About Baby’s development – The first trimester (first three months)

Lady getting pregnant is a news of excitement for not only her but also the family members gets excited on hearing such news. But, no one understands the complication taking place within 9 months of pregnancy. If the lady treats herself carelessly, baby will suffer inside her womb. If you can view the stages of baby development one by one, it will be quite easy to understand the growth and development of the baby inside the embryo. Mother will keep herself feel her baby inside her body after a certain period of time.

Facts on first trimester

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First three months of the pregnancy is the critical stage for a lady as the baby does not gets fully developed. Too much of physical exertions, jumping, stress can even lead to miscarriage of the baby.

First month

First month of First trimester is the stage when the placenta gets developed. This is an organ inside the body of a pregnant lady through which food and a nutrient that is consumed by mother is transferred to the unborn baby. This organ also transfers waste from baby. At the preliminary stage, a black dark circle will be developed inside the embryo of the lady. This is the stage when the lower jaw, mouth and throat of the baby are developed. This is the stage when the blood cells take shape and circulation will begin in a baby.

Second month

There will be some more development in the baby during the second month of the first trimester. This is the stage when the facial feature of your baby will develop. It will be quite interesting to see small fold of skin developing at each side of the head. Very ting buds will be growing at the upper as well as lower side of the body which will be probably known as hands and legs. Formation of toes, fingers and eyes comes up very minutely in the second month.

The specialists can also feel the development of brain, neural tissue, spinal cord of the baby inside the embryo. The bone also starts the replacement of cartilage in the second month of pregnancy. This is the stage when the embryo begins to move but since the movement is very minute, mother cannot feel it.

Third month

This is probably the last month of the trimester of a pregnant lady. This is the particular month when your baby gets the full formation. In the ultra sonogram picture you can easily every part of the baby such as leg, hand, eyes as well as nose can be easily visible. The baby seems to close and open his mouth and fists in this particular stage. The small skin formed from the either side of the head can be depicted as the full fledged ears. It is also true that the reproductive organ of the baby is developed at this stage but this might not be clearly visible and distinguishable. The average height of the baby in the third month is 7.6 cm to 10cm.

Gestational stage

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The pregnant lady ends up with her menstrual cycle and her body gets ready for ovulation. Ladies have ovulation in different period. Maximum women get the ovulation within 11 to 21 days from the date of their last period. Since pregnancy is the result of intercourse, hundred million of sperms get inside the vagina that travels from cervix till the fallopian tube. This process gives rise to the formation of 46 chromosomes in a single set known as zygote. This is the way how now human being is developed.

  • Third week – This is the period when embryo go through variety of changes where the baby is in the preliminary stage of developing heart, brain, gastrointestinal tract and heart.
  • Fourth and fifth week – This is the stage when the arms as well as legs of the baby becomes quite visible. Formation of ears and eyes can be viewed.
  • Week number six – This is the stage when the brain of the baby gets into a complex thought with complexities. While getting vaginal ultrasound, heartbeat of the baby will be audible.
  • Week seven – All the essential organs are developed. Development of the nipples as well as hair follicles can be effectively visible.
  • Week eight  This is the period when the embryo of the lady becomes to develop one inch size of the bean.
  • Week night till 13 – This is the stage in the uterus of the lady when the fetus grows up to 3 inches long. It can be clearly understood whether the concerned baby will be a male or a female personality. Teeth of the baby will also be developed in this particular stage. It is important to note that, at this stage, head of the baby will be around half the size of the full length fetus.