In what cases consultation of doctor is important in pregnancy

Pregnancy is the period that needs the proper care even you need to consult with the doctor before pregnancy after pregnancy and after giving the birth to your baby also. It is necessary to consult with the doctor to ensure the better health of you and your baby. During pregnancy, you need to consult to the doctor to prevent the complications in your pregnancy. Visiting the doctor is the must while you are pregnant to get the proper treatment if you are suffering any chronic diseases OR some types of allergy.

There are the conditions given below when the consultation of doctor is important during pregnancy.

Blood pressure

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There is the high requirement to consult with your doctor if you have pregnancy and blood pressure together. More care and treatment is required if you are going through this condition. You need the advice of your doctor in order to birth a healthy baby.


During pregnancy, oxygen and nutrients are provided to your baby by the placenta. The production and function of insulin get change due to the hormones produced by the placenta in the pancreas. The work of insulin is to help the body to collect sugar and change into energy. There is a condition of diabetes that creates the problem when during pregnancy insulin approaches to the high blood pressure.


Lupus is an inflammatory disease that promotes some complications in pregnancy. During pregnancy, you need more careful medical treatment to prevent the complications. Lupus can affect any part of the body which includes joints, skin, and internal organs because there is the development of the antibodies that lead to inflammation of the tissues against her own cells. There can be different effects of lupus it can be mild OR harsh. The effects of lupus are depending on the affected area.

You need to consult with the doctor if suffering from the lupus and wants to conceive. The medical treatment helps to control lupus before you get pregnant this treatment helps you to get the stable pregnancy.

Lupus with a pregnant woman leads to several problems like high blood pressure, birth defects, premature delivery, low birth weight even miscarriage. Lupus can be more hazardous during pregnancy and results can be worse, in fact, you may need to be hospitalized. Your doctor will give you the proper treatment and medication to control lupus as well as you will get the guidance of your doctor about time and risks to get pregnant.


A toxic condition of pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure, protein in the urine, abnormal weight gain, and oedema is known as pre-eclampsia. This is the dangerous condition for your life and your baby’s life.

Early delivery is the solution to deal with pre-eclampsia for saving the life of mother and baby both.

The inconsistency of RH

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This is the condition when red blood cells can be destroyed by producing antibodies that make the possibilities for the baby’s blood to enter the bloodstream. This all happens because the RH is different of baby and mother. The risky and dangerous problem is when baby has the positive factor but mother negative while she is pregnant.

There are some other problems given that need the immediate assistance of the doctor.

  • Nausea is a common symptom during pregnancy but if it reaches to extreme level then you should frequently consult to your doctor.
  • Do not avoid visiting your doctor if you find bleeding and cramping.
  • You need to consult with your doctor if you have undergone any case of miscarriage before.
  • Pregnancy with diabetes is the deadly combination that has the great requirement to consult with the doctor and intake medication.
  • Young age is the perfect period to become pregnant but if you conceive after the age of 35 then you need extra care and monitoring.
  • During pregnancy, if you get to know that you are going to birth the twins then to prevent the complications in your pregnancy and delivery you need the proper visiting to your doctor.
  • Abnormal weight gain, abdominal pain, and blurred vision need the frequent check-up of the doctor.

Don’t forget these precautions points

  • You need to get a frequent visiting your doctor as you get to know about your pregnancy. It will help you to know the condition of your pregnancy whether there is any complication or not. You will undergo the several tests. You also need to change your lifestyle on the given instructions by your doctor OR health care provider.
  • Ectopic pregnancy is the condition when you need more monitoring throughout pregnancy period. The doctor prescribes you the medication which will be helpful to you and your baby.
  • Visit your doctor for your ultrasound scans along with the blood tests so that you may get to know if your pregnancy is proceeding smoothly.
  • The urine test should also be held to know the protein which can lead to pre-eclampsia that is a dangerous condition.