How to pop a pimple on lip?

Popping a pimple is never a good idea and more so if it is on a sensitive spot, like the lips. However, if you are going to pop the pimple anyway, it is important to at least pop it in the right way, so that the harm to the skin is less and the infection does not spread to the surrounding area. Before you decide to pop a pimple on the lip, first be informed about the risks involved in it.

Do lip products cause pimple on lip line?
Yes, wearing expired lipstick, greasy skincare products, heavy lip balm, or ointment can be the underlying reasons for a pimple on lip line.
How to prevent pimples on lip?
You can prevent pimple on lip line by cleansing your skin thoroughly, avoid touching your lips & squeezing the pimple unless it’s a whitehead, avoid using lipstick, use organic lip balm instead.
Can I use a concealer on the pimple?
As long as the pore of the pimple is not open & raw, you can use concealer to camouflage it with makeup. Use cosmetic products for lip only if it’s necessary.
How to get rid of pimple on lip line overnight?
You can use the ointment containing benzoyl peroxide & salicylic acid or resort to natural remedies. Any kind of treatment may take the time up to a week to clear clogged pores
What are the causes of pimple along the lip line?
Clogged pores due to hormonal changes, excess oil production, bacteria, stress, and certain medications can cause pimples around the lip area.

Risks involved in popping a pimple on the lip

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  • The skin on the lips is very sensitive. Popping a pimple on the lip can leave a scar that might take weeks to go. It can even give rise to a permanent scar on the lip.
  • While popping a pimple on the lip, there is every chance of pushing down the gunk even deeper into the follicle, which can give rise to more critical cyst and nodules.
  • The top skin of the pimple holds the germ filled pus within a restricted cover. Popping it bears maximum chance of spreading the infection in the nearby area. So, if you pop a pimple on the lip without proper care, you might end up with many pimples in the nearby area within few days.

The best way out from pimple on lip

The best way out from a pimple on the lip is to let it run its course and it will go away on its own. A pimple will generally dry out without any extra measure taken by you within 3-7 days. If you are not ready to wait that long or if the pimple is too bothering for you, you can opt for a number of topical treatments to get rid of the pimple quickly. Some of the fast acting topical treatments for pimple on the lip include,

  • Use a 5% benzoyl peroxide gel right on the pimple twice a day. The pimple will dry out and go away quickly.
  • You can also use tea tree oil, diluted with water, directly on the pimple to dry it quickly.
  • Concoction of the leaves of Indian Basil and neem can also treat the pimple on the lip quickly.

Popping a pimple on the lip safely

If you are not anymore able to take the sight of a pimple on the lip, you might actually feel like neglecting all the warnings and going for popping it. However, if you are finally decided to pop it up, at least make sure that you follow the right way. This will not only make the process less painful but will also ensure that the healing is quick. Here are the steps of popping a pimple on the lip safely,

Make sure that the pimple is ready to pop

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This is the first thing you need to do to pop a pimple on the lip safely. You should only pop a pimple that has a prominent pus filled whitehead. When the pimple has a whitehead it means that the pus is towards the surface of the skin and ready to be released.  If a pimple has not yet formed a whitehead it means that the pus is still deep within the follicle and trying to pop it will only push the gunk even deeper into the follicle. If the pimple has not formed a clear whitehead, wait for it to get fully matured and ready to pop.  Once the pimple is ready to pop follow the next steps,

Clean the area

First of all make sure that there is no dirt, grime or bacteria near the pimple, before you start popping it. Washing your face with an anti-bacterial face wash, focusing on the area of the pimple is best suggested in this case.  If there are germs on the skin near the pimple, the chance of infection is naturally increased. So, make sure that the area is completely clean.

Clean your hands

Do you know your hands work as the primary source of infection on your face? Touching the pimple or the nearby area with uncleaned hands simply exaggerates the chance of getting new infections. So, after you have washed your face clean, focusing on lip area, wash your hands with an antibacterial hand wash.  Take special care to clean the fingernails. You can also use a hand-sanitizer for this purpose.

Compress the pimple

Before you pop the pimple, compress it with hot water. This will help in opening up the pore and push the gunk more towards the skin. If the pimple is fully matured, it can start oozing out the pus on its own after you have compressed it sufficiently.

Heat water in a pan and add excess of salt to it. Soak a fresh cotton ball in this hot saline water and compress the pimple with this cotton ball for at least 4-5 minutes. After you are done with the compress, follow with the next step.

Pop the pimple

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After you have compressed a matured pimple properly, it will not be any more a difficult task to push out the pus from it. Start pressing from the sides of the pimple; you can either use your fingers or cotton swabs for it. While pushing it make sure that you press gently around the sides of the pimple and not on it. Massage the area lightly with your fingers, creating an outward pressure on the pus in the pimple.

If the pimple is matured enough and well compressed, the pus will start coming out easily. Continue with light pressure and massaging in the nearby area to drain the total gunk. Remove the gunk carefully with a clean cotton swab, making sure that the infected pus is not smeared on the skin near the pimple.

Clean the area

After removing the pus fully from the pimple, soak a cotton ball in warm saline water and clean the pimple properly. Once cleaned, wait for 1 minute before following the next step.

Apply an antibacterial ointment

Once you have popped the pimple on the lip safely and cleaned the area properly with warm saline water, apply an anti-bacterial ointment on the spot. It will stop the spread of any infection and will help in quick healing of the skin.

So, now you know how to pop a pimple on lip. However, if you are getting pimples on the lip frequently or if it is a chronic problem for you, popping the pimples is surely not the right way to go no matter how efficiently you do it. Getting pimples on the lips regularly indicates towards a more serious root cause and it is important that you take care of the cause first to get rid of the pimples on lips permanently. Here are some easy things to do to stop getting pimples on the lips,

Check your diet

If you are frequently getting pimples on the lips, your diet might be the actual culprit behind it. Switch to a daily diet with less oil and fat. Instead of deep fried foods include more of boiled and baked items. Also control junk eating habits. Resort to a simple daily diet with lots of fruits and colorful vegetables.

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Digestive problems as well as vitamin deficiencies in the body both can be the cause of pimples on the lips. By changing your regular diet to a healthy one you can at one hand ensure the best digestive health and also can fill in any deficiencies in the body without taking supplements. Also drink lots of water and include more fluid in your diet for a problem free skin.

Take up a thorough lip cleansing routine

If you are not cleaning your lips properly on a day to day basis it can be easily a reason for frequent breakouts on the lips. While washing your face, make sure that you cleanse your lips as well. Also scrub your lips with a soft tooth brush 2-3 times a week, to ensure that all the dead cells and debris are properly removed. These measures might sound really simple, but they can help a lot in ensuring no pimple breakouts on the lips.

Use only non-comedogenic makeup on your lips

Do you know your lip makeups can be the primary culprit behind those frequent pimples on the lips? If you are using low quality lip makeup products, they can clog the pores and give rise to pimples. Lip makeup products that have expired can also be a reason of pimples on the lips. So, if you are getting pimples on the lips frequently, check out your makeup products cautiously. There might be some product irritating the skin of the lips and giving rise to pimples.

Maintain proper hygiene

Make sure that all your face towels and hankies are washed and dried regularly.  You also need to ensure that your pillow towel is actually clean all the time. Take a look if your towels are getting dried in a proper hygienic area, otherwise they can work as a source of infection. Also do not share your towels, makeup brushes, sponges and makeup products with others to minimize any chance of infection.