Pregnancy care tips during summer

During pregnancy, you need to stay cool and calm. The temperature of the body gets increased while you are pregnant. During the summer days, it becomes essential to keep yourself cool during pregnancy. The period of pregnancy is full of excitement and joy but along with them pregnancy also links with the discomfort. The level of discomfort increases during summer days. You need to help your baby by giving comfort to make your baby’s survival easy on summer days.

Mother is the first relation to the baby that exists before the birth and forever. It is you who can help your baby to prevent the uncomfortable days.

Hair care

Coping with pregnancy in summer

You need to take care of your hair by massaging your scalp with cooling hair oil to feel you relaxed. You can even go for a haircut and shorten the length of your hair. If not a haircut you should always tie your hair into a pony or a bun to avoid sweating on your neck. You should ensure proper passage of air on your neck and the back.

Skin care

Taking proper care of your skin is very important because during pregnancy skin usually becomes dry. So, make sure that whenever you go out you must apply sunscreen on your face and wear sunglasses to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. You should even take care of your lips from getting dry for which you should regularly apply finest quality lip balms.

Proper exercise

You should do proper exercise in the morning when the temperature is low because exercise will be good for your baby. Do it in your comfort zone by not over stressing yourself.

Restrict outdoor activity

You should restrict your outdoor activities by early morning and late evening after the sun sets off. You should avoid going out during the afternoon when the sun rays are high.

Drink plenty of water

During pregnancy, you need to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. The summer season brings dehydration and urination increase during pregnancy, therefore, drinking plenty of water advised to the pregnant women to keep their baby healthy. During pregnancy, you eat and drink not only for you there is a new life inside you who depends completely on the nutrients that you provide.

Avoid direct sunlight

Sleeping well during pregnancy

Direct sunlight is not good at all, especially during pregnancy. The direct sunlight increases nausea and dizziness and of course, makes you more uncomfortable while you are pregnant. Direct sunlight increases the dehydration which is neither good for you nor for your baby as well as it may cause foot swelling.

You should also avoid the activities that make you contact in direct sunshine. During summer days you should avoid more exercise that make you exhausted instead you should prefer moderate exercise in the cool environment you can prefer the timing of early morning OR evening when the atmosphere gets cool and comfortable. You should not skip your outdoor activities as they keep you fit and healthy.

Intake healthy diet

You need to pay extra attention to your diet while you are pregnant especially during summer days. You should include more and leafier vegetables in your diet along with the moderate quantity of fruits that provide you the entire required nutrient for you and your baby. Drink healthy juice to keep your body temperature cool. You should intake small diets on particular time during the day to maintain the metabolism of the body.

Look for light clothing to beat the heat

During pregnancy, you should think before you wear especially on summer days. You should prefer light color clothes that should light in weight also. It will be much better if you look for cottony clothes. Avoid the dark color and heavy clothes and must avoid polyester and nylon during summer.

Maternity wear is the best choice to deal with the discomfort. Maternity wear is specially designed seeing the comfort and looks during pregnancy. You need to stay cool and the clothes you wear should be comfy enough. Maternity wear makes you feel comfortable while maintaining your looks.

Take proper sleep

Proper rest can be considered the best way to eliminate stress. Make sure your bedroom has the comfy temperature that should not disturb your sleep. You must take a tight sleep at night but along with that, you should seek the time to have small naps during the day. Taking proper rest helps you to prevent the complications that can occur during pregnancy.

Set your time for swimming

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Exercise during pregnancy helps you to stay healthy but the exercises should be moderate. Swimming is the best exercise during summer days while you are pregnant. Swimming makes you healthy as well as keeps you cool and make your body feel light. Water aerobics is also the better option to stay fit and healthy while keeping the body cool during summer days.

Swelling legs

Swelling legs is not uncommon during pregnancy. The heat you go through during summer days also associated with the swelling legs. You can avoid the swelling of your foot while caring them.

  • Keep your legs up on the pillows while you are sleeping.
  • Do not sit while hanging the legs down during pregnancy.
  • You should buy the well-fitted shoes while you are pregnant to get the comfort and relax.
  • Wear the correct choice of footwear during exercise. Your footwear should be comfy while walking also that is the part of the exercise.