Free beauty apps for android & IOS

People cannot just stay without smartphones and gadgets that are available in the market. Installation of apps has become quite common without which working with ease will be impossible.

Today, even people do not need to visit banks and financial institutions for transaction. Just with the apps of particular bank or a finance company, you can operate at home with the help of your smartphone.

Today, tech world has become so advanced that they are providing us with the apps various purpose. You can get apps for weight loss, fitness module and even beauty. Can you imagine the apps would help you to look beautiful for a long time?

List of attractive beauty apps

Beauty book

beauty book

This beauty app will be a wonderful source of giving you information about various types of spa and salon from where people can get themselves groomed up. Whether you need a terrific haircut or that of a compact make up for an occasion, the apps named beauty book will help you. Since it will display list of salons in your locality, you can have a look at the profile of each salon and read the customer reviews that has been published in the site. You can also have a look at the variety of treatments that is provided by each salon and hair care clinics. Even if you are willing to get yourself groomed or get an appropriate haircut by the stylist of your choice, the particular app would provide you with the same opportunity.

Face tune (IOS & Android app)


Face tune is one of the most effective apps with the help of which you can made modification to your face by editing and getting picturesque image. You must have known about photo shopping in itune. This extra ordinary beauty app has wonderful editing tool which can be done right from your smart phone. It is not necessary to sit in front of the computer and go ahead with the modifications. There can be imperfect picture which you have shot with redness in your eye and wrinkle on your face. But, face tune is a wonderful app that will make you stay maintained with all perfect features on your face.

Beautypedia (IOS)


This app will be very useful for all those who have addiction for shopping beauty products. Since everyone cannot afford buying very expensive beauty product yet they wishes to stay beautiful, drug store dupes is an effective app that helps individuals to get the beauty products within your budget. There will be category list within the app from where you need to choose the appropriate product. The app will recommend the skincare products, nail cutting tools, hair accessories which are very affordable in price. This apps allow you to get every beauty product from a single place.

Think dirty (IOS & Android app)

think dhrti

This will bring out the negative part of the cosmetic products that you have been using constantly for creating a lovely look on your face. It will even determine the toxic nature of the beauty products available in the market. It becomes really very difficult to have a look at the ingredient details on the product always. This app will have a look at the barcode, scan it and let you know about the amount of harmful particles present in it.

Stash (IOS beauty app)


It has been proved through a survey that 38 percent of women has too many products to get accommodated within their handbag. If you can use this wonderful product, this will help you keep a track on the items like mascaras, moisturizers, lipsticks along with other variety of skin care products. It will also provide you with the information about when did you buy the product and how much you are left with the product right now. As and when you are running low of the product, the app will easily point out the same. You can easily have a track of the products which are there in the handbag and which have got totally emptied. The apps will provide coverage of all the products from the 30 magazines available in various websites. You can easily have a look at variety of products once it comes in the market. The app will help you not to miss a single product review.

Taking care of yourself (Android)

Taking care of yourself Android Apps on Google Play

Want to have a detailed guide for taking care of your body, skin and hairs? Get it all here with this comprehensive and easy to use app. It provides you access to extensive information and tips on taking care of yourself. It will provide you information according to your particular hair and skin types, including the folk remedies that are claimed to have miraculous effect on your skin and hairs. So, become more beautiful with this high rated beauty app.



This all in one beauty app can help you get that perfect look without the help of professional stylists. This app will inform you about 100 different styles of manicure in detail so that you can have all of them on your own. It will also provide you with information on the latest make up launches as well as the latest hairstyles that you can do on your own.

Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips (Android, iOS)

Beautylish Makeup Beauty Tips

This app helps you to have all the information about the latest beauty looks and trends. It will also provide you with vital fashion tips and help you shop new beauty products. It gives you thousands of reviews on different types of makeups and cosmetic products. Check out latest hairstyles, nail designs, makeup tutorials and shop exclusive beauty products through this app.

Makeup Contouring (Android)

Makeup Contouring

Contouring has been the best kept secret of professional makeup artists for long.  So, if you want to get that perfect look with your makeup on, contouring is surely the best technique to bank on. This application will teach you the art of contouring and how you can use this technique to get the right look for different occasions and dresses.

TryItOn Makeup Try It On (Android)

TryItOn Makeup Try It On

Picking the right lipstick or eyeshadow color or the perfect shade of foundation is a challenge for every woman. Most of the times we get back home with a product that rarely suit our skin tone. With this latest TryiTOn Makeup app you will no longer need to buy a cosmetic without trying it on your skin. Take a picture of your face with this app and scan the barcode of the product you want to try, and you will get a picture of how exactly the product will look on you.

Beauty Product Reviews by (iOS)

Beauty Product Reviews by TotalBeauty

Confused about which beauty care product to pick? Get the Beauty Product Review by and check out unbiased reviews written by over 280,000 real customers of the products. Reviews on over 45,000 beauty products are available on the app. So, no matter the product you are considering, you are most expected to find it reviewed here.

Hair Designs – Beautiful Hairstyle Ideas (iOS)

Hair Designs - Beautiful Hairstyle Ideas

Get all those stunning hairstyles on your own with this Hair Designs app. The app features extensive hairstyle tutorials and step by step guide to help you get those beautiful hairstyles with ease. The app also comes with a smart mirror that can be zoomed and you can also take a picture of your finished hairstyle directly through this app and share it on the social networking platforms instantly.

Beauty tips – Useful beauty app for Android

Useful beauty app for Android

Get daily updates on beauty and health. This beauty tips app tells you about fitness, health issues and choosing the right food for detox diet. Once install and get recent notifications too regarding interesting facts. By installing this beauty tips app on your Android device you can get daily updates on beauty and how to improve the health. Beauty tips App is top rated app which is chosen by most of the android users for beauty updates.

Beauty tips 2000+ beauty tips – Useful beauty app for IOS

Beauty tips 2000+

This app is a kind of application that is having largest colletion of makeup tips. It is compatible with all iPhone or iPad. Get some ideas related to beauty by installing this App. Share the favorites with friends and family by posting on social networks. Some of features of this beauty app are favorites, search, facebook, mail, copy/paste support, favorites and beautiful user interface. Read the short tips related to beauty quickly from this IOS beauty app.

Complete beauty guide (Android) – Useful beauty app

Complete beauty guide

Install this beauty guide app in your Android device and achieve all beauty related tips. This beauty guide provides an effective tips for hair, skin and face. This app is free and contains huge information regarding beauty. Navigation of this app is simple where you can browse for relative information with just few clicks. Download this beauty app for free.

Homemade beauty tips

Homemade beauty tips

Beauty tips for women


Beauty tips for skin and hair care


Beauty tips for skin and hair care

Beauty care tips for women

Beauty care tips for women