes differ in that while keto based diets lead to increased and improved body metabolism, Atkins-based diets fail drastically to deliver on this front.

Why keto is better and what they don’t tell you about Atkins

The brainchild of Mayo Clinic, a keto-diet is potent of aiding several other long-term health benefits like blood sugar stabilization and is also known to stimulate brain cells for improved mental functioning. It comes as a boon for the over-zealous work-out pros by making exercise smarter due to low carb intake, avoiding any work-out fatigue. Atkins diet, on the other hand, is known to provide no such benefits in the long term. Moreover, chances of the lost weight bouncing back again once the diet goes lax are high for the Atkins backed diet routines.

In the end, It’s Keto that saves the day

While easier to follow, Atkins comes with its share of cons which you certainly won’t want to subject your body towards. Keto though requires strict monitoring and fixed, measured ratios to be followed, is unbeatable with its myriad profits to your health. So, next time you come across a similar question, you would know what to choose. Keto through and through!