How to make vegetable peel facials for skin and beauty care at home

Vegetables are really good for your health once consumed in boiled formed. People are constantly looking for the ways through which their health benefit is optimized. Along with the consumption of vegetables, it is also equally important to apply the peels of certain vegetables. Instead of applying the cosmetic rich in chemicals over your skin, the vegetables peels are much more effective.

You can stay well and beautiful through the natural ingredients. In order to keep our fresh and healthy, following strict beauty regime using the natural ingredient is an important consideration.

The vegetable peels are also rich in proteins which will adequately include good amount of protein required for your body as well as skin. With these effective proteins all types of skin problems can be eradicated. You can combine the vegetable peels with some other ingredients to make a face pack or simple apply it over your skin.

Growth in the science and technology making our tasks easy, it is your wish to pick the best one from the bag of big to use them and to sport on your skin. You always have the choice to get the skin care products that are made with the natural ingredients or prepared out from chemicals.

Vegetables and fruits come to the line very first when we want to treat our skin with the nature ingredients like wise peels removed from the vegetables also benefits our skin in many ways. So, no dumping of the vegetable peels from next time onwards.

Vegetable peels benefits for skin care

Cucumber peels

Best homemade peels for skin care

One popular vegetable to beat the body heat cucumber is also famous for the skin care. To help reduce dark circles around the eyes cucumber pieces works great, its peel is also helpful to treat the zits on the face.

Potato peels

To treat the acne prone skin potato peel can be used, it treats the outburst of acne very well. The vitamin C present in the potato heals the acne from getting double.

Bottle gourd  peels

Peel out the skin of bottle gourd and rub it on your face to get the instant glowing skin. Do this remedy for once in a week to make your skin beautiful and fresh.

Bitter gourd peels

Apply the juice from bitter gourd to reduce dark spots and scars on your skin. To reduce scars apply the juice of bitter gourd peel. You can prepare it by squeezing the smashed peel.

Lemon peels

To treat the facial hair in a natural way lemon peel can help you easily. It works like a bleaching agent and bleaches your skin, also use it to remove out the tan from face.

Carrot peels

Best facial peels for better skin care

Carrot peel go so safely on any type of skin. Hence it can be chosen without any doubt. Remove the peel from a carrot, grind it in to thick paste and use it on your wrinkle zone area. The same treatment also helps to clear the dark wrinkles color.

Yams or sweet-potato peels

To cure tan associated by exposure to sun rays the peel of sweet yam works ideal. Take out the peel and use it on the affected skin area. One can simply massage the peel on the skin to remove tan.

Banana peel

The peel of banana helps to improve the skin tone, it has the capacity to improve the skin complexion. For best results use the peel of green banana. Take it out and rub it on your face and neckline regularly to get the difference.

Radish peels

One another best vegetable peels to use on the skin is radish peel. Radishes have high amount of vitamin B6 that helps to clean out the blackheads. Rub a radish peel on the blackheads area, it softens blackheads and helps to fall off.

Beetroot peels

Shining cheeks with a pink shade adds beauty to your face. Peel off the beets and gently massage on your cheek bones for twice a week to improve color in a very natural way.

Extraction from potato

Potato face packs for glowing face

Potato skin can be peeled with the help of knife and applied over your skin as this contains vitamin C that is really good for acne and other skin problems. You can also use this peel to remove dark patches that has formed due to aging and sunburn. It is easily stop acne from multiplying.

Bitter melon

Though bitter in taste, this is a wonderful vegetable that must be consumed during the summer to reduce different types of skin irritation. The peel from the bitter gourd is really effective in removing the scar marks from your skin.

You can take out the peels from the bitter gourd and take it in a vegetable grinder and extract enough juice out of it. Now apply the juice of bitter gourd over the skin where the scar marks can be observed.

Wrinkle lift peel

Carrot is one of the well known vegetable that has variety of health benefits. If you have wrinkles and fine lines developed over your skin surface, this can e due to aging. Sometimes this wrinkle also can appear even if you are not old enough.

Thus, carrot peel can be regarded as one of the wonderful natural remedy that will remove wrinkles naturally from your skin. Just peel off the carrot and place the peels over the wrinkle area and see the difference.

Tomato peels

Tomato is a  natural ingredient that is generally applied over the skin to remove skin tan. Since the particular vegetable is also rich in antioxidant, it will help removing blemishes and spots from your skin.

Even if you have uneven skin tone, this tomato peel will be a wonderful way to eradicate the unevenness of skin. You can even bring a natural glow to your face with the application of tomato peels on a regular basis.

Vegetable peel face mask

How to use multani mitti for oily skin

With some effective vegetable peels, you can now make a vegetable face mask to make your skin look healthy and beautiful.  The cucumber and tomato peels must be taken out of those vegetable and kept aside. The other ingredients required to make this mask include eggs, gelatin and rose water.

To start with the face mask, first of all you need to take a cup of gelatin. You should also mix a cup of vegetable juice. People with dry skin must use cucumber. If you have oily skin tone, tomato will be the best one of all vegetable. The next step will be to make the combination of all the ingredients together.

You also need to heat up the quantity of gelatin in a clean pan. Let it get liquefied for the next 20 minutes. You also need to wait till the gelatin becomes dissolved. You can now break egg and pour rose water over it.


You also need to apply the face mask formed with the natural vegetable peels. For this, you need to take a small towel and wet the same in warm water. Now squeeze  the water and put the towel over your face. The warmth must be tolerable over your face.

Now you can dip cotton in rose water and wipe the same over your face. As soon as rose water is applied, the next step will be application of gelatin over it.

Thirdly the vegetable face pack is applied and keeps the same for around 30 minutes. Once this is dried, you need to wash it off with cold water. In order to make your face softer, wash your face with milk instead of water.