How to Get Customers to Leave Reviews: 4 Strategies That Work

Did you know that reviews make it more likely for people to buy products? This is especially true for higher-priced products. People want to know that real customers enjoyed what they bought before spending their hard-earned money.

But how can you go about getting those reviews? Even if you have happy customers, there’s no way to know whether or not they’ll spend time reviewing your products and services.

We’re here to talk about how to get customers to leave reviews. Read on for a few quick tips.

Most Important: Provide Great Customer Service

If you want to get good reviews, no amount of consumer behavior research can help you if you’re not providing great products and services. After all, people won’t leave positive reviews if they aren’t happy (and you definitely don’t want negative reviews).

Often, people will leave reviews unprompted if they’re super happy with your service. Start there. 

Ask During the Transaction

You can ask for reviews during either in-person or online transactions. It may seem pushy, but even a brief comment like “reviews really help our business!” can make a big difference.

Make sure that you’re not pressuring the customer to leave a good review. If you know the customer is happy with the experience, ask!

Ask After a Positive Social Media Comment

Positive social media comments from happy customers are great, but they aren’t as powerful as reviews. After all, most people won’t end up seeing those comments!

When you receive a great comment from a happy customer, thank them for it. Let them know you appreciate their time and that you’d love to have them become a repeat customer.

At the same time, mention how much reviews help your business and ask them to leave a review and spread the word to their friends. 

Offer Multiple Review Options

People like having options. All positive reviews benefit you, so give customers multiple options for where they can leave your reviews.

Do you have a review section on your website? Ask customers to review the specific products they purchased. Let them know that these reviews will also help future buyers and influence future consumer buyer behavior. 

You can also direct them to Yahoo or your Google My Business page. You can leave links as well. 

Send a Follow-Up Email

If you want to give customers space and let them use your products before leaving a review, send a follow-up email. You can even use a tool like Debutify to send automatic review reminders.

Sometimes it just takes a small prompt to get people to write a review for you. You don’t have to be pushy, and as long as the reminder is polite, customers won’t mind.

That’s How to Get Customers to Leave Reviews

Figuring out how to get customers to leave reviews is tricky, but important. Reviews are important marketing tools and they influence future consumer buying behavior. 

Try these tips and start getting more reviews this quarter!

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