How frequently you should visit doctor during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you need to adopt a new routine into your life and the most important factor is prenatal visits. There can be around 15 prenatal visits or it can be 10 also. Your doctor will track every movement of your baby as well as keep monitoring yourself for the better health. You will get the instructions and guidelines for nutrition and activities.

Usually, a pregnant woman will visit her doctor OR health care provider according to the trimester and the pregnancy conditions. You need to visit your doctor once in a month during the first trimester and the routine gets change when your second trimester starts. You need to visit twice in a month when you go through the second three months of pregnancy. The third trimester brings more often visiting the doctor almost every week until your baby is born.

Medical complications

In what cases consultation of doctor is important in pregnancy

There are some medical problems that can occur while you are pregnant such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and pre-eclampsia they need more often visit the doctor to take better care of your health.

Chronic diseases

If you are suffering from any types of chronic conditions like blood pressure, asthma, lupus, anemia, obesity, and diabetes then you need more frequent visits to your doctor. These all pre-existing health problems lead to several complications in your pregnancy. More frequent visits to the doctor help to deal with these health issues so that you may get a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Older age pregnancy

Young age is considered the best age to get pregnant. If you are getting pregnant after the age of 35 then you need to visit your doctor more frequently to prevent the birth defect. You may also have more complications and higher risks in older age pregnancy.

Preterm labor

It is deadly needed to visit more often to your doctor if you have the history of premature birth or preterm labor.

Proper and regular prenatal checkup helps the doctor to monitor you well which helps you to get ease and comfortable and safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

What is the schedule for a healthy pregnancy?

During pregnancy, make sure you are following the proper schedule of prenatal appointment.

  • During the first trimester, you should get 1 prenatal appointment in a month.
  • During the second trimester, you should get 2 prenatal appointments in a month.
  • During the third trimester, you should get 4 prenatal appointments in a month.

How to avoid stress during pregnancy

Don’t skip prenatal visits even if you are too busy OR feel your self-fit enough. Prenatal care is the must for both you and your baby. You can prevent the complications in your pregnancy by sticking with the suggested prenatal visit schedule that your doctor has advised you.

There are the cons of avoiding prenatal visits such as the low birth weight. If you don’t take better prenatal care then the chances are high of low birth weight. Regular checkups link you with your doctor so that he/she can catch the problem or complications in your pregnancy before they become untreatable OR intricate.

Why follow these appointments?

There are many benefits of undergoing the prenatal appointments it helps you not only to get good health but also getting emotional support. Your doctor asks many questions that relate to your physical states and mental states. These questions and answering depend on your experience during pregnancy that helps to know whether there are specific concerns.

The prenatal appointments let the doctor come to know how the pregnancy is proceeding while giving the more information about your baby’s growth and health. It is necessary to undergo all the prenatal appointments to ensure your pregnancy is proceeding well. Do not skip any prenatal appointment even you feel everything is perfect for your pregnancy.

There are several tests that you go through while you are pregnant. These tests help your doctor to track your weight, blood pressure, the heartbeat of your baby, and all other required information. This close monitoring prevents the complications in your pregnancy and leads to the good health of your baby.

Your doctor will suggest you for the next visiting as well as you will be given the guidance of warning signs to notice and suggest you the changes in your lifestyle that include proper nutrients and avoid intoxications.