Keep It Sparkling! How To Keep Your Bling Clean?

Once you have purchased a fine piece of jewelry, it is your responsibility to make it look its best through and through. However, different metals and stones need different techniques for cleaning. Here are some essential guidelines on how to clean your bling so that it retains its sparkle all the while.

Make use of baking soda

In case you do not like the idea of scrubbing, you can allow a chemical reaction to get the job done for you. In fact, baking soda can prove to be an essential ingredient for cleaning your jewelry effectively.

When mixed with water, baking soda will create a reaction which will produce bubbles as well as fizz which have the ability to get rid of any accumulation on the bling. All you need will be to place the jewelry within a small container, pour some water, and add the baking soda.

After leaving it like this for several minutes, take it out of the container and use a clean piece of cloth to wipe it. Also, do not forget to let the bling dry completely before putting it away.

Use soap and water

A fantastic cleaning combination for maintaining the sparkle of your bling would be to use a blend of soap and water. This easy-to-use solution can help to get rid of any stain or spot from the jewelry without inflicting any damage.

Make it a point to blend several liquid dish soap drops along with several cups of water. After blending thoroughly, place the bling within the mix for several seconds. Following this, dry the jewelry using a piece of clean cloth after removing it and get rid of any stains or spots.

Remember that this procedure is ideal for mild tarnish, stains, as well as general wear-and-tear like what you find while cleaning sterling silver. However, this process will not be suitable for eliminating any major spot, buildup, or even rust.

Using boiling water

It is easy as well as affordable to clean hard metal jewelry with the help of hot water. In fact, the heat and the steam will cause the debris and the dirt to become loose so that we can remove them easily.

Just place the jewelry within a heat-proof container and then pour the boiling water gently over it till it becomes completely covered. Allow the bling to stay there for several minutes or until the water becomes cool. Following this, take out the jewelry from the container and use a piece of clean cloth to eliminate the grime.

Do not forget to dry the bling before putting it away. In case you are wondering how to clean diamond rings, this procedure is going to be the perfect solution. You can also use this method for cleaning other jewelry items as well.


Make use of antibacterial cleaner

There is no need to invest your money on any sophisticated jewelry cleaner for making your jewelry sparkle. In fact, an inexpensive and multipurpose antibacterial cleaner can do the job for you.

For this, you need to unscrew the lid of the bottle and pour several drops of the cleaner into a glass container. Keep your bling inside the container and wait for several minutes. Meanwhile, the buildup is going to fall off from the jewelry and settle at the bottom of the container.

After some time, remove your bling and use a clean and soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub it gently. Make use of cold water to rinse the solution and then use a clean piece of cloth to dry it.

Apart from these 4 essential guidelines mentioned above on how to keep the shine on your bling, you’ll come across several other tips as well to help you get the job done impeccably. After all, your jewelry is an asset which you like to preserve throughout your life and these tips will help you do just that.