How to reduce pimple swelling after popping it

*POP* goes the pimple. Tears threaten to well up. Your mind is racing with thoughts about how the swelling and redness is so bad! What are you going to do? How are people going to react? Will it leave a bad scar? Will makeup be able to cover it properly? Would a band-aid do the trick?

STOP!It’s time to ditch the drama and follow these post pimple popping remedies to get your skin restored as quickly as possible.

Ways to reduce pimple swelling

How to remove pimples fast

Pimple popping is one thing but taking care of your skin post that is a totally different ball game.

Proper care and treatment of the area is required to ensure that the skin heals without leaving a prominent scar.


Wrap a piece of ice in a clean cloth and apply it gently on the area. This reduces the redness, swelling and pain. The cold enables the contraction of blood vessels which diminishes the redness and swelling.


A toner that contains Witch Hazel is effective to decrease swelling and soothe the skin.Witch Hazel is used as an astringent which soothes irritated skin and brings down inflammation.

Black tea bag

Soak a black tea bag in warm water for about a minute. Take it out, squeeze the bag and place it on the area where the pimple was (ensure the tea bag was just slightly warm and not hot). Tannins that are found in the tea bag act as an astringent which calms irritated skin.

Aloe vera

Home remedies for pimple marks & scars

Extract the flesh of a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and apply it on the skin where the pimple has popped.

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which help the lessening of inflammation, redness and heals the wounded area.

Tea tree oil

Take two drops of tea tree oil, mix it with two drops of water and apply it onto the skin using a cotton bud. Wipe off after 10 minutes.Tea tree oil reduces swelling, relieves the irritation and helps fight bacteria.


Powder an aspirin tablet and mix it with a few drops of water to form a paste. With a cotton swab or cotton bud apply this paste onto the swollen skin. Wash your face after a few hours or in the morning.

Aspirin contains cyclical acid which gives relief from pain and reduces swelling. It also helps dry out the pimple.

Other things to consider

  • Leave your skin alone!
  • Avoid applying any form of make-up on the skin until it is healed. If you really need to use makeup: wash gently, moisturize, use a gel spot treatment and then apply make-up.
  • Use an antibacterial cream on the area – protects skin from drying up and aids in the healing process.
  • Do not pop another pimple. Yes, it is difficult to keep our hands away but it is the better option.