Pregnancy Precautions during summer

Summer fondness is appreciated if and only if you are not having a baby bum to take care of in the hot Summers where all you want is comfort, comfort and comfort which keeps you cool. Pregnancy begins with a good news and ends on a good note but in between is the discomfort only a woman goes through and knows. Especially if it is during Summers, as Summer season itself is a discomfort to everybody. But, why not help women handle this discomfort with much ease and get over the stress of surviving the baby bum this summer.

All the points mentioned below are very much important for the good health of the baby and the mother and are more important for the mother so that she is not uncomfortable and enjoys the journey.

Exercise at right time

Pregnancy tips during summer

Doing exercise will be very good for your baby but only to your comfort zone. Don’t over stress yourself by doing more exercise, take rest when needed and try to do these exercises in early morning when temperature is low.

Refreshing snacks

In order to beat heat during summers you can prefer eating lots of refreshing snacks like watermelons, smoothies etc. It will always keep you hydrated and make you feel good as well.

Nesting during morning

If you want to kill your boredom during summers, you can go for cleaning and decorating you house for your new baby. At times you get such thoughts of nesting and with all the energy, go on fulfill your overwhelming desire.

Rethink your spa style

You should avoid saunas and hot tub massage when you go for a spa session because that will make you overheated. Make sure whenever you go for spa you clear that other measures for spa are used other than the above two.

Drink Water: Stay Hydrated

Summer season has always been filled with loads and loads of “Drink plenty of water” advice, which should be followed by each one of us. But for pregnant women it is very much important to stay hydrated at all cost because she isn’t only one who needs plenty of water, it is another life in her that needs its share.

Swelling: Foot Care

Coping with pregnancy in summer

Pregnant Women during Summers are often seen seeking advice to cure their foot swelling- very much prevalent during the summer time. For this all you need to do is give some good rest to your feet by placing your legs up on a pillow, even when you are seating check your posture, keep your feet up. Consume less of salt and don’t forget to give your feet a medical attention if the swelling continues to persist.

Sun & Harmful Rays: Avoid Direct Sunlight

A pregnant lady should avoid going out during the hot hours as she might feel uncomfortable, nauseous or dizziness. Direct sunlight also increases foot swelling and dehydration.

Outdoor Activities: Not during the hot hours

A woman who is pregnant should not be a couch potato, instead she should be performing limited exercises. But during Summers, go for a walk early in the morning or late in the evening after the sun has disappeared. As outdoor activities will keep you healthy and your weight under control.

Staying Cool: Swimming

Swimming is the best exercise a pregnant woman can do. It is the best to be done during Summers as it keeps you cool and under the water, your body feels light and you can perform water aerobics. It refreshes your body and is a very healthy for your body.

Eat Healthy: Regular & Frequent Meals

Avoid spicy and oily food by all means. Start consuming lots of fresh vegetables and fruits which has carbohydrates and nutrients content in it. Drink fresh juices to beat the heat. Cucumbers are best during Summers, so take it everyday in your diet. To keep your metabolism rate in control, you should eat your meals more frequently at a fixed time gap.

Wear Light Clothes: Look Cool

Sleeping well during pregnancy

A pregnant woman should avoid wearing dark color clothes and nylon or polyester during the summer season. She should wear clothes that are light colored and are equally light in weight too. She should feel comfortable and look Cool in her selectively chosen attires as well. Maternity gowns or Maxis are best to recommend as it allows air to flow freely and helps you to breath more comfortably than you would in tight clothes.

Afternoon Naps: Rest frequently

It is that time of the year where you should put your AC at a temperature your body adapts to and should take your afternoon naps in a comfortable bed as sleeping eliminates stress and rest is very important during pregnancy.

Hair & Skin Care: Look Pretty

Pregnancy fashion has become a trend among women and with summer season around, one should entertain fashion within one’s comfort zone. So Don’t forget to take care of your skin by being hydrated or using the right sunscreen or a scarf if you are out and go for a high ponytail or a bun or simply a cute short haircut if you have long hair. You need to stay cool at all times.