How to get rid of cellulite on legs & thighs with exercises

For women who don’t know what Cellulite is, it is an area where fats are stored under different areas of the body in different structures. Now that you know what cellulite is and you have just realized that even you have them in patches on your body and also women who have been dealing with it from a long time, we thought we could help. This is the reason we are writing this for you to know how you can get rid of Cellulite that is usually visible on legs and thighs with the help of different exercises.

Exercising on a daily basis is a good habit which each one of us should inculcate in our lives. Exercising not only keeps us healthy and fit, it also makes us feel beautiful both inside and out. There are so many exercises that can help someone get over the cellulitis, so here we go: –

Dumbbell curtsy lunge

Dumbbell curtsy lungeStand straight with your shoulders upright and hold lighter weight dumbbells on both the hands, step forward with one leg forward maintaining a position of a 90-degree angle and don’t forget to keep breathing during this action. This position is to be maintained in a manner that the knees do not exceed the length of your toes. Repeat this exercise in 2 sets and 20 times and each time you repeat make sure you use your heels to push your body up.

Squats and calf raise

Squats and calf raiseBoth squats and calf raise exercise prevent increase of cellulite. Stand up straight placing your legs wide apart, now slowly bend your knees lower and lower until it seems parallel to the floor, now stand up and try lifting your heels slowly. This is how you will perform this exercise in a certain motion that is neither too fast nor too slow. Repeat it for 50 times and you are sure to get better results in a few weeks.

Goblet plie squat

Just like you perform usual squats; stand straight with feet wide apart. But in this one, you need to hold a heavy dumbbell in a vertical direction using both hands at the height of your chest, now slowly bend your knees with toes turning outside and keep doing it in 2 sets, 20 times.

Boot strippers

Boot strippersThe last-minute exercise that will straight away lead to zero or relatively less cellulite in your body is Boot Stripper. To perform this exercise, one needs to stand straight with their feet apart and then slightly bend from your waist in order to touch the toes. While you do this, slowly bend your knees and butt both, and try balancing your body’s weight when your hands are still touching the toes. Now stand up in an upright position back again and perform this exercise for another 15-20 times. This exercise generally focuses on the thighs and hips to mellow down the cellulite level from there.

Single-leg dead lift

Single-leg dead liftAnother set of exercise that requires a set of dumbbells to maintain a weight balance is this exercise called Single-Leg Dead Lift. One needs to stand up in an upright position as usual, holding lighter weight dumbbells in both hands. Lift your left leg up facing off the floor and gradually bend down your torso towards the floor facing the dumbbells, keep your right leg total straight during that time. You need to maintain a T position as if your hands are hung on dumbbells. Get back to the upright position slowly and perform this exercise for around 15-20 times by switching your legs time and again.

Barbell step ups

Barbell step upsMake sure you are standing in front of bench or stool that isn’t too high or low to step up. Place your left foot on the platform and slowly place your right leg beside the left one, now step down using your right foot and bring your left foot again by the right’s side. Keep repeating these moves 20 times.

Cellulite can be forgiven and forgotten with the above-mentioned exercises which do not require you to visit a gym, you can simply do them daily at your home itself.