How to remove blackheads with duct tape?

Blackheads actually occur when dirt and other impurities trap inside the skin pores. The oil gets harden and after that on that place, a tiny black dot generates which becomes very hard to remove. If you regularly exfoliate the skin then only it can be removed. If you immediately remove blackheads from your skin then the best thing to do is using a duct tape.

Can you really able to remove blackheads with the help of duct tape?

If you can try some research work then you will definitely able to get your answer that duct tape actually can help you to beat with blackheads. This is nothing but an adhesive tape that is placed on the surface where the same occurs and then remove from the skin.  This is also very easy to do as it won’t require much time to do and it easily gets sorted as well. Also, the best part is you won’t need any help of others to sort out the problem.

The procedure of using duct tape to remove blackheads

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There are many people who might not aware the possibilities and procedure of using duct tape but actually, it’s one of the best ways to remove blackheads and then also hassle-free. Here is an easy technique which you must know if using duct tape.

  • Splash water on your face
  • You must use a proper face soap that must contain around at least 2-3% of salicylic acid and apply on the part where the blackheads are more prominent.
  • After applying the same it is important that you must thoroughly massage your skin which is there around or on the blackheads as well as pores. The soap will able to get inside the pores very gently.
  • You must then dry your entire face very gently without rubbing your face very hard.
  • Now take a roll of your duct tape and cut into the portion you required.
  • Now place the tape on the area and pat the same with the fingers so that it gets placed properly.
  • At this point in time, you should slowly remove the tape. You need to use one hand and pull back the surrounding skin and then remove the strip very quickly.

Using duct tape does not lead to breaking the capillaries

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You might have heard about the myth that using duct tape for removing blackheads might give you broken capillaries. But it is absolutely not true because in the part of your nose area capillaries can form in a very easy way, so this could not be the reason.

Duct tape increase pore size – Which is also not true

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There are many people who things that duct tape increases the size of the pores which can lead to blackheads more but it’s not true because pore size actually gets larger if you come in contact with sun or exposure similar to it. Thus, if you are finding some problem, then you should not blame your tap for that. It might happen because of any other conditions too.