Natural home remedies to cure bruises

The other name for bruise is contusion. This occurs on the skin and looks purplish black. Bruises can happen due to sudden injury mainly when the blood vessels get crushed. Blood leaks into the adjacent tissue area and causes the marks. The skin in result looks so damaged and there is unnecessary pain and suffering. To what extent the bruise will affect you depends the sensitivity of the skin. A bruise can get healed in less than twelve days and to get rid of the same you can well apply the trusted home remedies. A bruise can occur due to sudden injury. It can even happen while exercising and you can even have bruises if you have a fragile skin. However, you have the list of the trusted home remedies and these are healing options to make the skin heal in time.

Bruises which are called as contusions features with pain, discoloration of skin and swelling. These bruises leads to the discharge of blood under the skin in the period when the blood vessels were broken.

All the bruises are not same they varies with the severity, initially they shows the pink or red marks and are turned into blue or deep purple color after few hours. In some cases these bruises are affected even with the slight injuries. So here are few home remedies to try on.

Bruises are really very painful variety of skin condition that is viewed in many individuals. This comes due to an injury over your body. Bruises are presented as a black purplish mark on your skin which basically arises due to an injury. An internal injury when small blood vessels crushes can also give rise to bruises. This is the result of blood vessel leakage in the tissue adjacent to it.  Bruises have different effect over different skin layer. For example some people can get wider trouble from it due to the skin sensitivity. On the other hand another group of people have very less effect as the sensitivity of their skin is not too high. Today, you can get variety of home remedies that can cure bruises on your skin.

Homemade remedies to treat bruises

Ice packs

Using ice packs on the affected skin areas helps to control the pain and the associated swelling. Ice pack compresses the blood vessels and subsequently prevents the further leakage of blood into the skin and the tissues.

Pack the ice cubes in a cloth or towel and then keep it over the affected area for some time.Try to do this remedy many times in a day in order to calm down the bruises. If you feel uncomfortable while the use of ice cubes then switch on to the cooling water to treat the same in a mild way. It is not recommended to use ice directly on the skin.


Arnica is a herb recommended for the best treatment of reducing inflammation and pain. It also helps to encourage the circulation of blood around the area of bruises.  Take a small tincture of arnica and use it on the affected area along with a dash of water. You can also use the arnica gel instead of the tincture as well.

Blend arnica tincture with witch hazel, five drops of lavender oil, chamomile flowers, two tablespoons of water and ST. John’s wort. Mix all the ingredients well and dip a cotton swab in it. Apply it on the affected area for up to 15 minutes, do this process for two times a day.


Bromelain which is apparently available in the pineapples is a protein digesting enzyme and is accompanied with many anti-inflammatory properties which helps to cure the bruises. So consume good quantity of fresh pineapples until you watch the difference or go with taking bromelain supplement about 250 to 400 mg three times per day to clear the bruises problem.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is yet another natural ingredient that is loaded with the anti-inflammatory properties helpful in treating the bruises. Mix apple cider and water in the 2:1 ratio, soak a cloth in the solution and apply it on the affected area for 10-15 minutes.

Warm compress

Warm compress is another home remedy that treats the bruises in a natural way. Dip a cloth in the warm water and apply it on the area of bruises. Try this remedy after you have observed the loss of swell on the skin.

People who own a heating pad can directly take the help of it to use it on the bruises to dilate the blood vessels and to boost the blood circulation.

Comfrey leaves can heal bruises

You can heal bruises with the applying of the Comfrey leaves. You first have to take the leaves and wash them well. Then it is time that you crush them and make a thick paste with the leaves. Now, apply the paste on the bruise and leave it to get dry completely. Wait for some time and then you can add the next layer. Wait till the second layer dries up. Then it is time to wash off the area using lukewarm water.

Witch hazels can improve bruises

It is time to know that you can cure bruises with the application of Witch Hazels. In this case you have to add witch hazel to the water you have made ready to take a bath. Once you bathe with the water there is improvement in your process of blood circulation. This is a process which makes the bruises get healed in time and in the perfect way.

Cabbage can reduce bruises and swelling

Cabbage is a good solution for bruises. It can take care of the damaged area of the skin and can even reduce swelling. For this you have to collect the macerated leaves of cabbage in order to cause acceleration in the healing process. In time you will find that the bruise has been healed and there is no more pain and swelling.

Lavender oil relieves you from the pain

You can even make bruises heal with the best application of lavender oil. For this you need to take cold water and add drops of lavender oil. Soak a clean cloth into the water and apply the same on the bruised areas. In the way, Lavender oil works in reduce unnecessary inflammation and with the applying of the cold water you get relief from the pain.

Rolling of the egg can cure bruises

Do you know that egg rolling can cure bruises? For this you need to take a boiled egg. Once you have peeled the skin off you can well place the egg on the bruised area. Then you can start rolling the warm egg on the bruised portion. Very slowly you will find that the swelling is gone and the pain is less. Now you can have the relief that the bruise will heal in time.

Garlic can help in the healing of wounds in time

Garlic is even the best curing agent for bruises. To get the bruise healed you are supposed to eat raw and fresh garlic. You should arrange for at least two cloves of garlic This is a good remedy for healing up the bruises Garlic has great antibiotic characteristics and this is the reason it can promote fast healing of the wounds.

Raw onion can take care of bruises

It is important for you to know that the juice of raw onion is good for bruises to heal in time. For this you have to cut the onion and apply the juice on the bruised area. You can even rub the inner part of the onion gently on the bruise. With this you can find the area healing in time.

The magic of mullein flowers

Have you heard of Mullein flowers? These are natural elements known for healing the stubborn bruises. You have to take the flowers and steep them well in olive oil. Once the oil gains the room temperature it is time that you apply the flower on the bruise. Gradually the bruise will fade away and there would be no more pain and swelling.

Natural remedies for bruises


You have to take some fresh parsley in your hand go ahead with crushing. You can crush in with hand or can use a heavy tool as well. Once it is crushed, you need to apply it on the area where bruises are formed. If you can apply this remedy on a regular basis, soon the bruises will be eradicated. Parsley has variety of uses and can be useful in making everything a hit.

Bilberry extracts

Bilberry extract is widely used in the market. It is a plant where the fruit is found in both raw and ripe form. You can either use its fruit absolutely raw or in a ripe form. Even for improving the vision and eyesight this fruit is very useful. Now, the extract of Bilberry is widely used to cure the bruises.

Olive oil

Even the Olive oil is very useful in removing bruises from your skin. For the remedy, you have to take a cup of cold water and add few drops if lavender oil in it. Now soak a cotton cloth in it and apply it over the area where you have bruises.  Olive oil mixed with water can help you remove swelling from your skin and even the pain.

Tea bags

It is quite common that you have tea bags at home as you and your husband must be drinking tea. Now this tea bag will be very useful in treating bruises on your skin layer. But, the tea bag must be of either chamomile or sage tea.  Take a tea bag and soak it in warm water. Now you need to place it in bruises. Once you start placing it over your skin, you will get relief from pain.

Pineapple remedy

Pineapple is such a fruit that tastes really delicious. But, you must be thinking whether and how this can be useful for the bruises. But the fact is true. Even the tasty pineapple can prove beneficial for the bruises. You simple need to eat it regularly and see the difference in your bruises pain. If you cannot have the fruit, consuming fresh pineapple juice is also amazing. You can get both taste and health benefit with it.