Best baby massage oils

Your baby skin will feel relaxed and soothing after application of Sebamed baby massage oil. This oil also contains soya and vitamin F which will easily retain all goodness of the nature. If you can use this on the skin on a regular basis, your baby will easily develop high skin tolerability.

A perfect stimulation in your baby’s skin will develop along with neurological as well as digestive developments. If your baby is suffering from dry skin rashes, this particular massage oil will be ideal.

Himalaya herbals baby massage oil

Himalaya herbals baby massage oil

Today, even for baby products, the manufacturing company named Himalaya works really well. Since it is based on herbal formula, you can easily get a healthy skin of your baby.

Proper nourishment of your skin will be very well possible once you apply it regularly. This particular herbal massage oil is also good for your skin when the winter season arrives.

Since it is quite light oil, this would have a problem of staining. Even after the bath of your baby, the effect of moisturizing will remain for a longer period of time. Your baby will eventually develop a glowing skin after application of it.

Dabur lal tail

Dabur lal tail

This baby oil from Dabur was used from very beginning by the mothers to keep their baby’s muscle and bones strong. Even today after getting variety of advanced and costlier oils available in the market, many people still uses this oil for their baby.

This is also an ayurvedic variety of oil that is made up of all types of herbs and extracts of nature. Naturally your baby will stay quite safe and healthy.

Along with providing a proper strengthening effect to the muscle and bones of your baby, it will also help getting overall physical growth of your new born baby.

Chicco massage oil

Chicco massage oil

This is also a good brand in the market that has been known for manufacturing all types of baby products. This has a special formula of rice bran oil that is really effective in making your skin smooth as well as velvety.

Since this oil does not contain any type of alcohol, dyes and parabens, it will be very good for all those having a sensitive skin type.

Even there will be no problem of getting oils making sticky appearance over your skin as this have a wonderful formula of oil absorbent. Your baby skin will become much softer and supplier after application of this wonderful massage oil.

Seagulls Oblivion


These days, demand for olive oil is rising with the goodness of the oil. Even in making massage oils for babies, olive oils are invariably used. Even in baby massaging products, you will be able to see the active role of olive oil.

Along with making the skin of your baby soft and beautiful, you can also use this for the adult’s use. This has been prescribed for all babies whose parents wish to get their baby’s skin beautiful and glowing.

It will be ideal to massage your baby’s body with this oil just 30 minutes before taking bath. After applying this oil you must keep your baby under the sunlight so that vitamin D can be absorbed by the skin and the bones and muscles of your baby can get strengthen.

Dabur Baby Massage Oil with Olive and Almond


The paraffin free massage oil is really good for your skin. It has no artificial colors but is really healthy for your baby.

If you can go ahead with regular massage of your baby’s body, it will help in making the bones and muscles really strong. It doesn’t have no chemicals and thus is really great for your baby.

Johnson\’s Baby Oil with Vitamin E


Most parents are really inclined towards the Johnson’s brand as it works really well in keeping your baby safe.

Now the good news for all mothers is the fact that babies are now going to be exposed to the johnson’s baby oil that comes with the treatment of vitamin E. This will bring and also make your babies skin soft and beautiful. Try this today through online purchase.

Biotique herbal Bio Wheat baby soft massage oil


This is one of the baby care products that is totally herbal made. This is one of the kits that come with the best quality for your baby.

Application of this oil will make your skin soothing and beautiful. This provides gentle care to your baby’s skin which will wash away the dryness from the skin layer.

Pigeon 200ml Baby Oil


The baby care oil has perfect moisturizing element that will make the skin of your baby really soft and beautiful. One you apply it and massage baby’s skin, this will penetrate inside your baby’s skin and make it look smooth, sober and beautiful all the time.