How to get rid of a sunburn with tea

Sunburn can be very painful and it can make you appear awful. If your skin has been exposed to the damaging rays of sun, even for 15 minutes, you might get sunburn. The redness of the skin, pain and the uncomfortableness on putting on any cloth can make it really difficult to lead a normal life right after you have got a sunburn. Thankfully there are a number of effective home remedies to reduce sunburn and its effects promptly. Tea is considered as a miraculous natural remedy for sunburn. The high tannic acid content present in tea has the capacity to soothe the skin and it has been found to be very effective to treat sunburn.

The other good thing about using tea for sunburn is that it is a supply that you always have in your home and you can prepare the right formulation to apply on the affected area of the skin quickly without any hassle. Keep in mind, in case of sunburn, the more quickly you apply the remedy it will take the less time to subside. So, always make it a point to use the treatment right after you have realized that you have been sunburnt. This can make the remedies really effective and can ensure less pain and quick relief. Also make it a point to take a long bath in slightly cold water as soon as you have got the sunburn. This will stop any progress of the condition.

You can use tea in different ways to treat sunburn. Here are some of the processes that can be really effective,

Use tea directly

How to get rid of sunburn quickly

Process 1: Brew 4-5 tea bags in a cup of hot water. Leave the tea bags in the cup for 15 minutes and then take off the tea bags. Place the concentrated tea in the fridge for 5 minutes to cool down completely. Soak a cotton towel in the cold tea and apply this tea soaked towel to the affected skin for 15-20 minutes. Repeat the process to get quick results.

Process 2: Dip 3-4 tea bags in warm water leave them in for 1 minute and then pick them up. Place these tea bags in the fridge for the next 1 minute and then place them directly on the affected area of the skin. The seeping concoction coming out of the tea leaves of the tea bags along with the cold is sure to reduce the pain and give quick relief.

Process 3: Boil 3 spoons of tea leaves in 2 cups of water until the water turns to half. Let the tea leaves seep in the water for another 15 minutes. Finally strain the tea leaves and collect the liquid. Apply this liquid directly to the sunburnt skin.

Process 4: Place some tea leaves in warm water and let them seep for 30 seconds before taking out the leaves. Remember, do not strain the leaves just take them out of the water. Now place these leaves in the fridge for 5 minutes and then apply the leaves directly onto the affected skin. Leave on for 20-30 minutes. Wash off with water without rubbing the skin.

Process 5: In your bathing water, which is still in the warmer side, put 4-5 tea bags and let them seep for the next 30 minutes. By this time the temperature of the water should also have come down. Now take bath with this water or keep yourself soaked in this water for as long as you can to get the effects of the tea.

Use tea with another natural sunburn treatment

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To get maximum effects, you can also use tea along with some other natural treatments of sunburn. Read on to know how to use them,

Tea with aloe vera

This is one of the most effective remedies of sunburn. Prepare Aloe Vera paste from fresh Aloe Vera leaves. Prepare a concentrated black tea concoction with 4 spoons of tea leaves in 1 cup of boiling water. Put the tea with the tea leaves in fridge for 20 minutes to cool down completely. Finally strain the tea leaves and mix the tea concoction with the Aloe Vera paste and apply this mixture directly onto the affected area. This remedy with tea can give prompt action.

Tea with fuller’s earth

Prepare a cold and concentrated concoction of tea by boiling 3 spoons of tea leaves in 1 cup of water and finally letting it cool down in a fridge. Soak fuller’s earth in this concentrated tea to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste to the sunburnt skin and do not let it get dry at least for the next 30 minutes by dabbing more tea from the prepared concoction onto the pack. Wash off with water after 30minutes without rubbing the skin.

Tea with mint and potato

Both mint and potato are known to be highly effective for treating sunburn. Seep some tea leaves in warm water for 2 minutes or till they open up and become soft.  Finally collect the tea leaves without squeezing them. Take a potato and some mint leaves and mix all these ingredients together in a mixer. Finally you should end up with a smooth paste. Apply this paste to the affected skin and you will get quick relief from the pain.

Tea with cold milk

Home remedies for sunburns

Milk due to its high protein content has been found to be effective to reduce sunburn. It can also moisturize the skin of the affected area naturally easing the itchy feeling. Prepare concentrated black tea by boiling more tea leaves in water for more time. Finally let the tea cool down and mix it with cold milk. Soak a towel in this liquid mixture and apply the towel on the affected skin to get the best results.

Tea with yogurt

Yogurt is another very effective remedy of sunburn. Mix a strong and cold preparation of tea with a scoop of yogurt taken out right from the fridge. Apply this mixture directly to the sunburnt skin, leave on for 30 minutes and then wash off with water.

Get rid of sunburn with tea and baking soda pack

Baking soda can be an effective ingredient to get rid of sunburn quickly. You can mix it with a strong tea concoction to get the best results. Take baking soda in adequate quantity and mix it with a strong tea decoction to make a smooth and slightly runny paste. Apply this paste on the affected part of the skin and let it set for 10 minutes before washing off with water.

Tea and Lemon juice — an effective remedy for getting rid of sunburn

Lemon has skin lightening properties which can be effective in removing the tan when mixed with tea. Prepare a strong decoction of tea leaves and add 4-5 drops of lemon juice in this tea. Apply this solution all over the affected area and let it set for 2 minutes before following with a second layer. Let it stand for 5 minutes. Now wet your hands and rub the skin of the area lightly and wash off.

Tomato and tea for quick relief from sunburn

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Tomato has effective skin soothing effect and it can reduce even the worst type of sunburn on the skin. Mix 2 spoons of freshly prepared tomato juice with 2 spoons of tea decoction and apply the resulting solution on the affected skin. You can also keep the mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes and then use the cold solution to get more comfort. You can leave it on your skin for 20-30 minutes and then wash off, rubbing with your hands.

Tea and cucumber pack — the best treatment for sunburn

We all are quite aware about the skin soothing properties of cucumber and a mixture of tea and cucumber juice can actually heal the sunburn pretty quickly. Grate half of a cucumber and squeeze out the juice. Mix 2 spoons of this juice with 2 spoons of a strong tea decoction and store in the fridge. Apply on the affected skin when the mixture cools down.