How frequently you should visit doctor during pregnancy 

It is important to make regular appointments to the doctor during pregnancy because prenatal care is crucial to provide a healthy pregnancy and develop a healthy child

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Normally a pregnant woman should visit the doctor every four weeks during the first and second trimester and later every two weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy. There should be weekly visits until the baby is born. The number of appointments will depend on the medical history of the woman. If there are complications like high blood pressure, more frequent visits will be required.

The recommended schedule for a healthy pregnancy are shown below.

  • Visit your doctor after confirming the pregnancy during weeks 4 – 28 for a month
  • Second visit during weeks 28 to 36 for every 2 weeks
  • Third visit during weeks 36 to 40 for every week.

Schedule your doctor suggests visits and consult once if you find any difficulty. Don’t neglect any change in your body may affect your baby, so always be careful and visit a doctor immediately. You can spot problems early and treat them that you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Besides normal checkups when should a woman see the doctor during pregnancy?

  • The first visit to the doctor will be to confirm the pregnancy and to ensure the health of the child. Scheduled checkups will help in keeping the mother and baby healthy.
  • One should seek medical attention if any bleeding or spotting sees in a pregnant woman at any stage of pregnancy. Immediate medical attention is required if there is heavy bleeding along with cramps, as it is a   condition of threatened abortion.
  • A pregnant woman needs to consult a doctor before planning any type of travel. The health of the baby and mother is at risk if they are travelling to countries where certain diseases are prevalent.
  • The doctor must be consulted for any symptom of illness. No medicines should be taken without the consent of the doctor.
  • Regular, scheduled checkups will ensure the proper development of the baby ads assure the health of the mother.
  • Contractions or bursting of waters  during the last trimester must be immediately reported to the doctor.
  • Health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure are most commonly seen during pregnancy. Then your doctor will see you more often managing these health conditions. If affect your pregnancy or baby’s health. There are some more problems like asthma, lupus, anemia, and obesity.
  • You will be advised to some recommended tests like ultrasounds, amniocentesis, and screening for genetic issues. It helps to get out of risks and benefits you.
  • Your doctor will assess the size of your uterus and weigh you to make sure your baby is growing well. Doctor will take your blood pressure and check your face, hands, and ankles for swelling which can be a sign of high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • Medical tests suggest between 24 and 28 weeks. Your doctor will take a urine test to check for preeclampsia. You will likely undergo a diabetes screening during you’’ drink a sugary liquid and give a blood sample to measure the sugar in your blood.
  • Baby’s heart beat should be tested at about 12 – 14 weeks. It can be tested by a Doppler monitor who bounces sound waves off your baby’s tiny ticker. It also allows you to hear the sweet beat of the baby inside the mother’s womb. Around 18 – 20 weeks, your baby’s heartbeat will be audible through a stethoscope.
  • Your doctor may order an ultrasound during 18 – 20 weeks that give a long awaited grainy photo. This helps to confirm how far you are and give your doctor a good look at your baby to check that his spine, heart, other body parts, abdomen, and brain. There may be addition ultrasounds later.

A pregnant woman should increase her knowledge on the different aspects of pregnancy by reading books, searching the net and by asking questions to the doctor. Some possible questions that satisfy a pregnant woman’s anxiety are as follow.

Questions to ask the Doctor

  1. How do I calculate my due date?
  2. What are the vitamins to be taken and why?
  3. What are the normal problems faced during pregnancy?
  4. Please tell me some alarming systems which call immediate medical attention.
  5. How much weight will I gain during my pregnancy and will I be able to lose it after childbirth?
  6. What should I do to minimize the discomfort of morning sickness?
  7. Please specify some specific foods and exercise during this period?
  8. How safe is it to have sex during pregnancy?
  9. Can I continue taking normal pain killers and digestive tablets that I was taking before pregnancy?
  10. What are the other physical changes that take place beside weight gain during pregnancy?
  11. Is it essential to consult a dentist and eye doctor during pregnancy?
  12. How soon can I return back to work after giving birth to the child?
  13. How will I know that I am ready to give birth to the baby?
  14. Normally how much time does it take for the child to be born after the contractions start?

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