How to get rid of dark circles with exercise?

Dark circles are appearing commonly in almost everyone’s face. These are a bluish grey shadow under the eyes of some area. Dark circles are the sign of fatigue caused by the lack of sleep, stress, or illness. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, excessive ultraviolet light exposure, skin aging, hereditary, crying, lifestyle, diet, and nutrition, poor blood circulations, etc. are also the primary cause of dark circles. Exercise is a natural way to reduce and overcome from dark circles problem. It also stimulates blood circulation of the face and tone of the muscles under the eyes.  Try some of these exercises to lighten your dark circle.

How to get rid of a dark circle with exercise?

Pat your dark circles

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The first exercise is such a simple and easy exercise for removing the dark circle from the lower eye area. For doing this exercise, you need to gently pat the area around the eyes with the help of your index fingertip. Do this massage smoothly, do not exert too much pressure on the affected area. Correctly performing this exercise gives the advantage to your face and removes dark circles permanently.

Lift your eyebrows

For performing this exercise, you have to place your face in a relaxed position. Close your eyes and stay relaxed. Open your eyes, while opening the eyes put your finger above the eyebrow; lift your eyebrows with a finger as much as you can. Hold it for a few seconds and leave it for relaxing the eyebrow. Repeat this for 10- 12 times. It lightens your affected area. Besides removing dark circles, it is also useful for fight wrinkles on the forehead.

Move your eyes

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You can try this exercise only with the movements of the eyes. Keep your eyes closed. Look up and start rolling your eyes on the right side, then to the top in circular motion. Keep doing this ten times. This exercise lightens the blackish part of the affected area. It is the simple and good exercise for removing dark circles naturally.

Move your head

In this exercise, you have to lie in bed with leg stretched out. Put your head over the edge of the bed. Slowly move your head and bring your chin near to your chest. Stay in this position for ten seconds. Then move your head and relax. Repeat this exercise at least five times. This exercise reduces your dark circles.

Look at a spot between eyes

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Relax your body and sit down on the bed. Breathe normally and start looking at a place between your eyes. Keep looking at the starting point of the nose and count five and then close your eyes or relax. Repeat this and again look at the tip of your nose and count up to 5. This exercise helps you to rest your eye muscle and relieve stress.

Look up and down with your closed eyes

It is a simple and easy exercise. You can do it anywhere and anytime. Relax your eyes and close them. Keep your eyes closes and start looking up and down direction as much as slow you can. Then open your eyes slowly. Repeat this exercise about ten times in once. It lightens your dark circles and makes the cells of your skin fresh.

Blink your eyes

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It is a blinking exercise you can do it quickly and easily. Look ahead and promptly start blinking as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Repeat this 3 to 4 times. Make sure to do not increase time more than 30 seconds. This exercise boosts the circulation under the eyes and helps you to reduce the formation of dark circles.

Cover your eyes with the palm

It is a palm exercise. It helps you to reduce the appearance of dark circles and inflammation around the eyes. Follow this simple technique while sitting on the chair. With the help of your palm cover your left eye with left palm and right eye with the right palm. Pay attention to your palms for 10 to 20 seconds. Remove your palms. Gently repeat this process at least for 10 minutes. This exercise accurately removes dark circles.

Doing exercise daily and regularly circulates blood throughout the face and the body, and it reduces inflammation of your face. OR Instead of these exercises, you have to take sleep well; doctors have to advise at least 8 hours sleep daily. So take 8 hours sleep and make your face fresh and circle-free. Always remember that remove all eye make-up like, mascara and eyeliner before going to sleep.