How to cure bite of honey bee

  1. Remove the stinger : You need to remove the stinger as soon as possible to avoid further pain and allergies. With the help of your fingers simply remove the stinger.

  1. Symptoms : Check for any symptoms like difficulty in breathing, redness, itchy rash, swelling on the face, throat or mouth. In case of such symptoms it is better to get medical attention.

  2. Cleanse the area : Before starting with any treatment it is good to clean the area with soap and water.

  3. Ice : Wrap some ice cubes on a towel and place it on the bee sting for 20 minutes. The chillness will constrict the blood vessels and will numb the pain and itchy reaction. Do not bother for five hours before to redo it.

  4. Toothpaste : Apply generous amount of toothpaste and leave it on for some time. This will reduce the tingling action.

  5. Baking soda, Vinegar and Meat Tenderizer : Mix vinegar, baking soda and meat tenderizer to a smooth paste and apply it on the bee sting. The enzyme called papain present in the meat tenderizer will help to break town the venom of the bee. Leave this mixture for 20 minutes and hopefully by an hour the bee sting should disappear.

  6. Calamine Lotion : Apply some calamine lotion on the area, this will reduce the tingling effect. Leave it on for 45 minutes and after four hours calamine lotion should be reapplied, unlike other remedies.

  7. Hydrocortisone Cream : You can a thick coat of hydrocortisone cream on the affected area. After four hours you need to reapply the same.

  8. Honey : Honey gives cool and soothing effect on the bee sting when applied. Let it stay on the area for 30 minutes.

  9. Epsom salt : Mix some Epsom salt with water to make a smooth paste. Now apply this paste on the affected area and leave it on for some time. You can repeat this process if the symptom persist.

  10. Parsley : Get some fresh parsley and crush them. Now apply this to the bee sting area and leave it on for some time say 30 minutes.

  11. Basil : Crush some fresh basil and leave it on for some time in the affected area.

  12. Benzocaine Stick : Benzocaine sticks are easily to carry, but the effect is not so quick as the other remedies.

Deodorant : Apply some deodorant preferably a roll-on type on the affected area. Than relief it shows the symptoms. It will soothe the sting site but the area surrounding it will get worse.
Summer is the peak time when people can get honey bee stings while working in gardens or staying outdoors. A honey bee sting is very painful and it can even last for many hours.  There is always a black spot on the bite area which must be removed immediately with a tweezer or washed clean with water to prevent the poison from spreading.

Remedies for Honey bee sting

Apple cider vinegar

It is one of the most effective cure for bee-sting since years. It does burn for a while but there is relief from pain in just a few seconds.

Garlic cloves

This can be crushed and the juice applied on the spot of the bee sting. Apply the juice with cotton pad and keep it pressed on the sting till the pain subsides and the inflammation is reduced.


Mud has been used as a remedy for bee sting since ages and is still popular in the fieldsPeople working in fields and gardens find mud the only source to reduce the swelling and get relief from the bee bite. Make a paste of water and mud and apply it directly on the spot and leave it to dry. Clean it after the swelling and pain has subsided.


It has a lot of medical benefits, even though it is bad for health.  Take the loose tobacco from a cigarette or a packet and apply it on the affected area.  Press it hard against the sting till there is relief from pain and swelling.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil can be applied directly on the wound.  It will immediately help to neutralize the poison of the bee.


This is not the fruit but a broad long leaf is a common weed which grows typically in disturbed soils or can be found growing in the cracks of walls. This plant has lovely purple foliage and leaves that look like small green roses.  The juice of these leaves are an effective treatment for bee sting. The juicy leaf can be pressed against the sting and tied with a bandage for about half an hour.

Meat tenderizer

This can also be used as a remedy for bee sting. Make a paste of meat tenderizer and water and apply it to the wound. Keep it covered for about 20 minutes.

Bee Balm

It is an herb which has the properties to cure bee sting. Apply crushed leaves of bee balm on the spot of the bee bite. It will give an instant relief from a swelling and pain caused by the bee sting.


This is another effective plant that can be used to reduce the symptoms of bee sting.  Crush the leaves of jewel weed and apply the juice on the affected part to reduce the effect of bee stings.

Yellow Dock Leaf

Yellow dock leaf tincture can be mixed with some baking soda and appliedon the area of the bee sting. It will help in reduce the swelling and in giving relief from the pain of the bite.